Blood Avenged

Author: Gabrielle Bisset

Publisher: Gabrielle Bisset

Release Date: December 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Sasa is a lonely woman whose sole responsibility has been to take care of her very ill mother.  When her mother takes a turn for the worse, she finds herself making a pact with an evil woman.  When Vasilije shows up at the apartment of the vampire who was just staked, Sasa discovers that there is more to this vampire than the woman said, and she begins falling head over heels for him.  Will Sasa make the ultimate sacrifice…a sacrifice that may cause her to lose someone very important to her?

Vasilije is a very old vampire who has sired many other vampires.  When one of his vampires is destroyed, he is determined to find the person who killed him.  What he did not count on is the beautiful woman who is at his friend’s apartment.  Sasa has wormed her way into his heart.  But he knows she is hiding something from him regarding his friend’s death.  Will Vasilije be able to overcome the betrayal of the woman he is falling in love with? 

Or will the revenge of a spiteful woman cause their love to die forever?

BLOOD AVENGED is a well-written tale of murder, betrayal and passion.  Gabrielle Bisset pens a novel that will take her readers to another realm where you have to be careful of whom you trust.  The characters are charming, sassy and lovable.  The plot is wrought with twists and turns, and the passion is scorching.  This fiery tale is definitely not your grandmother’s tame romance.

I loved Sasa’s character.  She is charming and sassy, but she is torn between saving her mother and the man she has fallen in love with.  Sasa is deeply in love with Vasilije, as she learns the real truth behind his refusal to let himself love again.

Vasilije is sexy, charming and lonely.  My heart went out to him because he does not trust easily.  But Sasa has gotten under his skin and he starts to let himself heal from the pain of his past.

If you are looking for a romance that scorches the page, then this is definitely a book you want to read.  You will enjoy a hot romance and a devious plot that will keep you captivated.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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