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Are you a shower person or a bath person…or both?


Both! Showers at hotels, but at home – luxurious baths…





Hi Denysé, and welcome back! I am so glad you could join us here at Romance Junkies. To start, will you please tell us a little bit about your current projects?


Wow, current projects? There’s always so much going on! Ok, first off, I have just accepted the position of Acquisitions Manager and Editor in Chief at a new division of Hades Publications. Absolute X-Pressis the new electronic house for this traditional print publisher. My division is obviously romance, so we’re acquiring books for the launch next year, and we’ll be open for business officially on Valentine’s Day!! The launch will offer a dozen titles of various lengths and genres, so something for everyone! The invitations went to some spectacular and well-established names, so it should be great.


Denysé the author is also working on some special projects. The most important of my current work is something rather amazing that I’m working on with someone I love. He’s in Italy, is a photographer, and a poet, among other things. Just an incredible person, really. True old world romantic. The project is called AMORE SENZA CONFINI and I’ve set up a really lovely blog to showcase the book, so do drop over and have a look. I like to call it the most romantic blog you’ll ever stumble upon…


For my solo work, I’m in the midst of a new vampire novel called A PERFECT BEAUTY which is set in Sicily and the hero is an ancient Prince. Very sexy and seductive. My partner is the cover model, too! My other novel in progress is going to be a fabulous venture that combines the romance of Italian music with a romance novel set in Rome, Naples, and Amalfi… The music of Riccardo Foresi is serving as the catalyst and inspiration for this one. If you haven’t heard Ric, drop by his MySpace, you’ll soon discover he’s the essence of a romantic hero, too.


There are tons more things on the go, but those are the projects that are closest to my heart at the moment. I’m also doing my second fantasy novel, the first one, As Fate Decrees, was a finalist for the Prix Aurora Award this year, which was a fabulous honour!! There’s an amazing book trailer on my website for this book, if you want to have a look:


What is your typical writing day like?


A typical writing day begins between 7-8 AM for me, and I spend an hour or so clearing my mailbox, checking in with my newsgroup – the group is marvelous, lots of caring and supportive people who are the best of the best!! Then I decide what story I’ll work on for the day. Most days I tend to put in about 12 hours, on and off… It’s a long day, and rarely do I take a full one off, but it’s usually a lot of fun.


What is the best piece of writing advice you didn’t take at first, but then realized it made a lot of sense?


Honestly, I can’t think of anything at all… How bad is that?? J


What is your favorite part of the writing process?  What is the one thing that is a “chore” for you…that you wish you could pass off onto someone else?


Favourite part of the process is the initial creation of the story. When you are naming the characters, choosing the setting, working out the details. After that, I love the editing stage. The chore that I will always pass to someone else is the reading, and proof-reading. I hate reading my own work, and it bores me to death, so if someone volunteers to read, I am happy to have them do it!!


What does your writing space look like?  Do you have a window with a view? Is there anything in particular about it that you’d like to change?


My writing space looks like an explosion of paper and books, and CDs… My window is at my back, because it’s just TOO easy to become a voyeur if I can gaze outside all day!! I think the only thing I’d like to change is to have more filing cabinets and less clutter!


Woo Hoo!  Lucky day for you!  You get to go anywhere you want…no worries about packing or even getting there!  You will just arrive! So…where are you going?  Why did you pick this spot?


This won’t surprise anyone who knows me – Rome! Or anyplace else in Italy. It’s my magical place in the world, even though I’ve never been there. I think it’s home to my heart, I’ve always been in love with the country, the culture, the music, and the people. For me, Italy is the best this world has to offer…


What is the one thing you’d love to learn how to do if you could just find another hour or two in the day?  What is the one thing you tried, but threw your hands up in despair?


Learn to speak Italian… I’m hopeless with languages, though… so the answer is the same for both parts of that question!


When a food craving strikes, are you more likely to turn to something sweet or something salty?  How often do you give in?


The only real “cravings” I get tend to be for popcorn, and occasionally a piece of chocolate, so mostly I just indulge and have the buttered popcorn!!


There are many stories and movies about superheroes. What in your view constitutes a real-life hero? Which real people do you consider to be heroes?


A real-life hero is someone who embodies the positive things I admire, and stands up for people who need to be protected for whatever reason. Integrity is like a dying virtue so often these days, we need to remember that strength and courage are the backbone of who we are, and if we are Blessed with those gifts, then we are also entrusted with the responsibility of standing up for those who can’t defend themselves.


My father was my first real hero – he was a kind and gentle man whose motto was live and let live. He judged no one harshly, and accepted each person he met for who they were and what they were. My partner, the man I adore totally, he has that same special strength of character, and passion for life. Heroes are the people we look up to, and the ones who make us reach inside ourselves to be better than we were before we had them in our lives. They teach by being part of us.


What is this romance writer's idea of the "ideal romantic evening"?


Supper, candlelight, wine, a walk on a deserted beach with only the stars, the ocean, and that special someone. If it rains, even better! That, or a cozy night in front of the fireplace, with some wonderful films to watch.


How do you describe Denysé Bridger?  How do Denysé Bridger’s family and friends describe her?


How do I describe me? Hmmmm… that’s not an easy one. Passionate about life, my work, and my family. I respect and admire honesty and try to always exhibit those traits in dealing with people. I love to support other writers, and all my friends in the pursuit of their dreams.


How do family and friends describe me? Have no idea, I’d have to ask!! One of my best friends in the world is a wonderful lady from England, and this is what she wrote in reply to that question: “Denyse is not only a talented writer, she is a good friend. She sees beneath the facade to the innermost soul - whether that's a person, book or an idea. Always honest, she sees the world in a unique way that is quite refreshing. It shows through in her writing, as well as her interactions with others. It is an honour to call her friend.” Lisa is one of the most amazing and special people in my life, she’s always supportive and encouraging, even when I’m insane!




Who is the person who has had the biggest influence on your life?  Whom will you pass this “influence” on to?


There is no one person who has been the biggest influence on my life. If I had to choose one, it would probably be my dad. I hope the things he’s given me will be things that touch all the people I love in one way or another.


Are you right-handed or left-handed?  Ever have to write with the opposite hand for one reason or another?  Ever try it just for the fun of it?


Right-handed, mostly. I tend to be very ambidextrous, so writing with my left hand isn’t easy, but I have done it when I’ve had to.


You are going on a shopping spree!  Which department are you hitting first?  Which department will never see one of your hard earned dollars?


Home entertainment gets me first – movies and books! Sports department will never see a dime… :)

And lastly, no interview of a writer would be complete without this question:  what is your favorite comfort food?


Comfort food? There are a few, mostly Italian pasta things, and popcorn! :) I’m very predictable about some things.


It has been such a pleasure chatting with you again, I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with the Romance Junkies!! This site, and the loyalty and endless support of the readers is what makes the long hours and work worth it. I hope you’ll all drop by my website, and enjoy the fun stuff that’s there. I’ve got lots of wonderful free extras for everyone to use or download… stories, a postcard service that includes some spectacular photos from my talented partner, Vincenzo Chiofalo. And don’t forget to sign the Guestbook, I pull a name from there occasionally and toss out a free book as a thank you. My newsgroup and newsletter are always available, too! All in all, just come by and have fun!



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You are very welcome; the pleasure has been ours.  Here’s to continued success with all your writing and writing-related pursuits.

By Brooke Wills

Romance Junkies Publishing Editor

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