Agent E2: Aidan (The D.I.R.E. Agency)

Author: Joni Hahn

Publisher: Joni Hahn

Release Date: December 8, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Former SEAL and newly recruited D.I.R.E. agent Aidan Monroe hasn’t yet learned how to fully control his new enhancements so to say the results have been a bit shocking is somewhat of an understatement.  Now that his sister is safe with Tristan, a fellow D.I.R.E. agent, Aiden’s concentrating on finding the truth behind his father’s murder.  What he hadn’t anticipated is an unexpected encounter outside her father’s hospital room with the enemy’s daughter, Cassandra, or the intense attraction he feels for her.

Cassandra Naylor has no illusions about her father’s nefarious intentions.  The man is a criminal through and through, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is family – and her brother and father are all Cassandra have left.  With her father suffering life threatening injuries and her brother missing, she makes the decision to do whatever she has to in order to save them both… only nothing goes according to plan, including her run in with agent Aiden.


Ever since undergoing the procedures that gifted Aiden with his new powers he’s had trouble controlling them – in fact, he literally shocks Cassandra in his attempts to catch her after she leaves her father’s hospital room.  Unfortunately for him, Cassandra’s not above playing dirty and using her womanly attributes and a strategically placed knee to escape his clutches.  What she forgot to consider is that her father and brother are in the clutches of the D.I.R.E. agents and they aren’t above using their own dirty little tricks to get her back into their clutches.  Aiden, in particular, has taken a personal interest in Cassandra and her boldness certainly intrigues him, but more than that there’s an innocence and vulnerability that calls to him.  However, he’s having a difficult time disassociating the special woman she is with her family’s criminal history. 


Joni Hahn’s AGENT E2: AIDEN is the perfect follow up story to AGENT A1: TRISTAN.  There were still a lot of questions left in my mind after reading TRISTAN so I eagerly jumped right into Aiden’s story and was not disappointed at all.  Aiden and Cassandra are bold, daring people who under different circumstances make the ideal couple but there’s so much standing in their way to happiness that at times it breaks your heart.  I especially loved how conflicted Aiden is throughout this story about his loyalties and how that affects every aspect of the story.  Ms. Hahn does a brilliant job bringing all the characters throughout this series to life so that the reader becomes emotionally vested in them and completely captivated by the storyline… and admittedly more than a little fascinated by the D.I.R.E. agency.


AGENT E2: AIDEN is the second title in the D.I.R.E. AGENCY series.  While I think it would be easy to enjoy this story all by itself, I think it reads much better if you read this series in order.  I confess I’ve already read the third story as well and can wholeheartedly recommend the series as a whole.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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