Beauty Dates the Beast

Author: Jessica Sims

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: October 25, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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As a human, Bathsheba normally wouldn’t have much to do with supernatural beings.  However, since she works for Midnight Liaisons, an exclusive paranormal dating service, Bathsheba is up to her ears in vamps, weres, harpies and more on a daily basis.  When a date with a very important client is canceled at the last minute, Bathsheba is frantic.  Beau Russell may be new to Midnight Liaisons, but the were-cougar happens to be head of the Paranormal Alliance.  Luckily for Bathsheba, Beau has a solution; Bathsheba will be his date…for a week.  When he’s about to go into “heat,” so to speak.  It’s almost too much for one human to handle, and that’s before Bathsheba takes into account the fact that humans and supes aren’t supposed to date AND before she begins to feel like someone’s stalking her.  But since the hunky were-cougar is determined to have her…well, Bathsheba can’t bring herself to resist.

BEAUTY DATES THE BEAST is a quirky paranormal romp that begins what is sure to be a fun series filled with supernatural delights.  Author Jessica Sims has written a fast-paced story that’s got both humor and heat.  Beau is a meltingly sexy hero, but his true appeal lies in the fact that he takes his responsibility as the leader of his clan and the Paranormal Alliance seriously.  I can’t help it; I love a hero who has a good head on his shoulders.  Bathsheba, in turn, is someone who is willing to sacrifice much for those she loves.  She doesn’t cry or complain about her sometimes less-than-ideal life, but she isn’t some saintly, unrealistic heroine who doesn’t acknowledge that she’d like luck to turn her way once in a while.  Together, Beau and Bathsheba are a great couple, and Ms. Sims made it easy to enjoy their romantic journey.

A dash of danger, paranormal politics and some seriously nasty villains round out BEAUTY DATES THE BEAST.  The individual characters and the variety of species Ms. Sims introduces in BEAUTY DATES THE BEAST made me want to learn more about that world.  I finished BEAUTY DATES THE BEAST a satisfied reader, but I can’t wait for the next MIDNIGHT LIAISONS book!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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