Born in Blood

Author: Alexandra Ivy

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: December 31st 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT



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Callie Brown is a skilled necromancer, one of Valhalla’s powerful ones. She only helps the authorities when cases involve ‘high bloods’ or ‘freaks’. Callie’s ability allows her to experience a person’s last minutes before death to identify the victim’s killer. A strange strong male necromancer fixates on her and raises the dead to obtain a magical coin. She and Duncan work together to learn the identity of the necromancer and his objective with the coin and Callie.

Sergeant Duncan O’Conner is a part of the Kansas City police department.  He does not view the people of Valhalla like his fellow officers or normals. Duncan’s secret gives him better insight and understanding with the freaks. When a crazed necromancer becomes interested in Callie, killing and raising the dead, Duncan acts on the attraction he has had for years for the red-haired necromancer while trying to protect Callie from harm.

At times, Duncan came across a little pushy for my tastes; however, the fact that he did not have the same prejudices towards the high bloods as the mortals did won me over and endeared him to me. Callie was both strong and weak. She had her moments when her insecurities reared up but it made her character one I could relate to and sympathize with. 

Since BORN IN BLOOD is the first book in THE SENTINELS series, it started out a little slow but necessary so the author could introduce the elaborate working and mindset of the world. Valhalla’s infrastructure intrigued and interested me, how each person with talents had a placement. I hope upcoming books delve deeper into the Sentinels and the Mave.

BORN IN BLOOD is a great start to a promising new series. The book’s concept had a faint X-man-ish flavor with its mortal’s prejudices that set the series apart from the usual paranormal reads available, a great break from the standard vampires and weres.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Raonaid

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