As Fate Decrees

Author: Denyse Bridger

Publisher: Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Release Date: August 15, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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During a time when ancient Gods ruled over Greece, the Fates decreed a Champion would arise from the mortal plane. Ares, Greek God of War, deciphers the decree and is chosen to be the Champion’s master. Thus begins his search for his protégé. As he combs the streets of ancient Greece, he comes across a spirited woman with alluring pale features at the slave market.

Amarantha’s unusual features have always brought attention upon her. This time, as she is put up for auction, it is the mysterious man who is to become her master whose eye she catches. Instead of an addition to a harem or a household servant, her new owner declares she is to become his student. Amarantha begins her training in the military arts and soon none can come close to her skills. She is unaware of what the Fates have proclaimed for her future. Ares has yet to reveal who he is to Amarantha or to come to terms that his beautiful Champion will give herself to another before she will become his in all ways. 



When a dying man stops her along the road with a request to take an urgent message to the King of Corinth, Amarantha’s path is laid before her. The king is none other than childhood friend and first love, Iphicles. Vowing to serve by Iphicles’s side during the wars that rage among the land, their love is rekindled. During her time with Iphicles, Ares reveals his true identity to her, foretelling of altering events. As the battles continue, Amarantha faces the greatest loss she’s ever known and her destiny unfolds. 



She returns to Ares’s side and takes on the role she was predestined for, the Champion of the Gods. Amarantha comes to love Ares and the time they spend together. However, the moments are precious as she is thrust through time, battling the evils of the world. Her latest mission places her in modern Athens. Holy places all over the world are being desecrated and a new world religion is on the rise.  Amarantha must once again defend history and myth from the evil forces at work. This will be the toughest battle she has ever faced. Not only is she in danger of being lost to Ares forever, the price of victory may cost her life.



AS FATE DECREES was a mesmerizing read that brought ancient Greece to life. War, devastation, devotion, and love fill the pages. Denyse Bridger offers a magnificent spin on Greek mythology and the Gods. I was immediately drawn to Ares, the God of War. His character was fascinating and I loved the complexity with which he was written. The depth that Ms. Bridger goes to when creating not only her world and characters, but the almost seamless way she strings the lapses of time together, is what makes this such an astonishing read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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