Confessions of a Demon

Author: S.L. Wright

Publisher: Roc

Release Date: 12/1/2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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S.L. Wright introduces a fresh new look at demons with CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON.  Allay inadvertently absorbed a dying demon’s essence ten years ago and became a demon herself.  Now, refusing to steal the essence of another, she faces her own extinction.  In her weakened state, she is attacked and almost killed by another vicious demon outside her home.

Theo Ram comes to Allay’s rescue and prevents the demon Pique from stealing her waning essence.  As a human, Theo isn’t privy to the secrets of the demons.  While patching him up after his scuffle with Pique, Allay can’t fight her inexplicable attraction to him.  Her yearning for Theo leads to a scorching passion tempered only by her guilt for lying to him to preserve the secret about herself and the demons around them. 


Allay is forced to seek out Vex, the leader of her demon faction, for protection from a rogue demon.  As her self-proclaimed bodyguard, Theo refuses to let her face Vex alone, and he is drawn into a world of lies and deceit.  Unbeknownst to Allay, Vex plans to use her unique hybrid nature in order to gain power over humans and the other faction of demons prowling New York.  Now Vex has targeted Theo as a way to force Allay’s compliance with his zealous scheme. 


In a desperate bid for escape from Vex’s torture and imprisonment, Theo reveals a secret that could be the end of them both.  Now Allay is forced to make a decision that might be the death of her and all she holds dear.  As she races to warn the demons of New York of the impending war, she can’t forget Theo’s touch or his treachery.


CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON is riveting!  I couldn’t put it down!  S.L. Wright has created a new and exciting paranormal world that is different from anything out there right now.  I was on the edge of my seat as Allay and Theo fought to defeat the nastier demons of New York.  Fans of paranormal and urban fantasy will love this book!  Run out and buy a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A DEMON.  You won’t be sorry.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Darla

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