Mila Ramos


Favorites and Fun Questions

If you could be someone's pet for a week, whose pet would you be, and what animal would you choose to change into?

I'd want to be Sandra Bullock
s pet....I mean she's a great actress and why not have that.  Not a dog though, but a cat.  A soft cute furry kitty.  If I could transform myself it would be nap time constantly!





Hi Mila and welcome. I am so glad you could join us here at RomanceJunkies.  To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Hi there!  I'm so glad to have this chance to speak with you.

Current projects, lol...there is an ever growing list of projects.  Right now I'm juggling a few projects. I am almost done with a story called THE MISADVENTURES OF MADDIE WAGNER, a romantic comedy.  My labor of love, GLASS OF INFINITY...has been my hardest work thus far.  I am working on a dark paranormal series called DREAM WALKERS. The first installation I'm very excited about DREAM CHIMERA.  Then there is the continuation of PROPHECY OF THE BOAR and REEL-TO-REAL, two project which I haven't been able to give much time to but thankfully now can due to time freeing up.

With a deadline looming, are you normally ahead of schedule, on schedule, or convincing yourself that you work "better under major-stress"?

It changes day to day.  Some days I'll scream and hide from my computer or laugh at it from my bed.  Normally I'm on schedule, but seeing as that I am coming into my last year of my Master's studies, the balancing act is very precious and try to get things done during my breaks.  I do have wonderful publishers that know my schedule and work very well with me.  Its pretty rare to be under major stress because then I just lock up and can't think.

Every writer dreams of getting "the call" or "the email".  What form did yours come in?  Who got to hear the good news first?

Well my very first "email" was two years ago.  I mostly wrote erotic poetry, and changing from that to writing was a bit difficult.  At times it still can be because I can write in half a page a heart pumping catcher.  When I first heard it was a close friend, she was the one that submitted my work without me knowing, and then it was my other childhood friends that learned about it.  I was in a daze for a few days and it took about a year before I realized I actually write.

What do you like most about being an author?  What do you like least?

I love having my ideas embraced, that nothing in the realm I love is not possible. I love being able to sit there and have full fledge conversations with book characters and see them coming to life.  See their stories unfold and the ability to write about it, show it, get other people involved. Its an unbelievable feeling. The least, I truly do not like it when I have these great ideas and I'm burning to write but other obligations take me away from it.  If I could I'd hide away and just write.  Though it would be great, I know I'd never get my work done in the lab lol.

A fellow writing friend has had it!  She is sure she'll never be published.  She is throwing in the towel.  What words of wisdom do you have so that she'll change her mind?

First we'd make a girls day of doing anything but writing.  If it means just talking about life in general, then that's what we are going to do.  Then the next day I would ask her why she wants to throw it in.  Find ways for her to get her work noticed.  What may have not worked for her, may just need a fresh pair of eyes for ideas.  Most importantly talk to her why she feels she'll never get published.  Is it manuscript problems, presentation problems, book genre problems?  Most importantly remind her that success is failure turned inside out because its during these times when she wants to give up that she mustn't quit.

A little birdie told me you love to visit the ducks at a nearby pond.  What treats do you bring them to nibble on?

Now that is a sneaky little bird!!  *looks around suspiciously*  My pretty little duckies, apparently since having their area upgraded have been more social.  At my university, a little more than 50 yards from the Science Building is a duck pond that houses about 20 or so ducks and geese.  This number is slowly growing now with the construction in their area done and the water filled to normal.  I have noticed though they love the bread and corn, depending on day.  I have found they love Sara Lee bread products and like their bread whole grain.  I've spoiled them.

What is the one thing that you'd love to do, but will probably never have the nerve?  What is the one thing you've already done that still amazes you to this day?

I would love to do skydiving, but seeing as I have a fear of heights I will stay comfortably on the ground and enjoy the fruits of car travel.  The one crazy thing I've done and still cant believe I even did it was bungee jumping.  To this day I can't believe I gathered that much courage to do it.  I still think I was sick to the point of delusion, but no one believes me.

Humans tend to be creatures of habit.  Which habits do you have that you like, and which ones would you like to change or get rid of?

Well at the end of every semester of school I have 2 days where I am a complete bum.  I do not go out, I mostly stay in and sleep.  That is a bit of tradition for me to recoup after a hard semester of studies.  The other is to go on Sundays to have a quiet breakfast with my boyfriend.  We have Starbucks and croissants.  We sit and talk little things, its our special time.  I think the only ones I'd really want to change is having more time for breakfast.  I'm used to eating on the run, so slowing down to enjoy the first meal would be fabulous.

Describe the "perfect" hero?  What about the "perfect" hero for you?

The perfect hero is someone who isn't perfect.  If he has flaws that are complex and full of paradox, the hero will want to overcome his faults, grow emotionally and rise to surpass obstacles to help the relationship, this makes him a better person.  Being tough, in control, trustworthy, and of course sexually wanting.

What is this romance writer's idea of the "ideal romantic evening"?

Well in truth the romantic evenings come from my boyfriend.  That man is an absolute gem and a treasure.  One of the best romantic evenings was when he took me to an authentic Italian restaurant with candlelight, wine and the complete touches.  Shortly thereafter we went on a small walk and he gave me a sensual massage.  Evenings like this are what I consider fuel for the writing!

How do you describe Mila Ramos?  How do Mila Ramos's family and friends describe her?

Well I'm definitely quirky, a bit shy but quite outgoing.  Normally I go to the nearby duckpond and love to spend my time feeding the duckies and enjoying the silence.  If not usually I'm roaming Barnes and Nobles, with my boyfriend and enjoying my time with friends in the Dallas area.  My family and friends definitely describe me as introverted at times, extroverted most of the time, definitely silly, curious and most importantly mellow.  My family knows that I believe coffee is a food group and that the world needs naps.  I believe in the power of naps....and warm blankets.  The most important part that is integral to my being is beings described as funny, positive and optimistic.


Spring is in the air!  What signals spring for you?  Do you do the annual spring-cleaning-thing?

The allergies early in the morning, in a series of five in a row.  That usually tells me its Spring and its vicious.  The spring cleaning thing is a weekly habit, I admit I'm odd.  I'll have my apartment in order but at the end of the week I'll wake up at 8am and scrub everything from head to foot.  And then I take a nap lol.  I earned it.

When going shopping, do you consider it an event, or are you in and out as quick as can be?  Is there one department that always draws you instantly?

Depends on who I'm shopping with.  If its me, its a quick in and out, getting what I need.  If its with my mother, it is the continuation of the Boston Marathon.  I do not know how she can shop for hours on end.  Its just amazing.  Well there are two departments that tend to draw me like a magnet; books and shoes.  Now if the books are next to the shoes even better!

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

My Nike's they are essentially the most comfy part of my wardrobe.  After them are my flip flops, well they're my boyfriends flip-flops but they look better on me, and then lastly my pretty strappy shoes.

And lastly, no interview of a writer would be complete without this question:  what is your favorite comfort food?

Ahhh the power of comfort food.  When down in the dumps, or since I am currently a graduate students, I like to have a bowl of mac and cheese, and have a Ben & Jerry's ice cream with Chips Ahoy.  I don't have a lot of it, but just a little bit is good.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!


You are most welcome, it has been fun.  Continued success with all of your writing projects.


By Brooke Wills

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor

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