Two Weeks With a Stranger

Author: Debra Mullins

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: February 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Lucy Severton, the Countess of Devingham, has been wedded, bedded and abandoned by her husband of just one day.  She thought the night they had shared was the beginning of a satisfying marriage.  Apparently her husband felt differently because she woke up alone in their marriage bed and now even in the country she is hearing rumors about his persistent pursuit of an Italian tart.  Lucy will not stay in the country and play the meek and blind wife.  She is on her way to London to create a scandal of her own…she plans on seducing her husband and keep him so satisfied he will never stray from her side again.

Simon, the Earl of Devingham, takes his duties as a peer very seriously.  He married Lucy to fulfill the need for heirs and he definitely had not expected the passion that flared between him and his lovely young bride the one night they spent together.  Simon also takes his duties to the crown seriously.  He is working to keep England safe and when he is called back to London one day after his wedding, he heeds the call as he always has in the past.  He doesn’t want to leave his new wife, but he also doesn’t want her involved in the business he must conduct in town.


Simon is unprepared when Lucy descends upon him in London.  He does not want her in town right now because his mission involves seducing a former Italian lover of a French assassin and he doesn’t want his flirtations to harm Lucy.  Simon is also unprepared for Lucy’s reaction to his trying to remove her back to the country; his gentle and undemanding young bride appears to be using her womanly wiles to keep him at her side and darn it, it seems to be working.  Instead of concentrating on his mission all Simon can think of is the wonders to be had with his wife in their bed.  Simon must make the decision to either save England or save his marriage.  Which will he choose?


TWO WEEKS WITH A STRANGER by Debra Mullins is a deliciously sexy historical romp with overtones of suspense thrown in.   I absolutely love Lucy, she is a delight.  She is a strong-willed but slightly devious lady who is not afraid to go after what she wants; and what she wants is her husband’s fidelity.  Simon is wonderful and an excellent hero for Lucy.  I could feel the conflict and confusion he faced with trying to decide whether to stick with his duty to his country or surrender to the feelings in his heart.  The passion between Lucy and Simon can only be described as HOT.  I sometimes felt like my fingertips were going to catch fire from the heat generated between the two characters.  This is an exciting and sexy book and one you don’t want to miss.


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