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Just Friends by Delaney Diamond

Should they risk their friendship for a chance at love?
Alannah Bailey is tired of being the boring best friend of Trenton Johnson and decides on a makeover. After the changes, she starts dating, but instead of being happy, Trenton acts like he wants to keep her under lock and key.
Trenton is used to partying and having his pick of women. Such an advantage comes with the Johnson name, their money, and his own good looks. When he needs downtime, he depends on his best buddy, Alannah. But he doesn’t like the changes he sees in her lately, and by the time he figures out why, it might be too late.


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Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story) by Anara Bella, Cain’s well aware that he screwed up when he left Forsythia Falls and Thea with nothing more than a ‘Dear Jane’ note, but now he’s back and prepared to go after his woman – only she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to get her heart crushed by him again. Read Review>>

Getting It All - Sapphire Falls series, Book 4 by Erin Nicholas, GETTING IT ALL is the fourth book in Nicholas' series set in Sapphire Falls and I was happy to be back. All the characters we've met in the other books are like family so I felt I was coming home to a place where I wouldn't mind living! Read Review>>

For Keeps - Love to the Rescue, Book 2 by Rachel Lacey, FOR KEEPS has lots of horses and rescue dogs, special needs children, an alpha male cowboy who is also a large animal vet and a nurse whom has her hands in so many pies trying to keep her head and finances above water with lots of chemistry between them. This is a book that has many layers to it and lots of emotion packed in too. Read Review>>

An Amish Man of Ice Mountain - Ice Mountain series, book 2 by Kelly Long, I have been looking forward to a return trip to Ice Mountain. I love the folklore and mountain Amish people who bring these books to life. Being able to look into the life of the mountain Amish is well worth the wait. Read Review>>

The Sentinel Wars series: Binding Ties by Shannon K. Butcher, Lyka Phelan is sent to live with the Theronai as a way to ensure peace with her people, the Slayers. But she has a deep secret that could destroy the uneasy peace she has established in the community and with their leader Joseph. Read Review>>

A SEAL's Pleasure by Tawny Weber, Neither Navy SEAL Gabriel nor Tessa want a relationship, but while she is ready for a little temporary action, he is set on romancing her. The fact that they are the best man and maid of honor at an upcoming wedding gives him the chance to do that. The heat between them soon becomes something more. Will they be following their friends down the aisle? Read Review>>

Mate Bond - Shifters Unbound series, book 7 by Jennifer Ashley, After fifteen years, Bowman and his mate, Kenzie, have still not formed that elusive mate bond. With a new monster in the area, some of their pack is concerned that without the bond they are not strong enough to lead. Together, relying on their instinctive trust in each other, can they defeat the beast, or will it destroy the Shiftertown and their pack? Read Review>>

Just One Taste by Maggie Robinson, An anthology of novellas and short stories penned by phenomenal author Maggie Robinson. Not only does she include the hot, witty historical romances she is known for, but also paranormal, erotic and contemporary tales as well, providing proof of her limitless talent. Read Review>>

Death, Taxes and Cheap Sunglasses - Tara Holloway series, book 8 by Diane Kelly, With her kick-butt attitude, sharp shooting skills and disregard for danger, Special Agent Tara can handle just about anything…until the love of her life, fellow agent Nicholas, is sent deep undercover to investigate a murderous drug lord. When Tara receives a call in the middle of the night, will she be able to come to his rescue, or is her world about to be blown apart? Read Review>>

Miss Match by Laurelin McGee, MISS MATCH is a great story that combines romantic comedy, witty repartee and genuine laughs, along with rolls in the hay, into a hilarious matchmaking yarn. Read Review>>


Wild Heat by Lucy Monroe, The emotional pull of author Lucy Monroe's storylines is what really brings her novels to life. Readers will not want to miss WILD HEAT, book one in her NORTHERN FIRE series. Read Review>>

The Second Sister by Marie Bostwick, I have read all of Marie's quilt series books. This is a new twist on her quilt books that has more of a political content to her work and it is set in 2016. Intriguing and emotional new novel. Read Review>>

The Sweet Spot by Stephanie Evanovich, When restauranteur Amanda finally succumbs to ex-pro ball player Chase’s persistent seduction, things heat up and he introduces her to his secret passion – spanking. But when they are caught on tape and displayed on YouTube, will it spell the end to the happy-ever-after they were expecting? Read Review>>

Priestess Dreaming by Yasmine Galenorn, Ms. Galenorn keeps the reader captivated within the pages spinning a tale with Arthurian overtones and rife with magic, mystery and suspense sprinkled with liberal doses of humor. Read Review>>

The Dark Prince (Les Fées: The French Fae Legend) by Emma V Leech, With her 2nd published series, Emma weaves a mesmerizing tale that takes readers to the highest heights and plunges them into the depths of despair. Her abilities are such that, at any moment, one expects her characters to step out from the pages and into their lives. Read Review>>

Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh, I think I have read a book by this author once before. I like the first person way of writing that lets you know all of the thoughts of the characters from start to finish. I greatly enjoy getting a different perspective of life as others see it and the college way of life. Read Review>>

Panther Prowling by Yasmine Galenorn, With Panther Prowling, Ms. Galenorn has successfully created continued in the creation of an enchanting world replete with every type of supernatural creature imaginable and weaves a magical tale filled with mystery, suspense, danger, romance, love and laughter. Read Review>>

The Midnight Witch by Paula Brackston, Author Paula Brackston has a very vivid imagination. It is part of what brings THE MIDNIGHT WITCH to life with such ease. Read Review>>

Love Me If You Dare - Coral Cove, book 2 by Toni Blake, A return trip to Cedar Cove, Florida, was just what I needed. I adore all the quirky and laid-back residents of this charming town where life has stood still. It makes you wish for a trip back in time to a simpler way of living. I had a hard time putting this book down until the electricity went out and I had no choice. Read Review>>

Hard As A Rock - Gargoyle series, Book 3 by Christine Warren, Paranormal fans, there is a new attraction in town... Ms. Warren's GARGOYLE series. It currently consists of three exciting tales, STONE COLD LOVER, HEART OF STONE and HARD AS A ROCK. Read Review>>


Unforgettable - Love in the Fleet, book 4 by Heather Ashby
 On the USS New York, the ghosts of the 9/11 tragedy try to help two military couples come to terms with their service inflicted disorders, bring down the enemy and find the happiness that love brings. But the only person who can hear them is exchange officer Gwyn. With her help, will the spirits be able to accomplish their goals before moving on?

Still the One - An Animal Magnetism Novel, Book 6 by Jill Shalvis
 Author Jill Shalvis is masterful at taking flawed, damaged characters and making them loveable. Darcy is hard to love, or she tries to be, but AJ sees right through her gruff exterior and loves her anyway. This is their addictive story with a great catch-up on other characters in the series but it is easily read as a standalone.

Blood Assassin - The Sentinels, Book 2 by Alexandra Ivy
 Serra Vetrov has been repudiated by Fane for the last time and she has set her mind to find that special someone to love her. Fane feels he is not the right man for someone as vivacious as Serra, yet he is willing to move heaven and hell to protect her when Serra’s life is threatened. Can Serra and Fane find the missing girl before the time limit expires? Will Serra re-open her heart to Fane?

Devil's Moon by Amanda Scott
 After the death of her twin brother, the laird, Robina is upset when Dev, the man she holds responsible, is given command of her clan. Recently, she uncovered a long buried secret which could bring harm to her clan. Will she trust Dev enough to let him help her overcome this threat?

The Duke's Disaster by Grace Burrowes
 Noah needs a wife, but when the lady he is courting chooses another, he proposes to her companion, Lady Thea. Within days, they are wed, but Thea has a secret. Will her past destroy their marriage before it even begins?

Burning Desire - Dark Kings, book 3 by Donna Grant
 Dark Fae Shara was sent to seduce Dragon King Kiril into captivity, but his warmth and honesty take her by surprise, making her doubt her mission. Never having known a good Dark Fae, Kiril is leery of Shara. But as his heart urges him to give her a chance, will he get caught in her trap?

The Lady Meets Her Match - Meeting at Midnight series, book 2 by Gina Conkle
 When Claire’s dream of opening a coffee shop is thwarted, she sneaks into Cyrus’ ball and copies his signature on a lease form. Discovered, she pretends to be a courtesan. But, as she escapes at the stroke of midnight, Cyrus knows he has been played and decides to find her and make her pay.

The Other Side of Midnight by Simone St. James
 An exciting 1920s ghost story featuring a psychic and a war veteran who try to outsmart a killer who seems to have a real dislike for psychics, including the one hunting him!

Taint by S.L. Jennings
 Ladies who are looking for a fun and sexy read... pick up a copy of S. L. Jennings' TAINT. It is a great tale written from a man's perspective.

Anything But Sweet (Sweet, Texas #1) by Candis Terry
 ANYTHING BUT SWEET has lots and lots of loving, hard work and fun thrown in when a reality TV show comes to town and Charli, the host, has Reno Wilder's number real fast. Come meet all the Wilders and the other residents of Sweet and see where the locals hang out as you sip a glass of sweet tea to keep you cool.

One Kiss More (US Marshals, Book 2) by Mandy Baxter
 ONE KISS MORE is a buzzing thrill ride of danger, mistrust and shady characters with romance mixed in. It is a force of nature!

Archangel's Shadows - Guild Hunters - Book 7 by Nalini Singh
 Janiver wants nothing more than to spend eternity with his precious Guild Hunter, however, Ashwini’s ability to read another’s innermost thoughts and desires threatens her mind’s stability. Can Janiver find a way for them to be together without her succumbing to madness? Will Ashwini put caution to the wind and take a chance with Janiver?

Cursed By Fire by Jacquelyn Frank
 Another thrilling adventure... enter the world of Gods and Goddesses. Jacquelyn Frank's CURSED BY FIRE is an adequate start to her IMMORTAL BROTHERS series.

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy - Smythe-Smith Quartet, Book 4 by Julia Quinn
 Readers of Ms. Quinn's SMYTHE-SMITH series best prepare themselves for her latest installment, THE SECRETS OF SIR RICHARD KENWORTHY. It is a true gem.

Flirting With Fire: Hot In Chicago, Book 1 by Kate Meader
 Fans of firefighter romance will appreciate Ms. Meader's FLIRTING WITH FIRE. It is a scorcher.

The Cowboy's Little Surprise - The Hitching Post Hotel, book 1 by Barbara White Daille
 Five years ago, Cole and Tina shared an intimacy that resulted in a son whom Cole knows nothing about. When he meets his son for the first time and Tina’s old feelings for Cole are stirred anew, Cole is determined to prove that he is a changed man. But will he convince Tina to give them a chance at happily-ever-after?

A Good Rake is Hard to Find - Lords of Anarchy, book 1 by Manda Collins
 Formerly engaged, Freddy was heartbroken when Nora broke it off. But now she is investigating her brother’s death and to keep her safe, they fake an engagement. As their feigned passion for each other turns real, will their faux betrothal do the same?

My Hero by Debbie Macomber
 I couldn't believe there was a book written by Debbie Macomber that I hadn't read. I decided this must be a book she wrote when she was first becoming an author. It is a story of the trials and tribulations of a woman wanting to be a published romance author and all the roadblocks that come into play.

Compulsion - Max Revere series, Book 2 by Allison Brennan
 This is the most action-packed and nail-biting suspense novel I think I have ever read. From beginning to end, this story grabs your attention and makes it very hard to put down, even for some well-needed sleep.

Sweet Surprise (Sweet Texas #4) by Candis Terry
 SWEET SURPRISE is a romance novel that takes us back to Sweet, Texas - a small town with a big heart. There's lots of loving and romance along with a home town feel. It's a place I don't mind visiting over and over again! Come see if you agree!

It Started With A Scandal: Pennyroyal Green, Book 10 by Julie Anne Long
 Ms. Long's PENNYROYAL GREEN series lives on vibrantly. Her latest book, IT STARTED WITH A SCANDAL only adds to its charm.

The Duke And The Lady In Red by Lorraine Heath
 I highly recommend reading THE DUKE AND THE LADY IN RED. It a must read of the historical romance genre for 2015.

Kiss The Earl: Geek Girls, Book 3 by Gina Lamm
 Traveling through time ought to be a breeze for Ella Briley but when she has no control over the outcome, things begin to get a little too real for her. Will Ella make her way home, or will her life be forever altered? Find out in KISS THE EARL.

And I Love Her (Green Mountain #4) by Marie Force
 AND I LOVE HER, GREEN MOUNTAIN #4 returns us to Vermont with the Abbott family and friends and even Fred the Moose who is front and center. Hunter and Megan burn up the sheets with their passion but is it love or just a fling?

The Moon Tells Secrets by Savanna Welles
 An intriguing take on shapeshifters, this novel explores the mystery of Navajo skinwalkers when a woman's son is faced with his destiny.

In For The Kill - McClouds and Friends series, book 11 by Shannon McKenna
 This book, being the conclusion to the McClouds and Friends series, is a very good debut book to read as a new author for me. I greatly enjoyed all the back and forth bickering between the main characters during their sexual exploits.

Meet Me at the Beach - Seashell Bay series, book 1 by V. K. Sykes
 This is the first book I have read by this author. I like her style of writing and the way she makes you feel the sand of the beach sifting through your toes.

The Courtesan Duches by Joanna Shupe
 When the Duke of Colton falls for a sensual Cyprian, he never suspects that she is his untouched wife Julia, whom he left behind. But to get pregnant with his heir and improve her plight, Julia will do whatever it takes.

Ship of Dreams - Dreams Come True series, book 2 by Rebecca Heflin
 Advertisers Laura and Nathan book themselves on a deluxe voyage for research purposes. Their attraction to each other leads them to shipboard intimacy. But when they discover they are competing for the same account, will the bond they have formed help them get beyond the betrayal they feel?

Flirting with Fire - Hot in Chicago, book 1 by Kate Meader
 After starting a bar brawl between his fellow fireman and the Chicago police, Luke is ordered to take part in a sexy calendar to improve his fire station's image and ends up losing his heart to the sexy assistant press secretary overseeing the project.

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh
 Gabriel Bishop is a man on a mission. His reputation of taking distressed companies and turning them around is on the line and he isn’t about to fail. The last thing he needs is a distraction so why is a woman like Charlotte Baird, so unlike any others, making him rethink his priorities.

Teardrop Lane - Eternity Springs, Book 9 by Emily March
 Going back to Eternity Springs, Colorado, is like a walk down memory lane. I remember all the vacations my family took to Colorado, and all the quaint little towns, with their lovely shops and artists, who sold their creations. I especially like watching the glass blowers make such beautiful objects.

Firelight at Mustang Ridge, Mustang Ridge series, Book 4 by Jesse Hayworth
 I so enjoyed this trip back to Mustang Ridge Dude Ranch. Adding new characters to our favorites is like going home to family and friends.

Chains Of Darkness (Men in Chains) by Caris Roane
 Chains Of Darkness is packed with action and laced with desire. The second you begin reading, you'll be caught. Hook, line, and sinker. You'll breeze right through chapter after chapter, until you're finally on the last page. At this point, you'll realize you've spent the entire day reading about Claire and Lucian. I've read other Caris Roane stories, and haven't yet been disappointed. They're jam-packed with action, adventure, and just the right amount of romance to keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a book that you definitely won't want to miss.

Ten Good Reasons (Sandy Cove Romance #2) by Lauren Christopher
 TEN GOOD REASONS is the second book in the SANDY COVE SERIES and it seems like a place I wouldn't mind visiting.

A Ghostly Grave by Tonya Kappes
 Emma, who runs a funeral home, is able to see ghosts and helps them on their way by solving their murders, which creeps out her boyfriend, Sheriff Jack. Unfortunately, she may need his help when she takes on Chicken Teater’s case to keep from becoming a ghost herself.

Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James
 When circumstances force Mia to blackmail Vander, a duke, into marriage, he believes he is thwarting her when he confines their nights together to four a year. But will he be able to adhere to the contract when her lush little body entices him so?

The Elusive Lord Everhart - The Rakes of Fallow Hall series, book 1 by Vivienne Lorret
 With no plans to ever marry, Gabriel is sure to win the bachelor’s wager, unless a love letter he wrote suddenly surfaces. Five years ago, Calliope lost her heart after receiving an anonymous love letter, but now other Casanova letters are surfacing and she is set on finding and stopping this heartbreaker.

Unbroken (Silver Creek Romance #3) by Maisey Yates
 UNBROKEN is the third book in the SILVER CREEK SERIES but can be a standalone too. This is Cade and Amber's story - best friends for sixteen years - and now they become much more while still remaining friends. There is an underlying sadness throughout but when happiness breaks through, watch out!

What a Lady Most Desires by Lecia Cornwall
 In the midst of the Napoleonic War, Lady Delphine St. James falls in love with a solemn, battle and love scarred hero. Her life is forever changed by their first meeting. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for Major Lord Stephen Ives. Life is too serious for frivolity and balls, and Lady St. James is a diamond of the ton. Major Lord Ives is seriously injured and blinded from a horrific battle and accused of crimes he did not commit. Will Lady St. James be able to convince him she’s more than meets the eye and save the man she loves?

His Wicked Reputation - Wicked series, book 1 by Madeline Hunter
 Copying the paintings from a deserted estate seems fine to Eva until the owner, Gareth, shows up to renovate his home. Others warn her against this master of seduction, as one kiss tells her she is over her head, but, oh, what a way to go!

Force of Attraction - K-9 Rescue, book 2 by D.D. Ayres
 Copying the paintings from a deserted estate seems fine to Eva until the owner, Gareth, shows up to renovate his home. Others warn her against this master of seduction, as one kiss tells her she is over her head, but, oh, what a way to go!

Harvest of Blessings, Seasons of the Heart series by Charlotte Hubbard
 Going back to Willow Ridge, Missouri, and catching up on the news of this charming little Amish town has again brought me nothing but joy and compassion for a lost sheep who wants to be a part of the flock again. I am enjoying reading about the Amish faith and what happens to those who leave and try to learn the Englischer ways.

Fire Me Up: Pine Mountain, Book 4 by Kimberly Kincaid
 Author Kimberly Kincaid's FIRE ME UP is a hoot. Contemporary fans are sure to appreciate it.

In the Shadow of Winter by Lorna Gray
 A post-war novel debut that will appeal to readers interested in Britain's more recent history, as well as those who enjoy a more rural setting. The mystery matches the pace of rural life, and then races off with the reader in a thrilling but satisfying climax.

Lord Savage by Mia Gabriel
 Author Mia Gabriel's LORD SAVAGE is intensely erotic. Readers will not know what hit them.

Ultimate Sins: Callahans, Book 4 by Lora Leigh
 Prepare to fall in lust with Lora Leigh's CALLAHAN series. It consists of four suspenseful novels to date, MIDNIGHT SINS, DEADLY SINS, SECRET SINS and ULTIMATE SINS.

Wild: Ivy Chronicles, Book 3 by Sophie Jordan
 Fans of Ms. Jordan's IVY CHRONICLES will love the third installment, WILD. It is a novel to remember.

Keep Me Safe: Slow Burn, Book 1 by Maya Banks
 Ms. Banks' SLOW BURN series begins with a page-turner. KEEP ME SAFE leads readers on a pulse-pounding adventure.

Savage Chains by Caris Roane
 Savage Chains is full of adventure, romance, and tragedy. You won't want to put it down. I was hooked from page one. Caris Roane will keep you on your toes. Right when you think a plan is going to fall into place, something totally mind blowing happens. Grab a copy, kick back, and enjoy the ride!

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