Written on Your Skin

Author: Meredith Duran

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: July 28, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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While working undercover in Hong Kong and posing as a shady American, British Agent Phineas Granville finds himself growing more and more attracted to the beautiful...and ditzy...stepdaughter of his target Gerard Collins.  Determined to ignore the distraction that Mina Masters has become, Phin quickly gains the evidence needed for Collin’s arrest and is planning on catching the next ship back to England.  What Phin doesn’t know is that his cover has been blown, and he soon finds himself knocking on death’s door.  Help arrives for Phin in the most unexpected fashion. 

Mina Master’s beautiful face and blonde curls lead people to believe that she is a simpering idiot.  Mina chooses to let them think that, preferring to hide her sharp intelligence and curiosity from all but those closest to her.  When Mina realizes that sexy-as-sin Phin Monroe is not the American businessman that he has been parading as, and that his life is in danger, she acts quickly to protect him from her stepfather’s ire.  Doing so places Mina in peril herself, but she knows that letting Phin escape with the information he’s gathered may be the only way to free herself and her mother from under her stepfather’s  ruthless thumb, and she’s willing to pay the price for that freedom.

Four years later, Phin is now a titled aristocrat and, as such, is free from service to the British government and his former spymaster Ridland.  Phin has never forgotten Mina Masters though, or the sacrifice she made to save his life.  When Phin receives word from Ridland that Mina’s mother is missing and, presumably, with her escaped convict husband Collins, Phin realizes that he has no choice but to entangle himself in Mina’s life again.  Phin intends to watch over her closely, making sure that she herself isn’t involved in anything traitorous.  Mina has other ideas.  She knows that her mother would never go with Collins willingly and is determined to rescue her with Phin’s assistance.  After all, he owes her more than he could ever guess for saving his life in Hong Kong.  As Phin and Mina race across the country, trying to unveil a traitor, the attraction between them that began four years ago grows stronger and hotter, threatening to distract them from the mission at hand.  Can these two people, both of whom are cynical and jaded, ever learn to lower their shields and place their trust in each other?

WRITTEN ON YOUR SKIN is absolutely everything a great historical romance should be.  I was completely entranced from the very first page.  Author Meredith Duran has such an amazing grasp of the written word; I savoured each paragraph and would often go back and re-read certain passages again because they were so beautifully written. The story itself flows along quickly without missing a beat, and the evolution of the relationship between Phin and Mina is fascinating. These two characters were wonderful and I loved everything about them, flaws and all.  The love scenes were very emotional and very sensual without being too explicit; the chemistry between Phin and Mina was so scorching hot, even a look exchanged between them was sexy.  I highly recommend WRITTEN ON YOUR SKIN to all romance lovers, even if you’re not a fan of historicals.  I really believe this is a book that could change your mind.  I will definitely be adding Meredith Duran to my must-be-read list of authors.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cheryl McInnis

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