Book 3, The Dark Forgotten, Unchained

Author: Sharon Ashwood

Publisher: Signet

Release Date: July 6, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Print

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Ashe Carver used to be a witch; a spell gone bad took away her powers when she was a teenager.  Undaunted, Ashe became a monster slayer.  She spent many years honing her combat skills and learning about her prey.  The monsters have been relatively quiet lately, so she sends for her ten-year-old daughter to come live with her.  Determined to be a good mom, she even gets a day job to prove she has hung up her monster killing days for the sake of her child.

Captain Reynard is the captain of the guardsmen of the Castle; a prison for monsters.  He's been there hundreds of years, and his duty ends only when he is killed or when the magic of the castle prison winds down.  He gets to venture out into the real world from time to time, to capture escaped prisoners. But when a thief steals Captain Reynard's soul, he knows time is of the essence.  He knows he has only weeks to live, and he deplores Ashe to help him find the thief and his soul.  Ashe is trying to live without the monsters, but Captain Reynard is just too good looking for Ashe to ignore.  His gaze alone sets her belly afire.  The two embark on a journey of action, monsters, romance and humor that escalates into a most satisfying storyline.
UNCHAINED, BOOK 3, THE DARK FORGOTTEN is a fast-paced urban fantasy that will keep you hooked from cover to cover.  Ms. Ashwood's characters leap from the pages, the romance is hot and passionate and the monsters make me want to check under my bed.  Superb and highly recommended!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Wendy

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