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A Romance for Christmas by Kayelle Allen

Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers
Senth and Khyff, the Antonello Brothers from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only, did not grow up together. They were separated at Senth's birth. Bro shows how and why, and what event reunited them. Funny and yet touching, Bro takes you inside the Tarthian Empire and introduces you to three of its major denizens: Senth and Khyff Antonello, and Luc Saint-Cyr. You'll find them in many stories in the Empire. Come and meet them in Bro. This book is free. Download your copy today.

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Heart Like Mine - Echo Lake series, Book 2 by Maggie McGinnis, Noticing that the plot of this book is set in a hospital pediatrics ward made it that much more interesting to read. I spent a few years working in a hospital unit for intensive care babies. I know what the families go through and it was interesting to see which twists were put into this book. Read Review>>

Grace's Forgiveness - Keepsake Pocket Quilt #2 by Molly Jebber, GRACE'S FORGIVENESS is set in Ohio in 1900. It's a wonderful Amish story of family, friends, and their way of life at its core. Grace is a caring and loving soul, even though she's had hardship in her life. But it's only made her stronger. Read Review>>

The Hunter - Victorian Rebel series, Book 2 (Dorine) - Print by Kerrigan Byrne, Christopher Argent belongs to the shadows of the lawless Underworld. Millicent LeCour lives in London's limelight as an actress. Can Christopher keep Millie and her young son safe from the danger that stalks them? Or will Millie's secrets spell her death? Read Review>>

A Better Man - Sunshine Creek Vineyard series, book 1 by Candis Terry, After his parents' are killed in a plane crash, hockey player Jordan returns home to help his siblings save the family vineyard. While helping his seventeen-year-old sister who is withdrawn and angry, Jordan must work with her teacher Lucy whom he betrayed in the past. Jordan soon loses his heart to Lucy - can he convince her that he is now A BETTER MAN? Read Review>>

The Witches of Cambridge by Menna Van Praag, Never having heard of this author before and looking for new authors to try, I loved the title of this book and knew I wanted to read it. I have a fascination with witchcraft and the spells they cast. Read Review>>

Desire After Dark - Gansett Island-15 by Marie Force, DESIRE AFTER DARK returns us to Gansett Island where the many, many characters laugh, cry, love and have great times. Whether making a return visit or new to the island, sit back and relax and enjoy all the McCarthy gatherings.
Read Review>>

The Girl from Summer Hill - Summer Hill series, book 1 by Jude Deveraux, Chef Casey is shocked to find a gorgeous, naked man on her porch. Not aware that his guest cottage has been rented, heartthrob actor Tate believes Casey is a reporter and the sparks fly. As they play opposite each other in the local play for charity, the hostility begins to simmer into intimacy. But when Casey hears some disturbing tales about Tate, she wonders if he is the man she believes him to be, or is he just using her? Read Review>>

Much Ado About Highlanders - The Scottish Relic trilogy, book 1 by May McGoldrick, Catching her husband in a compromising position with another woman on their wedding day, Kenna leaves. Now, six months later, kidnappers looking for her cousin take them both. When they arrive at their destination and she comes face-to-face with her husband, a battle of wits soon ensues. Read Review>>

On the Naughty List by Lori Foster, Carly Phillips, Beth Ciotta, Sugar Jamison, ON THE NAUGHTY LIST is an anthology that has four stories all set at Christmas with lots of loving and naughtiness. Each novella is totally different and wraps up the story-line, even though they left me wanting more. Read Review>>

An American In Scotland, MacIain Series, Book 3 by Karen Ranney, AN AMERICAN IN SCOTLAND is an enthralling tale filled with deception, desire, dangerous escapades and discovery. This book is not to be missed! Read Review>>


The Rock, Highland Guard Novel, Book 11 by Monica McCarty, THE ROCK is a passionate, raw, gripping historical novel filled with grit, sweat and a romance so deep it hurts. Read Review>>

Hot Cowboy Nights - Lucky Penny Ranch series, book 2 by Carolyn Brown, To save face from the gossipy townspeople after she is dumped by her preacher fiancé, Lizzy gets sexy cowboy Toby to indulge in a pretend courtship with her. She knows he is not the type to settle down. In fact, she has no plans to tame him, but in the interim, this good girl plans to go bad and enjoy their HOT COWBOY NIGHTS. Read Review>>

Temptations of a Wallflower - The Wicked Quills of London series, book 3 by Eva Leigh, Summoned to London, Vicar Jeremy is tasked with uncovering the identity of the Lady of Dubious Quality who writes scandalous, erotic fiction. Considered a wallflower, Sarah hides her identity as this lady well. When she and Jeremy meet, the sparks are instantaneous and Sarah is overjoyed when they marry. But will uncovering her secret identity destroy their chance at happiness together? Read Review>>

Three Promises - The Billionaire Bachelors series, books 1-3 by Lily Everett, I love the stories set on Sanctuary Island and these three novellas brought me back to this beautiful isle. I enjoy reading Lily Everett's books and didn't know these tales were out there and I was excited to dig into more of them. Read Review>>

Dirty Girl ( Dirty Girl Duet, #1) by Meghan March, Meghan March’s latest release is a spin-off from her Billionaire series. Greer Karas takes a page from big brother Creighton’s book and places an ad for what she’s looking for in a partner. Thinking the ad was a joke, she soon realizes how quickly things go viral on the internet “when the one who got away” shows up to apply for the position. Read Review>>

Hittin' it Out The Park by Allison Hobbs & Karen E. Quinones Miller, HITTIN' IT OUT THE PARK, is a very steamy sports romance that has many secrets. What you see is not what you get. Unfortunately, star baseball player Randy seems all too clueless about the women he lets into his life. Read Review>>

Caught By You - Love Between the Bases series, book 2 by Jennifer Bernard, Single mother Donna is trying to gain custody of her son, but her over the top personality manages to get her into trouble, especially whenever she is around Kilby Catfish catcher Mike. Believing he is to blame for her problems, Mike offers to marry her, but Donna is sure that he is still in love with his former fiancée. Will marrying Mike end in unhappiness or forever love? Read Review>>

Carolina Dreaming - Dare Island series, Book 5 by Virginia Kantra, Dare Island is Gabe Murphy's last hope in turning his life over and starting anew. A former survivor of an abusive marriage, Jane Clark has succeeded in making something of herself by running a small yet successful bakery. Will Gabe find the home he has been desperately searching for? Can Jane give Gabe a reason to remain permanently on Dare Island? Read Review>>

Appealed - Legal Briefs #3 by Emma Chase, APPEALED is a contemporary romance that is more often than not steamy but has a darkness to it as well. What happens when childhood friends, Brent and Kennedy, unexpectedly meet after fourteen years? How have their lives changed during that time...and how have they remained the same? Read Review>>

At Love's Bidding - Ozark Mountains series, book 2 by Regina Jennings, After a mistake at an auction house owned by Miranda's family, which threatens the future of their business, she and her grandfather buy the auction house in the Missouri Ozarks where the item was sent. Wyatt is upset when Miranda arrives, expecting to buy the business, but he soon loses his heart to her as they deal with a situation which only seems to get worse. Read Review>>


How I Married a Marquess - The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, book 3 by Anna Harrington
 Thomas undertakes an assignment to capture a highwayman at a house party to convince his bosses that he is ready to resume his duties as a spy. Josie, a baron's adopted daughter, will do anything to provide for the children at the orphanage, even become a thief. Thomas realizes he must make a choice between his mission and keeping the woman he loves out of jail.

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply - Silver Town Wolf, book 6 by Terry Spear
 While coming to the rescue of an injured wolf from another pack, wolf shifter/park ranger Eric meets a delectable she-wolf he would love to make his own. Pack leader Pepper has been betrayed too many times so she is not looking to be mated with one who will surely take over her pack. But could Eric be the exception – her perfect mate?

How the Duke was Won - Disgraceful Dukes series, book 1 by Lenora Bell
 Put four young ladies in a room, all vying for the hand – and body – of a duke, then stand back and watch the fireworks begin. However, one of the four is not a true lady, at least not in society's definition. She has secrets and compelling reasons to win; a fortune and a new start for herself and a husband for her sister. But will she win at the cost of her heart?

The Angel Wore Fangs - Deadly Angels series, book 7 by Sandra Hill
 Pastry chef Andrea seeks help from Cnut, a Viking vampire angel, when her sister ends up in the hands of ISIS. Fortunately for her, his assignment coincides with hers, but when their forced escape from a dangerous situation lands them in the tenth century Norselands, they must work together to get back to the future. But even if they succeed, will Cnut lose the woman he loves after breaking his vow of celibacy?

Ransom - Northern Border Patrol series, book 4 by Terri Reed
 My love for suspense books has just added another author to my preferred list. Ms. Reed knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat as you turn page after page until the final, thrilling climax.

Bulletproof Badge - Texas Rangers: Elite Troop series, Book 1 by Angi Morgan
 Loving to read about sexy Texas Rangers and the damsels they save, makes this new-to-me author of such stories one I will seek in the future. I couldn't put this book down until I was to the end.

Smoldering Hunger - Dark Kings, Book 8 by Donna Grant
 Darius relishes in eradicating the world of the Dark Fae menace. Sophie keeps men at an emotional distance after the devastating effects of her prior relationship. Can Darius protect Sophie from the Dark Fae and Ulrik's calculating schemes? Or will Sophie become another victim?

The Untamed Earl - Playful Brides series, book 5 by Valerie Bowman
 When Lord Owen's father demands that Owen give up his womanizing ways and marry Lady Lavinia by the end of the month or lose his monthly allowance, he finds help in the lady's younger sister, Alexandra, who has been in love with him for years. But as all her advice backfires, Owen's attraction to Alexandra deepens. When her true motives come to light, will it end their budding romance?

Along Came a Rogue -The Secret Life of Scoundrels series, book 2 by Anna Harrington
 Major Nathaniel Grey cannot refuse his dying best friend Thomas's request for him to bring his estranged sister Emily to him. But on the days long journey back, things between Grey and recently widowed Emily turn heated. However, Emily has an enemy who wants to see her and her unborn child dead. Grey longs to protect her, but the War Office expects him to leave for Spain. How can he protect her from Spain?

Lana and the Laird - Untamed Highlanders series, book 3 by Sabrina York
 Lachlan is somewhat resigned to his fate of dying before his thirtieth birthday, like his ancestors, until he meets the woman of his dreams. Lana has always seen Lachlan in her dreams as a rugged Scotsman, not the Englishman he appears to be. But she can see the true heart of Lachlan and she wants a lifetime with him. But can she prove to him that their love is stronger than any curse?

The Earl Takes All - The Hellions of Havisham series, book 2 by Lorraine Heath
 Due to mistaken identity, Julia shares a passionate kiss with her beau's twin brother, Edward. Livid at his trickery, she keeps her distance from him, even after she and Albert marry. The twins take one last adventurous trip together, but only one twin returns home. At his dying brother's request, Edward pretends to be him to keep Julia from losing her baby and begins to fall deeply in love with her. But will he lose her for good once the truth comes out?

The Viscount Needs A Wife, Rogue Series by Jo Beverly
 THE VISCOUNT NEEDS A WIFE is a clever and captivating escapade that proves falling in love is the greatest thrill of all!

Nobody's Princess - Willow Park series, Book 3 by Sarah Hegger
 The third book of the Willow Park series deals with bad choices, second chances, and the inner strength we can find to repair the damages. Sarah Hegger's writing reminds me a lot of the humor of other authors' style I have enjoyed reading.

Only Beloved - The Survivors' Club series, Book 7 by Mary Balogh
 The seventh book in the SURVIVORS' CLUB series features an older couple, each with a painful past, hoping to find peace and companionship. A charming finale of a beloved series.

Claiming Her - Renegades and Outlaws series, Book 1 by Kris Kennedy
 Katarina knows from experience the perils of incensing Queen Elizabeth. Aodh Mac Con upholds his father and grandfather's dreams of reclaiming their ancestral home. Can Aodh bend Katarina to his will? Or will Katarina choose her queen over Aodh?

Dirty--a Dive Bar Novel by Kylie Scott
 Kylie Scott has rocked my world. She had me giggling like a high school girl. This book is filled with everything you could ask for in a romance. Drama. Sex. Humor and a love story that you least expected.

Sweet Haven - Home Sweet Home series, book 1 by Shirlee McCoy
 For anyone who has read Shirlee McCoy's Apple Valley series, this new series will be a true delight. For anyone who hasn't read her books, it would be a blessing for you to do so. You'll enjoy stories of love, family and a small town community who thrive together.

Stone Cold Cowboy - Montana Men series, book 4 by Jennifer Ryan
 The beginning of this book is so graphic and heartbreaking that I almost wanted to put it down and not finish it, but knowing Jennifer Ryan's stories, I realized it would get better soon. Needless to say you better have a box of tissues to read the first chapter. Wonderful suspense.

Completing the Pass - Sante Fe Bobcats #5 by Jeanette Murray
 COMPLETING THE PASS has childhood friends all grown up and their moms rooting for them from the sidelines. They've been plotting since they were babies. Will their wishes for love and happily-ever-after come true?

Ain't She Sweet - Green Mountain #6 by Marie Force
 AIN'T SHE SWEET returns us to Butler, Vermont and the Abbott family and friends. Tyler and Charley are warming up the cold wintry nights when their relationship takes a different trek than they ever expected!

The Devil You Know - McKenna Brothers, Book 2 by Jo Goodman
 Jo Goodman always entertains western historical fans with her brand of subtle humor that comes across so beautifully in actions and words. Find a shelf and start stocking it with Goodman's westerns and be prepared to reread them often since you're going to crave them more than once.

Shadow's End - Elder Races, Book 9 by Thea Harrison
 Beluviel led a half-life until a kindhearted gryphon Wyr swoops in to her aid. Graydon is haunted by a vague premonition, yet that does not stop him from helping the unobtainable Beluviel. Will Graydon and Beluviel be able to outlast the Djinn curse? Or will Graydon die to set them both free?

A Simple Vow - Simple Gifts series, book 1 by Charlotte Hubbard
 Visiting Willow Ridge again is a very refreshing walk through the aisles of Simple Gifts crafts shop, reuniting with all the talented Amish craftsman. I love seeing how all the past characters have evolved while bringing this town the prosperity it deserves.

The Sheikh's Christmas Conquest - The Bond of Billionaires #2 by Sharon Kendrick
 THE SHEIKH'S CHRISTMAS CONQUEST has royalty, Christmas and heat--in more ways than one! Will Livvy bow to Sheikh Saladin Al Mektala's will or won't she? There's only one way to find out...

Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle
 There's enough tension to melt the ice in this sizzling romantic suspense from debut author Katie Ruggle. Meet the members of the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue unit.

The Healing Season - A Dollar For a Dream series, Book 3 by Catherine Evans
 The final book in this engaging three-part series includes two unusual characters in a small town rural setting in Australia. Beautifully paced, a friendship blooms as they help each other begin anew and they fall in love.

That Despicable Rogue by Virginia Heath
 THAT DESPICABLE ROGUE is an historical novel set in England in the early 1800's. Ross Jameson, the rogue, is not as he seems, but neither is his housekeeper, Mrs. Preston. Wait until the truths are uncovered!

Ride Hard - Raven Riders MC, book 1 by Laura Kaye
 Haven Randal depends on the Raven Riders motorcycle club's aid to escape her crime-boss father's tyranny and abuse. Dare Kenyon is haunted by the ghosts of the past. Can Dare keep both Haven and the Raven Riders safe from the trouble brewing in Baltimore? Will Haven finally have the life she dreams of?

The Obsession by Nora Roberts
 One of Nora Roberts' best novels, THE OBSESSION is jam-packed with stimulating characters and layers of emotion in a suspenseful story that takes its time toying with the reader. So good!

Wedding Night With the Earl - The Heirs' Club series, Book 3 by Amelia Grey
 Easily read as a standalone, this unusual story immediately grabbed my attention with a handicapped heroine and an orphaned child. A lovely Regency romance with captivating characters.

Bring the Heat - Sugarland Blue series, Book 5 by Jo Davis
 Captain Austin Rainey's world is turned upside down and inside out by a murderous stalker bent on destroying him. Laura Eden wants to help Austin in any capacity that she can. Can Laura help Austin catch his stalker before they strike again? Will Austin lose Laura to the killer's maniacal whim?

Smoke and Fire - Dark Kings series, book 9 by Donna Grant
 Three years ago Ryder left Kinsley, the woman he loves, to protect his fellow Dragon Kings. He has avoided her since then, until recently when she saw him in his true form and ran off screaming. Now her new assignment has them working side by side. Ryder has never stopped loving Kinsley, but can he trust her, or has she been sent to bring down the Dragon Kings once and for all?

Good Dukes Wear Black by Manda Collins
 When Ophelia’s friend is confined to a madhouse, presumably on her husband George’s orders, Ophelia turns to the leader of the Lords of Anarchy, where George is a member, for help. Although Trent doesn’t want to get involved, he knows he must for the sake of the club. But he never counts on how much his attraction to Ophelia and the risks she takes are interfering with his concentration.

The Groom Wore Plaid - Highland Weddings, book 2 by Gayle Callen
 Ten years after a bitter parting, Maggie and Owen become betrothed to end their families feuding. Cursed with having dreams that come true, Maggie is reluctantly prepared to wed Owen until one of her dreams shows him covered in blood on their wedding day. To save his life, she refuses to marry him, but he is just as determined to change her mind. Who will win this battle of wills?

Only You by Rachel Lacey
 ONLY YOU has a wedding that's going to be held at a friend's house when the country club springs a leak. There's lots of sizzling moments and it's not just the bride and groom!

Festive in Death by J.D. Robb
 The IN DEATH books are often dark and intense, but every so often there’s a story with some incredible fun mayhem mixed in with murder. FESTIVE IN DEATH is a holiday treat, blending Eve unraveling a murder mystery with her facing down holiday shopping, a Christmas party and her greatest fear: Trina the hair stylist.

One Texas Cowboy Too Many - Burnt Boot, Texas series, book 3 by Carolyn Brown
 When Leah becomes intrigued by the sexy, motorcycle-riding cowboy who arrives in town just as her longtime crush starts vying for her attention, she finds herself with ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY on her hands.

The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins
 When foreign princess Tatiana is mistakenly left behind during a visit to Scotland, she finds employment as a scullery maid at an inn while she awaits the return of her cousin. Injured war veteran Lord Buchan is intrigued by the new maid, who claims to be a princess. She brightens his days and he wants her for his own, but is love enough to take her away from the luxurious life she has known?

How to Wed a Warrior - Broadswords and Ballrooms, book 2 by Christy English
 To escape her family's scandalous reputation, Prudence weaves a web of lies, donning a disguise as a widowed lady. After rescuing a Scottish lady from possible scandal, Prudence is hired by the lady's brother, Robert, to rein his sister in. But as passion flares between Robert and Prudence, he sets out to make her his own, although she has no plans to wed. Who will win this battle of wills?

The Widow and the Sheikh - Hot Arabian Nights #1 by Marguerite Kaye
 THE WIDOW AND THE SHEIKH is set mainly in Arabia but also in Cornwall, England. Julia, from Cornwall, and Azhar, from the Kingdom of Qaryma in Arabia are kindred spirits upon a chance meeting. See where it takes them even though they are from two different worlds!

Driving With the Top Down by Beth Harbison
 DRIVING WITH THE TOP DOWN reminded me of a Thelma and Louise type of storyline. There was a road trip from Maryland to Florida and back with side trips along the way as well as lots of female bonding.

What I Love About You (Truly, Idaho #3) by Rachel Gibson
 WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU (TRULY, IDAHO #3) is set in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business. Broken hearts, hot neighbors and a cute five year old set the stage for love found unexpectedly.

Reluctantly Royal (Suddenly #3) by Nichole Chase
 RELUCTANTLY ROYAL has a prince that wants to have nothing to do with his royal duties and a lady and single mom who has left her past behind to try to give her son a rich and rewarding life and fulfill her dreams of singing. When events happen that make her plans go astray will it be for better or worse?

Truly Sweet - Sweet, Texas series, Book 5 by Candis Terry
 SWEET SURPRISE is a contemporary romance that takes us back to Sweet, Texas - a small town with a big heart - with the Wilder family at its core. It's a place I have enjoyed visiting over and over again! Sit back and relax as you immerse yourself in Sweet whether it's your first time or a return visit!

The Rogue - The Devil's Duke, book 1 by Katharine Ashe
 Since their provocative interlude six years ago Saint and Constance have been unable to forget each other. Now, she wants him to teach her to use a dagger. But as the lessons turn passionate, will Saint be able to protect his heart once more? Will he be able to keep Constance safe when she is targeted as a killer's next victim?

My American Duchess by Eloisa James
 After two failed engagements, Merry is determined to go through with this one. After all, she is gaining a reputation. But when she encounters Trent and is quickly drawn to him, she has to make a decision. Does she risk making her reputation worse by dumping another fiancé for the man she really wants…her fiance's brother? Or does she take her chances with the fiancé she already has?

Honey Hill House - A Dollar For a Dream series, Book 2 by Lisa Ireland
 The A DOLLAR FOR A DREAM Australian contemporary series continues in a small town in New South Wales with a plucky and vibrant heroine who braves life after a mastectomy. The cattle farmer who wins this charismatic woman's heart will have his hands full of love and life.

Nobody But You - Cedar Ridge series, Book 3 by Jill Shalvis
 Laugh-out-loud funny and sob-worthy poignant, Jacob and Sophie's story is the best of the series. Fans will appreciate the comradery when all the siblings and significant others come together to overcome their business issues and plan a heartwarming Wounded Warriors event in this third book of the CEDAR RIDGE series.

The Lure of the Moonflower - Pink Carnation #12 by Lauren Willig
 THE LURE OF THE MOONFLOWER is an historical novel set in Europe in the early 1800's and in England in 2005. The connection is the Pink Carnation but how does it cross over to both time periods? It's done ingeniously since it also brings us back to book one in the series, THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE PINK CARNATION.

Six Degrees of Scandal - Scandalous series, Book 4 by Caroline Linden
 Destitute after the death of the husband she was forced to wed, Olivia is pursued by a dangerous man who wants the treasure he believes she possesses. When she receives a copy of her husband's diary, she sets out to discover his secrets and stop her pursuer. When the only man she has ever loved offers his help, vowing to stand by her, she struggles not to lose her heart to Jamie again.

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