The Cat Star Chronicles: Rogue

Author: Cheryl Brooks

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: March 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Kyra Aramis is a simple piano teacher who has accepted a position teaching on the planet of Darconia.  It’s a civilization so different from Earth that Kyra is convinced at first that she might have made the biggest mistake of her life.  After all it’s a whole planet full of lizard people and she’s not at all sure that she’ll fit in, besides with it being a desert planet the lack of water is a huge concern.

Soon after arriving in the capital city of Arconcia, Kyra is introduced to Queen Scalia and daughter, and Kyra’s new student, Princess Zealon. She also learns about Scalia’s penchant for collecting various species to keep in her harem.  She’s shocked by the fact that Scalia keeps slaves in any fashion but when Scalia brings in her ‘cats’ which turn out to be more humanoid than feline and the most beautiful creatures that Kyra has ever seen she could understand why the other woman added them to her collection.  Scalia mentions that she would love to breed them as their planet was destroyed and any who survived are being exterminated. 


The queen assigns Tychar to Kyra after witnessing their attraction to each other.  He’s told to see to her every need but Kyra isn’t comfortable with the idea of him acting as her slave and certainly isn’t satisfied with him being considered a slave.  Besides she isn’t at all interested in being part of Scalia’s breeding program even if Tychar is the most exciting temptation she’s ever encountered.  She’s there to teach music to the queen’s daughter and that’s exactly what she intends to do but as she comes to know Tychar and the other beings that inhabit the palace she begins to blend in more and adapt to their way of life.  Resisting Tychar and his obvious desire for her becomes impossible but is that such a bad thing when they’re so perfect together?  The only downside is Tychar’s brother Trag and his need for female companionship.  Zetithian’s are mammalian and cannot cross with reptilian egg layers, they also can only perform if they’re excited by a female’s scent.  For Trag and Tychar it’s been twenty years since they’ve experienced lovemaking – and Kyra is the one female in all of Darconia who smells unbelievably good to both males.    Is there any hope for a happily ever after when all their futures seem so precarious?


Cheryl Brooks takes readers on an intergalactic venture that they won’t soon forget.  The blending of so many different species brings about some delightfully captivating scenes and highly memorable conversations that really incite the imagination.  The characters are vivid and loveable – even the ones I wasn’t too sure about in the beginning I found loveable by the time I finished reading.  Ms. Brooks delivers plenty of sexual tension, suspense and pleasure in simply being alive in this awe-inspiring novel that is worthy of a special place on my keeper bookshelf.


The next book in this wonderful series OUTCAST is due to be released in June 2009 and I’m definitely looking forward to spending more time immersed in these sexy feline heroes.  It’s enough to make any woman purr in pleasure.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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