White Hot Christmas: Emmy’s Wish

Author: Ayla Ruse

Publisher: Changeling Press

Release Date: December 16, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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As one of Santa’s Workshop Elves, Emmy has done as he requires and submitted her request for the one wish she wanted him to fulfill for her each year.  She loves her job and the perks have been wonderful but every Christmas morning for the past three years she’s awaken to an empty bed despite her request for a BIG, real live man – and she’s not talking height either.  Emmy’s used to elves who are rather on the small side and she’s wishing for something more… um, filling.

There seems to be a little problem with communication because Santa hasn’t delivered Emmy’s Christmas wish even though she’s requested the same thing every year for the past three years.  Oh there have been slight modifications to the list regarding the duration of how long she was to have her present but so far she’s been woefully ignored. 


While Emmy’s disappointed to find her bed empty Christmas morning there is a shiny gold bell on the pillow near her head.  She finds a ribbon to put on it so that she can wear it.  On the way to the kitchen she falls over some obstacle that shouldn’t be there.  Imagine her surprise to discover that Santa hasn’t forgotten her after all.  Sprawled on her couch is large man… but wait he’s not an ordinary man.  He’s an elf – a Border Elf to be precise.  While Emmy’s ready to climb right up and put her Christmas gift to good use, Trey was under the assumption that he was sent to play with a young girl so he’s stunned at her bravado and willingness to get right down to business.  Emmy’s wish was for a big man for only one day but dare she hope that she could keep Trey for longer - maybe even forever?


You might think that big isn’t necessarily better but perhaps if all the males you know are workshop elves you might think otherwise, hence Emmy’s wish for a well-endowed man.  EMMY’S WISH is a fun, bubbly story that allows readers to imagine elves as individuals with sexual needs and wicked desires just like any normal person.  Ayla Ruse’s writing is fast-paced, witty and will have you smiling at Emmy and Trey’s playful sexual encounters, even as you wonder if they’ll have a future together.


EMMY’S WISH is just one of the many reads available from Changeling’s WHITE HOT CHRISTMAS line so if you’re looking for more fun stories with unique and naughty twists then be sure to check out the other stories on the Changeling Press website.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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