Beastly Behavior

Author: Nia Foxx

Publisher: After Dark Press

Release Date: June 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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BEASTLY BEHAVIOR features two shifter stories.  The first is A KNIGHT'S PRIDE.  When Lexi’s best friends secure themselves invites to the Exotic Erotica Masquerade Ball, she is a little hurt that her conservative nature is the reason her friends didn’t include an invite for her too. For one night only, Lexi is persuaded to throw caution to the winds and to at least try to discover her confident, sexy side. Unfortunately for Lexi, a walk on the dark side secures her a sexy shifter who is convinced that he has the right to claim her.

I loved this story that had more than a few nods to the classic tale of Cinderella.

Lexi has a boring white collar job, and an even more uneventful social life.  Her friends have long given up trying to encourage her to go out more, do more, try more.

When her friends mention that they are going to an event that will involve all kinds of risqué behavior, Lexi is surprised to find herself reacting to their view of her and their assumption that it isn’t something she would be involved in.


Before she knows it, she is wearing something completely different from her usual conservative outfits.  An outfit so outrageously seductive that she is soon having second thoughts about being seen in it.


Zeke Knight is a shifter who is looking forward to the opportunity to have a night of fun with a hot shifter female.  Little does he expect that fate will throw a human mate into the mix and his arms.


No other author is able to combine romance, compelling story telling, laugh-out-loud dialogue, and hot sex, in quite the same way as Ms. Foxx.  That is why I am a huge fan.  This is a novella but there is a great deal packed into its pages.  The characters are so realistically drawn that the reader can almost see and hear them.  The world building is superb and Lexi’s best friend Kayla gets the best lines!  Kayla features in the second romance, Primal Callings.

In PRIMAL CALLINGS, Wolf shifter Kayla Terran is not protesting too much; she really does dislike shifter men.  In her opinion, they are all controlling, sexist idiots, even her beloved brother, who is her alpha.  Kayla has vowed that she will never be fool enough to fall for a shifter and mate with one.  No, she is holding out for a human mate.  Perhaps someone should have sent a memo regarding that to the annoying Liger who keeps stalking her.


The independent women, sung about by the R&B group, Destiny’s Child were shaped from Kayla Terran’s mold.  Resolving to stay clear of shifter males, Kayla has deliberately carved a career out independently of the pack. So when her partner takes a far from silent interest in her business, she is desperate to find a solution without having to go cap-in-hand to her pack for help.


Liger shifter, half tiger, half lion, Zihao Lao Hu cuts an enigmatic figure in the business world.  He keeps his business and his private life just that, private; and woe betide the person fool enough to cross him.  The sexy but oh-so-stubborn female he knows is his mate, can continue to ignore him, but he won’t go away.  Cats are infinitely patient, and they love a chase. 


This is a really fun novella; Kayla is a really likeable character, and her dialogue will have you laughing.  Since we’ve already had a glimpse of the "you Tarzan me Jane mentality" which seems to be inherently connected to the testosterone ridden shifter, the reader can understand exactly why Kayla is happy to stay clear of shifter males.

What I really love about Zihao is the fact that he doesn’t push his way into Kayla's life.  In typical cat fashion, he plays with her; while showing that he admires her talent as a designer, her strength as a woman, and that he can't wait to fully experience every aspect of her passionate nature.  The fact that Zihao likes as well as desires Kayla, gives a stronger aspect to their relationship.  The two of them are a match that is far from tame.  You will be grinning when you read the last word in this novella, I promise you.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudette

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