Crystal Dreams

Author: Astrid Cooper

Publisher: Devine Destinies

Release Date: December 13, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Caledonian Chieftain Connal MacArran abhors technological advances and doesn’t want anything to do with the League or their ‘evil’ practices.  Unfortunately with one of his clansmen missing he’s forced to seek the assistance of the dream-weaver whom Garris went off-world to see – without Connal’s permission.  What should be a simple straightforward confrontation resulting in the return of his kinsman or at least an indication of his safety goes disastrously wrong and an already troubling situation becomes far more complicated than he could have ever imagined.


Counselor Liandra Tavor is a consummate professional and Connal’s overbearing attitude and insistence on referring to her as an alien witch and dream-weaver is highly offensive.  Her skills are widely sought after yet Connal treats her with disdain – and even had the audacity to kidnap her and take her to his world when something in their dream-sharing session proves to be far too realistic for his liking.


Liandra has never met Garris and has no clue what happened to him but its obvious Connal is very agitated so as a professional counselor she is willing to help him.  The problem is he obviously doesn’t like her, doesn’t believe anything she says, and all her efforts to help him are met with some sort of sinister force she doesn’t understand.  To complicate matters even further Connal’s opted to bring her to his world where life is much more primitive than what she’s accustomed to and refuses to release her.  He might not be comfortable with his desire for his ‘alien witch’ but there’s no hiding it during their dream-sharing sessions.  They come from completely different worlds and shouldn’t desire each other but there’s no denying he brings out the passionate nature Liandra tries so hard to bury.  Will they be able to save themselves and Garris from the threats uncovered during dream-sharing?  Can Connal and Liandra overcome their differences and not just beat an enemy but find happily-ever-after in each other’s arms?


Astrid Cooper surpassed my expectations with this delightful combination of historical and futuristic/sci-fi traits in one fascinating read.  Connal and Liandra have drastically different opinions about the League and all the technological advances that Liandra enjoys but they’re forced to agree that there are good and bad points to all the conveniences that make life easier.


When I first picked up CRYSTAL DREAMS I really wasn’t sure how the storyline would even work but I was quickly caught up in the book and adored the characters.  It actually reminds me much of the Amish lifestyle versus the average Americans and readers are able to see the benefits of both ways of life. 

All the cultural differences are fascinating but there’s also a brilliant plot that engages the reader’s emotions and makes you smile at Connal and Liandra’s over the top reactions to each other even as your heart breaks for Garris’s situation.  From start to finish there’s never a dull moment and even while you’re enjoying the scene you’re currently reading your mind is racing ahead; wondering at who the aliens are who are wreaking havoc on their lives, what do they want, and why? 


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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