Broken: Malathix Souls

Author: Ayla Ruse

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: August, 12, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: ebook

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Thorn is sworn to protect and ensure the survival of his race. But taking precious time he doesn’t have to find his lost brother is a must. Thorn refuses to believe his brother’s dead. Frustrated and worried, he takes his impatience out on the Earthling liaison sent to help him. But it isn’t long before he’s seeing Yvette in a new light. She’s more than she appears.  She’s not quite human…and she’s his salvation. If only he can convince her she’s more than a means to an end.

Ayla Ruse has followed up her first story in the Malathix Souls series, SOULLESS, with a powerful punch. BROKEN can easily be read as a standalone, and it’s a tight, sexy read. A short story that moves fast and delivers a thrilling, satisfying conclusion for two characters you can’t help but root for.

Yvette has dealt with prejudice all her life, forced to hide who she is. Thorn is overwhelmed by the need to save his race, a pressure that would break a lesser man. In Yvette, he finds the answer to his prayers, and a woman strong enough to complete him.  The premise of missing pieces of souls among mates is a different take on the shifter element here, and it works. The hero is alpha yet soft when he needs to be, the heroine strong but still vulnerable.

I really enjoyed this installment of the Malathix Souls and can’t wait to read JAGGED, Ruse’s next release. If you want an action-packed, sexy short story, don’t miss BROKEN. You won’t be disappointed.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: SJ

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