Author: Cynthia Roberts

Publisher: Tate Publishing

Release Date: 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Cynthia Roberts takes us on a heartbreaking journey through the eyes of Leslie Michaels, a woman who has lost her mother, husband, son and father in the pioneer settlements of the 1800’s.  Leslie is a character that the reader connects with through her strength, intelligence, perseverance and bravery.  Leslie survives the premature deaths of all of her loved ones and is now fighting for her life as she escapes the evil man that murdered her father and is now after her.

Winnokin is the Native Iroquois Indian man that Leslie has been seeing in her premonition dreams.  Winnokin is also the Seneca war chief of his tribe and the most eligible warrior for marriage.  During a Dream Quest, he sees a vision of a woman lost and injured in the forest and he feels compelled to go to her aide.  Upon meeting Leslie, Winnokin realizes that the Great Spirit has a purpose for her in his life and he realizes that his feelings for Leslie are growing exponentially.

WIND WARRIOR is an excellent descriptive tale that takes the readers through many of the difficulties the pioneers had to endure, as well as an intimate look into the tribal daily life of the Seneca Iroquois Indians.  If you love vivid descriptions about the lives of the Native American Indians and their attuned sense of peace with the natural environment, this novel is for you.  I have become a lifelong fan of Cynthia Roberts and I am eagerly looking forward to her next installment in this Iroquois series.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lydia Ferrari

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