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Shelley Munro
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Part-Time Lovers by Shelley Munro

Now that Nolan Penrith is finished with the Farmer Wants a Wife reality show, he’s ready to get back to the farm and a normal life free of publicity. Normal also means resuming his relationship with divorced, solo mother Yvonne McDonald.

Except she seems determined to resist any talk of reconciliation. On to plan B: woo her to his way of thinking. And if persuasion includes plenty of raunchy sex, he’s ready to man up.

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Chantel Rhondeau
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Romancing Christmas by Chantel Rhondeau

Cricket Creek, Kentucky, is no Nashville—it’s a sweet, small town outside the big-city limelight. But here, two headstrong country music stars will need to rely on their Southern roots and explosive chemistry to top the charts together.

When Cat Carson drops her record label and signs with an independent label based in Cricket Creek, it’s a huge upset in the music world. But the residents of Cricket Creek are thrilled to have a real country music star in their midst. Everyone except Jeff Greenfield, that is—a local rising star himself, who’s been asked to record a duet with the stunning beauty.

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Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story) by Anara Bella, Cain’s well aware that he screwed up when he left Forsythia Falls and Thea with nothing more than a ‘Dear Jane’ note, but now he’s back and prepared to go after his woman – only she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to get her heart crushed by him again. Read Review>>

Making Magic (Books of the Kindling) by Donna June Cooper, MAKING MAGIC brings us back to the mountain and the people we loved in the first two books. We again meet Grace & Nick and Daniel & Mel who were the main focus of books I (MORE THAN MAGIC) & II (HIDDEN MAGIC). Now we meet the youngest sister, Thea, and Sheriff Jake Moser. Read Review>>

Resolutions (Honor Guard Series #1) by Teri Riggs, RESOLUTIONS has hot alpha males along with a strong and determined woman. Some work for the government and others are operatives from the private sector. Mainly set in Columbia with drug lords and minions I was on the edge of my seat more than once! Read Review>>

Falling for Leigh (Brookhollow #3) by Jennifer Snow, FALLING FOR LEIGH once again returns us to Brookhollow where we are reunited with characters we've met before but also meet new friends as well. Same small town feel with family, friends and neighbors knowing everything that happens almost before it does! A heartwarming tale of romance and love this time between strangers that dislike each other on sight. Read Review>>

The Royal Street Heist by Scotty Cade, Civil War era art is highly prized and when paintings disappear from a New Orleans gallery, the insurance company sends Tollison Cruz to investigate. Having a stranger interfering with his case makes Lead Detective Beau Bissonet unhappy, but it doesn’t stop the attraction between them from growing either. As the investigation continues, the pressure to find the thief increases, and when Beau discovers the truth about his new partner’s past, it nearly destroys the trust they’ve built. Read Review>>

Blood Magick, Cousins O'Dwyer, book 3 by Nora Roberts, BLOOD MAGICK is the final book in Nora Roberts' trilogy. These stories of the circle of three are some of the best I have read by Nora Roberts. The stories of family dynamics, trusted friends and heart wrenching sacrifices leave you wanting more. Read Review>>

In Bed with a Spy by Alyssa Alexander, At Waterloo, Angel, a marquess and spy for the Crown, encounters a beautiful woman, later dubbed the Angel of Vengeance, seeking retribution for her husband’s death. Dealing with the murder of Gemma, the woman he loved, Angel understands how she feels. When he meets Lilias two years later, she drops a medallion just like the calling card left by Gemma’s killer. Even as he struggles with desire for her, he ponders her connection to the vicious assassins he is trying to bring down Read Review>>

Dying for a Dude - Laurel McKay Mystery, book 4 by Cindy Sample, Single mom Laurel is already trying to figure out how she got roped into performing with the Sassy Saloon Girls for her town’s annual Wagon Trade parade. But when a 150 year-old skeleton is found on the property belonging to her grandmother and another body is found hanging in the town center, she is left to prove that her ancestors had nothing to do with one and her ex did not murder the other. Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim? Read Review>>

Paw And Order by Diane Kelly, With lots of laughs and fast-paced action, Diane Kelly’s second novel in the K9 series is a rocking-n-rolling rodeo mystery with charm. Read Review>>

Makin' Miracles - The Smoky Mountain series, Book 7 by Lin Stepp, A Christian romance that centers on a Tahitian-American seer whose gift is said to be directed by God and a talented nature photographer who struggles to understand her light against his darkness. Gatlinburg, Tennessee's mountain beauty is explored while two creative people find themselves falling in love. Read Review>>


The Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior - Dukes Behaving Badly series by Megan Frampton, When the newly titled rake, Marcus, the Duke of Rutherford, discovers his illegitimate daughter on his doorstep after her mother’s death, he does the unthinkable and takes her in. Hiring a governess, Lily, who has her own secrets, Marcus is struck by her beauty and begins winding wicked fantasies of them together. But when someone from her past threatens to expose her, will he lose the one woman he could love? Read Review>>

Make Me Lose Control (Cabin Fever #2) by Christie Ridgway, MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL has Shay Walker as a live-in tutor with lots of her relatives in the area, a headstrong teen and her absentee dad at its core. Add in lots of steamy romance and loving and I didn't want to put it down. Read Review>>

Believe (True Believers Book 3) by Erin McCarthy, BELIEVE is a new adult contemporary that is a coming of age style story. With lots of partying college girls and the bad boys they fall in love with there were a lot of tense and scary moments along with normalcy. All was good by the end of the book and watching them grow up and take responsibility was eye-opening at times. Read Review>>

Full Throttle - Black Knights, Inc., book 7 by Julie Ann Walker, While on a trip to Malaysia, Abby, the president’s daughter, is kidnapped by a terrorist group and all but one of her secret service team are killed. Fortunately, a Black Knight team, which included Carlos, a man from her past, was also assigned to her. With no help readily available, Carlos finds and rescues her. Forced to travel on foot through the sweltering Malaysian jungles, they struggle with their feelings for each other and a secret that Abby knows he will not forgive. Read Review>>

When Sparks Fly - The School for Heiresses series by Sabrina Jeffries, Those who love A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens will love the subtle similarities in this lovely historical novella by Sabrina Jeffries, as well as a cameo appearance by "Charlie" as a young lad. Read Review>>

A Place Called Harmony, Harmony, Texas, book 8 by Jodie Thomas, I have read most of Jodi Thomas' Harmony books and to be able to go back to the beginning of the town is a trip worth taking. I loved getting to know how this town began and the brave souls who made it happen. Read Review>>

A Ghost of An Affair by Ellen March, This is my first book by Ellen March. It has moments of levity as well as a lot of erotic behavior. Writing about the use of an Ouija board always draws me into the story and brings back memories. Read Review>>

What a Girl Wants (Brookhollow #2) by Jennifer Snow, WHAT A GIRL WANTS returns us to Brookhollow where once again we are surrounded by family and friends with lots of romance in the air. Heartwarming tale of romance and love which flairs up between best friends along with lots of angst and doubt. Read Review>>

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover - Rule of Scoundrels/Fallen Angels series, book 4 by Sarah MacLean, Scandal sheet owner Duncan needs to discover his blackmailer’s secrets to keep from visiting the gallows, so he seeks out Chase, the mysterious owner of the powerful gaming hell. Instead, he has to go through Anna, the ribald lightskirt who runs interference for Chase. After his blackmailer demands that he uncover Chase’s real identity, what will Duncan do when he discovers that the woman he loves is living two other lives in disguise, as Anna and the elusive Chase? Read Review>>

Carolina Blues - Dare Island Series - Book 4 by Virginia Kantra, Jack acknowledges the ticking of his biological clock before he gets too old to enjoy raising a family. Lauren needs to write a follow up book to her bestseller, however, anxieties deter her from starting. Is Lauren the right person Jack needs? Can Jack conquer Lauren’s anxieties enough to stay with him? Read Review>>


Designed for Love - Texas Nights, book 4 by Kelsey Browning
 Determined to make it on her own, debutante Ashton gives up her trust fund and is reduced to scrimping. Seeing her potential, her grandmother turns over the Lily Lake project to her. Needing a contractor, Ashton hires Mac. Fighting the attraction between them, they soon encounter outraged ecologists when an endangered species is found on the site, bringing the job to a halt. But if Ashton cannot finish this first phase on time, she will lose the project, her bonus and possibly, the man she is falling for.

Loving You is Easy by Wendy S. Marcus
 When math teacher Brooke, a politician’s daughter, is put in charge of providing pen pals to military soldiers, she begins writing to Shane, serving in Afghanistan. Several months later, she gives him a sexy picture of herself. But when he is injured and leaves his personal effects to be returned by a fellow soldier, her picture appears online. Overnight, her students are alleging that she slept with them. Can Shane help her right this wrong, and will it destroy what could have been between them?

It's a Wonderful Fireman - A Bachelor Fireman novella by Jennifer Bernard
 For firefighter Dean Mulligan, Christmas only brings back miserable memories of his terrible childhood. Having been told so often that he is worthless, he doesn’t believe he is worthy of the woman he loves, Lizzie. But when he is trapped in a fire-filled Christmas shop, an angel appears who lets him see what life would be like without him. Between the angel, Lizzie’s love, the San Gabriel crew and the magic of Christmas, will he be convinced that it truly is a wonderful life and worth living?

King Arthur's Sister in Washington Court by Kim Headlee
 It is the year 685 and Queen Morgan le Fay rushes to the side of her dying and hated half-brother King Arthur, too late to hasten his demise. So she does the next best thing and targets the second most powerful man, The Boss, who is from the future. Using her magic, Morgan utters an incantation and ends up at a Renaissance Festival in the year 2079. From there, events escalate as Morgan adjusts to life in the future, finding romance and herself as she tries to return to her own time.

Tall, Dark and Royal - Renegade Royal series by Vanessa Kelly
 Dominic, a magistrate, has loved Chloe most of his life. He has been searching for her since she disappeared fourteen years ago. Two months ago she reappeared and is using her home as a shelter for unwed pregnant women. Chloe is still the same girl he knew, but now she has a wariness about her that keeps him at arm’s length. When danger enters her life, she turns to Dominic. Is this his chance to end the lies between them and start anew with her?

Swept Away, Part 1 by Jennifer Haymore
 If you are looking for a super sexy contemporary read, SWEPT AWAY is a must. Volume One is addictive.

While You Were Writing by Virginia Nelson
 Sheri Riddle has a bet with her brother, Lance, that she can meet the reclusive Radcliff McQueen, best selling author of romance novels. Her first glimpse of McQueen is not encouraging. He looks bedraggled, homeless and ancient. He is also shoplifting from the supermarket.

Hard to Come By - Hard Ink, book 3 by Laura Kaye
 Derek strives to prove to his comrade that their guilt over his injury in Afghanistan is groundless. Emilie is learning to come to terms with her ex-husband’s infidelity, yet now she must worry over her brother’s deteriorating mental state. Will Derek be able to protect Emilie from her brother’s enemies? Can Emilie accept Derek, prosthetic leg and all?

The Duke In My Bed: The Heirs' Club Of Scoundrels, Book 1 by Amelia Grey
 Ms. Grey enchants with THE DUKE IN MY BED. Readers will be swept away with this beautifully written read.

The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain, Ice Mountain, Book 1 by Kelly Long
 I first read a novella by Kelly Long and I am glad to be able to read and write this review on this first book in her new ICE MOUNTAIN series. This book is an interesting look into the ways of the Mountain Amish and their traditions.

An Island Christmas by Nancy Thayer
 This story gives us the opportunity to travel back to Nantucket Island during their festive holiday season. We meet the Gordon family, Jilly and George and their two daughters, Lauren and Felicia, and their families.

How To Beguile A Duke by Ally Broadfield
 Historical romance readers are sure to love newcomer Ally Broadfield. She shows lots of promise in her latest novel, HOW TO BEGUILE A DUKE.

A Bride for the Season by Jennifer Delamere
 Fans of Ms. Delamere will be proud to know her latest novel in the LOVE'S GRACE series has hit the shelves. A BRIDE FOR THE SEASON is a good addition.

An Heiress for All Seasons by Sophie Jordan
 Do not miss Ms. Jordan's AN HEIRESS FOR ALL SEASONS. It is a great way to kick off the winter season!

An Amish Family Christmas by Marta Perry, Patricia Davids
 Those who enjoy Amish stories and sweet, inspirational romance will take pleasure in this novella duology. Authors Marta Perry and Patricia Davids' styles complement one another.

What to Do with a Bad Boy - The McCauley Brothers, book 4 by Marie Harte
 After losing his beloved wife six years ago during childbirth, single father Mike steers clear of relationships, not wanting to go through that hurt again. But sexy mechanic Delilah makes him feel alive, even though they are constantly butting heads. As one kiss evolves into a smoking hot encounter, Mike has trouble walking away. But when love enters the picture just as a near tragedy occurs, will he end the relationship, or will he get beyond his grief and give them a chance at happiness together?

Lady Elinor's Wicked Adventures - Victorian Adventures, book 1 by Lillian Marek
 Due to Harry’s sordid background, he doesn’t feel worthy of Lady Elinor, although he has loved her for years. Her parents have made him a part of their family, so when her mother asks him to accompany them to Europe to cheer her husband, he cannot refuse. However, Elinor proves to be a tempting distraction amid the Etruscan ruins in Italy as she sets out to make him see her as a grown woman. When danger strikes on foreign soil, will Harry finally realize how little his past really matters?

A Holiday Gamble by Jane Feather
 An unexpected guest arrives at a regency house party in a blizzard and meets the woman he can't wait to marry, if he can get her away from her betrothed and her guardian in time.

A Last Chance Christmas by Vicki Lewis Thompson
 Saddle maker Ben refuses to consider marriage or children, afraid he will turn into an abusive man like his father. But when he delivers a saddle commissioned by the Last Chance ranch, he meets the McCauley’s cousin, Molly, and is captivated. He never plans to marry or sire children, afraid of becoming like his abusive father, but spending holiday time with Molly and the close knit family may just change his mind.

Wystan: The Heckmaster by Allison Merritt
 What is the secret of Berner? Why are the brothers Heckmaster so determined to stay in a dying town and keep newcomers out? Why is schoolteacher Rhia so determined to stay there? And why does the Sheriff, Heck have such a large bowie knife, while his brother Eban keeps a saber close at hand?

The Life Intended by Kristin Harmel
 This book begs to be read and interpreted by the reader without telling you why, other than you need to experience it, if not for its amazing journey, then maybe because it is so unusual and ingenious. It's that special.

The Duke of Dark Desires by Miranda Neville
 Fans of Ms. Neville will not want to miss THE DUKE OF DARK DESIRES. It is a page turner.

Say Yes to the Marquess: Castles Ever After, Book 2 by Tessa Dare
 Fans of Ms. Dare's ROMANCING THE DUKE will enjoy SAY YES TO THE MARQUESS. Her CASTLES EVER AFTER series keeps getting better and better.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover: Rules of Scoundrels, Book 4 by Sarah MacLean
 Do not miss the fourth and final book in Ms. MacLean's RULES OF SCOUNDRELS series. NEVER JUDGE A LADY BY HER COVER is perfection.

Wolf's Fall - Alpha Pack, Book 6 by J.D. Tyler
 Nick's ordeal at the hands of a cruel vampire has twisted him psychologically. Calla understands the loss of a mate and Nick tempts her to start anew. Can Cally help Nick heal from his phobia of being bitten? Will Nick consent to let Calla claim him as her mate?

Beguiling the Earl: Landing A Lord, Book 2 by Suzanna Medeiros
 Historical fans looking to take a chance on a new author will not want to miss Suzanna Medeiros. She is a rising star in the genre.

A Cursed Bloodline: Weird Girls, Book 4 by Cecy Robson
 A CURSED BLOODLINE will leave you longing for more. It is an exciting addition to Ms. Robson's WEIRD GIRLS series.

Scandalous Summer Nights: Honeycote, Book 3 by Anne Barton
 SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS is a must read for all Anne Barton fans. It is intoxicating.

Angel in Armani (New York Saints Book 2) by Melanie Scott
 ANGEL IN ARMANI is a lighthearted, feel good and quick read with lots of chemistry and romance. The New York Saints major league baseball team is front and center at its core both in New York and in Florida. Sit back and wish it was springtime again!

His Road Home by Anna Richland
 When an Afghan Warlord offers his daughter to Rey Cruz; he knows he has to think quickly to come up with an excuse to politely say no. The first thing that comes to mind to him is to invent a “fiancée”. He selects a lady he knew in high school. When he is injured, he never anticipated that the picture would make national news. When he opens his eyes, there he finds Grace Kim standing by his hospital bed. Will she understand why he selected her to be his stand in fiancée?

Amorous Overnight by Robin L. Rotham
 Monica Teague now has breasts and pubic hair due to an alien transformation in a previous book. Although she is delighted, not every human woman is so willing to transform.

The Winner Takes It All (A Something New Novel #2) by Jennifer Dawson
 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL has heavy duty chemistry that is enjoyed by several couples and has lots and lots of politics and business at its core. Sit back with the fan or air conditioner on because you are going to need it!

The Rake's Handbook: Including Field Guide - The Rake's Handbook series, book 1 by Sally Orr
 Ross’ dream is to build his steam engine, but to succeed he needs access to his widowed neighbor Elinor’s waterway. Meanwhile, he has income from The Rake’s Handbook, which he wrote with his two friends upon a drunken dare. But Elinor knows the detrimental effect this industry would have on her beloved home. After compromising her, Ross proposes. Will she accept, or is this his latest ploy in gaining access to her property?

Vampire in Paradise by Sandra Hill
 Sigurd and his six brothers, each guilty of one of the seven deadly sins, died and were brought back as Viking vampire angels to fight Satan’s minions. Sent to work as a physician at a porno convention, Sigurd meets Marisa, a single mother and masseuse who is trying to raise money for an experimental operation to save her dying daughter’s life. When Marisa is bitten by one of the demon angels, Sigurd sets out to remove the taint of sin, even if he has to seduce her.

The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery
 Asher Lee was injured in Afghanistan. He returned to his hometown, but his injuries were so severe he decided to shut himself away from prying eyes. Savannah Carmichael is a Journalist; she decides to make Asher her next story. As she gets to know Asher, she sees him as not an assignment, but instead a beautiful lonely man in need of love and acceptance. Will Savannah be able to convince Asher although scarred she finds he radiates an inner beauty?

Falling for Her Navy Seal Again (Calendar Men - Mr. October) by Clarissa Yip
 An injury has Navy Seal Matt Hunt recuperating in his hometown. When he sees Jenesi Coleman he remembers the last time they parted. He is surprised that his feelings towards her have intensified. When it comes time for him to return back to his career, will he be strong enough to leave her?

Snow Angels (Calendar Men - Mr. December) by Sabrina York
 Wade Masters finds himself an object of every woman’s fantasy through a calendar shoot he agreed to participate in. To escape their antics of trying to find him, he seeks a month long retreat in his sister’s cabin. He never anticipated having to share his home with Lyssa Salk. When he finds out she is able to communicate with the dead, and has a message that she wishes to deliver to him, will he be brave enough to receive it?

Thankful for You (Calendar Men - Mr. November) by Cindy Spencer Pape
 Sig Nicki’s military career ended with a grenade injury. Now he finds himself back in him home town trying to make a new life for himself. Elsie Jordan is the local pet shop owner who is running from her past. Can these two wounded souls find the healing balm they need in each other’s arms to be able to look forward to the future?

Shockwave (Calendar Men - Mr. May) by D. L. Jackson
 Tanner North learned to disarm bombs in the military. He took this skill and created a successful career in New York, but his last mission in the military still haunts him. Lannie Sawyer is a reporter who is no stranger to Tanner, through an article she wrote he became an overnight hero. Will he be able to help her land a job to help secure the funds needed to allow her grandmother to stay in a nursing home?

A Heart to Heal (Gordon Falls Book 4) by Allie Pleiter
 A year ago, Max Jones received an injury that confined him to a wheelchair. He didn’t let his disability slow him down. Heather Browning is a Guidance Counselor at the local high school. One of her students is having a hard time adjusting to high school in a wheelchair. She enlists the help of Max to show him there is more to life than his disability. What she didn’t expect was to find herself attracted to Max, will she be able to look past the wheelchair to see the incredible man that sits in it?

One Evening In Paris by Nicolas Barreau
 ONE EVENING IN PARIS is laced with graceful sentiment, solid characters and an enchanting plot line that will leave the reader zipping through the pages to see what happens next!

Strangers at the Altar by Marguerite Kaye
 With the death of her husband, Ainsley discovers that the change in her husband’s will has left her penniless and riddled with debt. Innes is shocked to discover that his father is even trying to control him from the grave. The only way he can inherit is to marry and spend a year at the Scottish estate. An encounter at the lawyer’s office has Innes and Ainsley joining forces, but neither one can anticipate the results.

'Tis the Season by Robyn Carr
 A return to Virgin River and a box of abandoned puppies bring a couple together, while a med student and a New Year’s Eve party at Jack’s bar heals a broken heart in this delightful anthology of two previously issued tales, which also includes one newly released novella. This collection is sure to brighten your holidays!

Crave the Night - Midnight Breeds series, Book 12 by Lara Adrian
 Jordana hates how stifling her life has become and secretly yearns to break free of the yoke of others’ expectations. Nathan grew up in the compound, trained to be a ruthless killing machine. Can Nathan help Jordana become the woman she desires to become? Will Jordana convince Nathan that he is deserving of a woman like her?

Phoenix, Inc. #1: No Boundaries by S.E. Jakes
 Cole Jacobs is a survivor. He went from being a young hustler to rent boy to mechanic but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the scars from a broken life. All he wants is to live a peaceful life but that is shattered when a stalker invades his house of fragile cards. With nowhere to turn, a friend offers help out of nowhere. Can Cole trust him when he never has experienced it before?

Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler
 LAST TO KNOW has multiple murders and an explosion along with a cunning murderer that is out for his/herself and what is best for them. There is a darkness to the storyline throughout.

Rack & Ruin by Charlie Cochet
 As the conflicts between the THIRDS and the human groups that oppose them escalate, the New York City streets become increasingly dangerous for everyone. Worse yet is the revelation that someone inside the THIRDS is a traitor, and is giving information to their enemies. A fight with Coalition members leads Dex to a shocking discovery, and when he tells Sloane, his leader and partner, the truth could destroy all he holds dear.

Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys, book 6) by Lorelei James
 HILLBILLY ROCKSTAR is a steamy erotica contemporary that has characters that are bigger than life and very complex. What you see is not what you get! Sit back with a fan or a tall glass of something cold - you're going to need it!

Shatter (True Believers Book 4) by Erin McCarthy
 SHATTER is a new adult contemporary that is a coming of age style story. The college aged characters and their situations are realistic but how they handle them make them seem older than they are.

The Red Bikini by Lauren Christopher
 THE RED BIKINI is an extraordinary romance with strong characters, stressful situations and a powerful message. Read THE RED BIKINI and get swept away.

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