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Shelley Munro
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Part-Time Lovers by Shelley Munro

Now that Nolan Penrith is finished with the Farmer Wants a Wife reality show, he’s ready to get back to the farm and a normal life free of publicity. Normal also means resuming his relationship with divorced, solo mother Yvonne McDonald.

Except she seems determined to resist any talk of reconciliation. On to plan B: woo her to his way of thinking. And if persuasion includes plenty of raunchy sex, he’s ready to man up.

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Joni Hahn
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Agent S5: Jaydan by Joni Hahn

Now that he’s part of the D.I.R.E. Agency’s elite squad of super-powered agents, Jaydan Rose is walking the straight and narrow. He absolutely, positively avoids three things: high-maintenance women, trouble, and Hope Powers.  

Days away from his estranged brother’s wedding, Jaydan gets a lead on the missing sister-in-law of Riordan “Saint” St. James, a fellow agent. If he can locate her, perhaps he can make up for not being there when Saint had needed him most.

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Micah's Jewel 120813

Tis the season to be Kissed 122013

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Time Trap 120813

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Pride of the Lion 020514

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Back for You (A Forsythia Falls Story) by Anara Bella, Cain’s well aware that he screwed up when he left Forsythia Falls and Thea with nothing more than a ‘Dear Jane’ note, but now he’s back and prepared to go after his woman – only she’s not exactly chomping at the bit to get her heart crushed by him again. Read Review>>

Barefoot in Pearls - Barefoot Bay Brides, Book 3 by Roxanne St. Claire, Luke's life has been one trial after another. Arielle craves for 'The One' that her late Native American grandmother promised will enter her life. Can Arielle convince Luke that they are destined for each other? Or will mystic beliefs frighten Luke away? Read Review>>

Lily in Chains (1Night Stand BDSM Series) by Kate Richards, Two years ago, Barry though he had found the perfect mate in Lily. When he wanted to take their relationship a step further though Lily ran away from him. Barry never forgot what he and Lily shared. Will fate play out and have history repeating itself? Read Review>>

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn, Sir Richard has less than a month to find a bride, so he attends the infamous Smythe/Smith musicale, which has a cast of unwed females. Sitting through the horrible performance, he notices the one player with talent and cannot take his eyes off of her. He spends the next week courting her. When things do not progress as swiftly as he would like, he compromises her into marriage. But will he lose the woman he is falling for when she discovers his urgent reason for marrying her? Read Review>>

Against the Sky - The Brodies of Alaska series, book 2 by Kat Martin, Detective Nick and pet shop co-owner Samantha meet in Las Vegas when he comes to her rescue. They end up spending their time in Vegas together, but reluctantly go their separate ways afterwards. Three weeks later, discovering she is pregnant, she accepts Nick’s offer to come to Alaska, hoping to get to know him before she breaks the news. But while getting reacquainted with him, she finds herself the target of a Russian mob and it looks like the only one who can help her is Nick. Will he arrive in time? Read Review>>

Blind Faith (Sin Brothers, Book 3) by Rebecca Zanetti, With the kill chip embedded in his spine counting down to his doom, Nate seeks help from the one woman who broke his heart – Audrey. They’ll reignite their passion as they work together to find the code to deactivate the device… but some things are never as they seem. Read Review>>

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Men at Work, Book 1) by HelenKay Dimon, Sleeping with the boss is never a good idea as Thea found out when she’s escorted off the property following one exciting night with Linc. Too bad he didn’t bother to tell her she’s being fired for selling company secrets and NOT for their romantic encounter. Read Review>>

The Mill River Redemption by Darcie Chan, With the death of their mother feuding sisters Rose and Emily return to Mill River, but that’s not what reignites the war between them. Their mother’s will dictates terms they find unacceptable – but they have no choice, they’ll have to live in houses bordering each other and join forces in a scavenger hunt in order to find the key to a deposit box. Read Review>>

Beauty Dates the Beast (Midnight Liasons, Book 1) by Jessica Sims, As a human it’s forbidden for Bathsheba to date a supernatural being, however Beau, the leader of the Russell clan refuses to allow that to being a deterrent to them being together. Read Review>>

The Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan, On a hill overlooking the town of Mill River lives a widow whose worlds apart from the community… but much closer to each of their lives than any of the citizens realize. Read Review>>


Last One Home by Debbie Macomber, LAST ONE HOME is an emotional read that is filled with lots of heartache and darkness but has family relationships at its core as we've come to expect from Macomber. Sit back and relax but have some tissues handy - you'll need them! Read Review>>

Silver Thaw - Mystic Creek, book 1 by Catherine Anderson, I have to say that this is the best book I have read this year. There is so much feeling put into every page that you just have to keep reading until the end. This is a hard book to put down. Read Review>>

His Strings to Pull (In the Line of Duty) by Cathryn Fox, Lifeguard Jenny has been burned by a faithless man in the past so she’s not about to succumb to just any good looking male. Fortunately, Ving isn’t any ordinary man and he’s not above employing military techniques to gain Jenny’s attention. Read Review>>

Sweeter than Sin (A Secrets & Shadows Novel) by Shiloh Walker, One nightmarish night sent her running from the town of Madison but now it’s time to return and reveal the truth about what really happened. The last thing she expects is to find solace in the arms of her childhood friend Adam while she struggles to uncover who’s taking justice into their own hands and eliminating members of the Cronus Club. Read Review>>

Wagon Train Cinderella by Shirley Kennedy, A Cinderella rendition taking place on a wagon train journey to California, this novel will appeal to those who enjoy the adventurous spirit of those brave pioneers of the 1850s. Read Review>>

Oh My Deer (Peppermint Twist) by Saloni Quinby, Jake never believed his grandfather’s tales of shape-shifters – until he encounters a wounded reindeer that seems far more intelligent than an animal should be. Read Review>>

Kilts and Quilts, book 1 - To Scotland with Love by Patience Griffin, After her husband dies in his mistress’ bed, Caitiona returns to the small seaside Scottish hometown where her grandmother still lives. Having given up her career as an investigative reporter for her husband, Cait finds the perfect way to reignite it when she stumbles across missing movie star Graham, who is dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive there. As she gathers information about him and grows close to him, she will have to make a choice between her career and the man she loves. Read Review>>

A Single Kiss by Grace Burrowes, Trent and his brothers, partners in a law firm, hire single mom and attorney Hannah to fill a vacancy. Longing to work in corporate, Hannah has agreed to first spend six months in domestic relations under Trent. Hannah’s foster home past has made this area of the law the last place she wants to work. As they spend long hours together, she finds herself falling for Trent. But when her worst nightmare begins to come true, will he have her back? Read Review>>

Texas Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday, Rancher Cooper has no plans to marry…ever. So when a mail order bride arrives in Battle Creek with letters he supposedly wrote, Cooper tries to send her packing. Finding a room at the boardinghouse and a job at the mercantile, Delta decides to make a fresh start in the small town. But when a madman, with a vendetta against Cooper, senses the growing closeness between them and makes Delta his target, will Cooper be able to save her? Read Review>>

Gift of Happiness by Amanda Carpenter, GIFT OF HAPPINESS has a damsel in distress, a hero who comes to her rescue, romance and love. Who could ask for anything more? Read Review>>


I Saw Her Standing There (Green Mountain #3) by Marie Force
 I SAW HER STANDING THERE, GREEN MOUNTAIN #3 has us back in Vermont with the Abbott family and friends. Sit back and relax as you read the fun filled story of Colton and Lucy but catch up on the rest of the family's lives.

Hungry Like the Wolf by Paige Tyler
 Sergeant Gage Dixon runs a highly successful SWAT team on the Dallas police force. Unbeknownst to others, the team is comprised of wolf-shifters. Reporter Mackenzie Stone, always focused on getting the story, is certain that the team is hiding something and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. But when Gage takes her on a tour of their inner sanctum, the two cannot deny the chemistry between them. When she learns the truth, will she choose love, or the story of a lifetime?

The Earl I Adore by Erin Knightley
 When Sophie’s family is struck by scandal, she only has a short time to secure her future before word spreads. But the only man she wants is the earl. Believing that Sophie will be a calming influence for his headstrong, new-to-town sister, the earl asks Sophie to befriend her. Sophie sees this as her chance, but she will find it harder than expected to win the earl, who has issues of his own that preclude marriage.

A SEAL's Secret by Tawny Weber
 When Navy SEAL Mitch and fitness expert Livi meet at her aunt’s Halloween party, the sparks begin to fly. They are soon pitted against each other in a push-up contest. When they tie, Liv owes Mitch a kiss and he owes her a date. When he leaves on a mission, she wonders if she will ever see him again, while he has trouble keeping his mind on the mission. Will he put his career first and give up the woman he loves?

Domestic Bliss by Karen Leabo
 DOMESTIC BLISS has an unusual premise. A college professor who teaches sociology classes gives an assignment about discrimination in the workplace. When he undertakes the same assignment and applies to be a maid at a local inn he gets a lot more than he bargained for.

Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley, Valentine Valley book 5 by Emma Cane
 I loved taking this walk back into Valentine Valley. Catching up with all of the inhabitants of this town and finding out all the latest gossip made my holiday more interesting.

Sunflower Lane - Lonesome Way series, book 4 by Jill Gregory
 I am so happy to have the chance to visit Lonesome Way, Montana, again. I love the people in this town and how everyone looks out for one another.

Southern Spirits - Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery series, Book 1 by Angie Fox
 Verity is a woman besmirched and on the verge of losing her ancestral home. Ellis is the black sheep of his family with a ghostly problem. Will Verity be able to banish the ghosts terrorizing Ellis’s property? Will Ellis be able to see the real Verity and help save her home?

First Frost - Waverley Family, Book 2 by Sarah Addison Allen
 Fans of GARDEN SPELLS will love catching up with the Waverleys. Book two is loads of fun with more craziness to make you laugh and hope for more in the future. A sweet coming of age romance is the focus with some garden and food lore that enhances the story.

Just One Spark (Just One, Book 1) by Jenna Bayley-Burke
 JUST ONE SPARK is an often steamy read about love at first sight that takes a while for Hannah and Mason to realize what's going on!

No Matter What (Billionaire Bargains, Book 1) by Erin Nicholas
 NO MATTER WHAT is the first book in Nicholas' BILLIONAIRE BARGAINS SERIES and was steamy from the get go. While the chemistry between Jaden and Adam was there before they actually met it only got hotter once they did.

Tempting the Pirate (Entangled Scandalous) (Love on the High Seas) by Tamara Hughes
 Charity Goswick refuses to allow herself be wed to a man she doesn’t love. She takes her future into her own hands and runs away. She finds herself stowed away on a pirate ship. James Lamont finds Charity, and knows he is her best bet for survival. As the two travel the high seas together will they find a passion amongst the danger that surrounds them?

What Matters Most (Billionaire Bargains, Book 2) by Erin Nicholas
 WHAT MATTERS MOST is the second book in Nicholas' BILLIONAIRE BARGAINS SERIES and didn't disappoint. While Adam and his brother are total opposites I couldn't help but root for Tony to get his wife and his life back on track! A few surprises along the way just kept me turning the pages long into the night.

Seventh Grave And No Body by Darynda Jones
 CHARLEY DAVIDSON fans will not want to miss SEVENTH GRAVE AND NO BODY. Ms. Jones still has some surprises in store for readers of the series.

The Blind Cupid (Blind Cupid Series Book 1) by Karyn Gerrard
 Anne Sommers has let the years get away from her and now she finds that she is a spinster. One of her greatest dreams is to find a man who will show her the pleasures of the night. She makes her wish come true when she goes to the Mistress of the Blind Cupid and hires a male escort. Desmond Glover is unlike any man she has ever met. He radiates sex appeal that can’t be ignored, but beneath his beauty is a man who craves love and acceptance. Will Anne be the woman that will have him wanting to turn his back on his career?

The Governess and the Beast (Blind Cupid Series Book 2) by Karyn Gerrard
 Hortense Jenning's life had been filled with hardship. She hopes that her new job as a Governess to a Baron’s son will be the start of a new life. When she arrives at her new employer’s home she finds out that the job she expected does not exist. Instead her employer wishes to purchase her companionship. Will she throw away her plans for her future to lie in the arms of a gentle beast?

Wanted: Wild Thing by Jessica Sims
 Ms. Sims's fans are in for a treat with the latest and final novel in her MIDNIGHT LIAISONS series, WANTED: WILD THING. It is sure to delight.

You're So Fine by Kieran Kramer
 What happens when a single mom and a hot, hunky actor are forced to live together under one roof? Find out in author Kieran Kramer's YOU'RE SO FINE.

A Scandalous Rogue by Janmarie Anello
 A SCANDALOUS ROGUE is utterly charming. What a treat!

Only by HelenKay Dimon
 What happens when a man who’s used to being in control all of a sudden totally loses it?

Dictatorship of the Dress - Much "I Do" About Nothing, Book1 by Jessica Topper
 DICTATORSHIP OF THE DRESS takes us on a whirlwind trip across country from New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and finally to Hawaii. Watching Laney and Noah try to make their own choices of what their life is and should be was sometimes heartbreaking and other times fun to watch. Sit back and relax and fasten your seat belt so you don't miss a minute of it!

Doctor Knows Best by Ann Jennings
 DOCTOR KNOWS BEST takes place in England and is mainly set in a hospital in the casualty department equivalent to our emergency room in the United States. There are nurses and doctors working together throughout but also parties and a risqué Christmas Revue.

Hope Burns - Hope Series, Book 3 by Jaci Burton
 Molly does not anticipate her return to Hope, Oklahoma, nor seeing the man that hurt her twelve years ago. Carter always regretted his insensitivity toward the situation that caused their relationship to end. Can Carter convince Molly to leave her wandering days behind and give them another chance? Will Molly be able to come to terms with their past?

Viper Game - Ghostwalker, Book 11 by Christine Feehan
 Pepper spent the majority of her life as a lab subject and trained to be a weapon. Wyatt is haunted by the foolishness that drove him to receive the same procedure as his brother Gator. Can Pepper learn to trust Wyatt to help her with three toddler girls? Will Wyatt be enough to keep her and the girls safe from Doctor Whitney’s evil?

The Trouble with Texas Cowboys, Burnt Boot, Texas series, book 2 by Carolyn Brown
 When Sawyer is hired on as the foreman of the Fiddle Creek Ranch, the last thing he expects is the redheaded spitfire, Jill, who will be sharing the bunkhouse with him, or the two feuding families who will stop at nothing to get the ranch. Only by pretending a courtship can the two fend them off. As the sparks fly between them, will the courtship become real?

The Deepest Night by Kara Braden
 As a favor, Michelle is spending two weeks at her friend’s B&B on the British Isles of Scilly, while providing a consultation of the place. When she gives into renting out a room of the vacant B&B to a man who frequently visits the island, she is at first skeptical about him. But as she gets to know him, she finds herself falling in love. Will their growing closeness lead to heartbreak, or will she find the love of a lifetime?

The Millionaire Rogue - The Hope Diamond trilogy, book 2 by Jessica Peterson
 Banker Thomas Hope longs to secure the infamous French Blue Diamond. Sophia has always aspired to marrying a titled man, but when her secretive actions of transcribing the memoirs of a notorious madam land her in the midst of Thomas’ escapades, she begins to question whether she was meant for a life of nobility or a life of adventure. Could she be happy with an untitled gentleman?

Dark Blood (Carpathian) by Christine Feehan
 Another installment in the Dark series and an addition to the Carpathian line, Christine Feehan finally gives readers the tale of Zev and his dragon love Branislava.

Bound to Danger - Deadly Ops Series, Book 2 by Katie Reus
 Maria is the sole-survivor of a bombing and becomes a target because of the information hidden in her repressed memory. Cade re-enters Maria's life to learn what knowledge she has and protect her from the threats against her. Will Maria retain her memory in time? Can Cade protect Maria until she is able to regain her full memory?

The Duke in My Bed by Amelia Grey
 After a race with his fellow Heirs’ Club member, Bray, the heir to a dukedom, is left promising to marry the dying challenger’s sister. Two years pass before he meets the young lady and proposes, but Louisa rejects him. He meets this with his own challenge, promising that not only will she agree to marry him, she will propose. With her four sisters behind her, Louisa is sure she will win, but does Bray have to be so temptingly seductive?

Wickedly Wonderful by Deborah Blake
 Ex-marine Marcus returns to help his fisherman father, who is dying of cancer, but the relationship between them is quarrelsome. While out on a boat, they catch what they believe is a mermaid, but it ends up being a surfer girl, or so she says. Actually Beka is one of the powerful witches from Russian folktales responsible for keeping the status quo at sea. With sea-life being killed off, she must find the culprit, but she doubts her abilities. Who should she trust to help her; the tempting fisherman or the Selkie prince who has his own plans for her?

The Duke of Dark Desires - Wild Quartet series, book 4 by Miranda Neville
 Years ago, Julian was given a fortune in jewels for his services, but the family had ended up executed. Now, he is the duke and Jeanne, the only survivor and using an alias, is in England to seek revenge against the Mr. Fortescue whom she blames for her family’s murder. Unaware of the man’s true identity, she seeks employment with the duke as his half-sisters’ governess. But what will she do when she realizes that the man she is falling for is the man she seeks?

Call of the Cougar - Heart of the Cougar series, book 2 by Terry Spear
 When her latest partner gets shot in a shootout, it is one too many and Special Agent Tracey, a cougar-shifter, is placed on administrative leave with part-time deputy sheriff Hal as her bodyguard. Finding it impossible to keep her out of trouble and away from the investigation, Hal joins her. But she has almost lost two partners already. Will Hal be the third?

Montana Actually (Medicine River #1) by Fiona Lowe
 MONTANA ACTUALLY has breathtaking scenery along with life in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business. Most times it's a hassle but other times it comes in downright handy. Sit back and relax as the story reels you in one page at a time!

Sinfully Ever After by Jayne Fresina
 Five years ago, Rebecca agreed to a kiss in exchange for her brother’s gambling vowels, but the gambler put off collecting. Rebecca and her family have since moved to Hawcombe Prior. Then Luke shows up one day, seemingly returned from the dead. To collect his inheritance, he needs to marry. Despite his reluctance to collect the kiss, she insists on it and they are caught in a compromising position. So he claims they are engaged, but she refuses to go along with it. Can he convince Rebecca that he is more interested in her than his inheritance?

Honeysuckle Bride by Tara Randel
 LA celebrity Chef Jenna has a lot on her plate, she has taken on raising the children of her best friend who recently died and she has a tenacious tabloid reporter stalking her. In an attempt to get away from the rat race she goes off to Crescent point when danger strikes again and Wayne, who is still grieving the loss of his young son, comes to the rescue. Life for Jenna may never be the same.

If You've Got It, Haunt It by Rose Pressey
 At an estate sale, Cookie, the owner of an antique clothing boutique, is startled to discover that she is talking to a ghost who wants Cookie to solve her murder. Busy building her business, Cookie doesn’t have much time for sleuthing. However, she figures the only way to be rid of the ghost is to do as she asks. But being spotted where she shouldn’t be brings Cookie to the attention of the sexy detective who always arrives while she is talking to the ghost he can’t see. Will his interest lead to love or to jail?

The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman
 A wonderful depiction of a midwife's life in 1930s Appalachia.

Shiver by Karen Robards
 This novel is exactly how I like my romantic suspense books—fast-paced, believable, with some sexual tension, but leaving the consummation of the relationship until the end where it belongs.

In Your Dreams, Blue Heron, book 4 by Kristan Higgins
 This story is book four in the BLUE HERON series. I have read some of Kristan’s books and have enjoyed every one. IN YOUR DREAMS brings us two people who have been hurt by love before and don’t think they deserve to be happy and have their own family.

Embattled Christmas by J.M. Madden
 It's Christmas time and the Lost and Found Investigation Service employees are struggling to find the holiday spirit. Will this magical time of year find this beloved group to provide them holiday magic?

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill
 A GIFT TO REMEMBER takes us to the wondrous city of New York during the Christmas season and what could be better? The descriptions are vivid as Darcy cycles around the city and I felt like I was there seeing the sights but also feeling the cold and the snow. Sit back with something warm as you turn the pages.

The Highland Dragon's Lady by Isabel Cooper
 Colin, a dragon-shifter, and Reggie, who bears a gift of her own, meet when she seeks out her brother and finds Colin instead. Soon their attraction to each other leads them into joining forces to expel the ghost haunting her family’s home. But as they seek to bring an end to the malicious spirit, will they be caught in their own trap instead?

Hot Blooded - Dark Kings, book 4 by Donna Grant
 It has been twenty years since Iona left Scotland and her beloved father. A near death experience convinces her to go see him, but before she arrives she discovers he is dead. However, her father left behind a secret and a shocking legacy that Iona must fulfill. Dragon King Laith is perfectly content by himself…until he meets Iona. It is up to him to fill her in on her role in protecting the Dragon Kings, but will she save them or become their ruin?

Daisies in the Canyon by Carolyn Brown
 Ex-Army sergeant Abby never met her two half-sisters until her father’s death, a man who had not been in any of their lives. With no son to leave his ranch to, he stipulates that to inherit the ranch the three women must live there together for a year. Learning ranching and getting adjusted to her sisters still does not prevent her memories of Afghanistan from haunting her, or keep her mind from straying to the local sheriff.

With All My Love by Patricia Scanlan
 An Irish family torn by a terrible tragedy spends years grieving their loss and the anger that tore them apart. Will time heal all and bring them to forgiveness?

Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen
 Historical fans, grab a copy of Ms. Galen's VISCOUNT OF VICE. It is pure enjoyment.

Catch a Falling Heiress: An American Heiress In London, Book 3 by Laura Lee Guhrke
 Fans of Laura Lee Guhrke will enjoy her latest addition to the AMERICAN HEIRESSES IN LONDON series. CATCH A FALLING HEIRESS is heart-warming.

Making Magic (Books of the Kindling) by Donna June Cooper
 MAKING MAGIC brings us back to the mountain and the people we loved in the first two books. We again meet Grace & Nick and Daniel & Mel who were the main focus of books I (MORE THAN MAGIC) & II (HIDDEN MAGIC). Now we meet the youngest sister, Thea, and Sheriff Jake Moser.

Resolutions (Honor Guard Series #1) by Teri Riggs
 RESOLUTIONS has hot alpha males along with a strong and determined woman. Some work for the government and others are operatives from the private sector. Mainly set in Columbia with drug lords and minions I was on the edge of my seat more than once!

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