Boyfriend From Hell: Saturn's Daughters, Bk 1

Author: Jamie Quaid

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: September 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Justine "Tina" Clancy is leaving work to make a deposit for the bar she works at. Since she cannot make it to the bus stop on time, she calls her boyfriend to pick her up. An already bad day suddenly becomes worse when Tina barely manages to avoid becoming road kill. In a spurt of anger at her boyfriend, Max's, attempt to run her over with her own car, Tina damns him to hell. Little does she know that is exactly where he went.

Her level of craziness only intensifies when she begins communicating with Max through mirrors. To top it all off, messages begin arriving announcing that Tina is the daughter of someone named Saturn and that she will soon come into her powers. She knows that someone wants her dead, and that someone is responsible for her boyfriend's demise. Tina's quest for the truth puts her in great danger, and she soon finds herself relying on friends she never knew she had. One thing Tina could not be any more certain of is that if she manages to survive, all she wants to do is pass her bar exam.

BOYFRIEND FROM HELL is Jamie Quaid's debut book in an exciting new series titled SATURN'S DAUGHTERS. It contains a great deal of action, mystery, and a small dollop of romance. BOYFRIEND FROM HELL is a well-rounded read... one that I enjoyed from the very first sentence. The world Ms. Quaid has created in this novel is uniquely different from anything I have ever seen. I also loved the build-up to our discovery of Justine's powers and those of her friends around her. BOYFRIEND FROM HELL is great, and I cannot wait to read the second book in the SATURN'S DAUGHTERS series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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