The Warrior Sagas, book 1 - The Temperate Warrior

Author: Renee Vincent

Publisher: Turquoise Morning, LLC

Release Date: December 1, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: EBOOK

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Gustaf Ræliksen, son of Rælik, has lost his whole family. For twenty-three years, he and his men have been searching for the ten men who were hired by King Harold ‘the Fairhair’ to kill his father, who had died a horrendous death. Hunting down the villains, who hid far and wide to evade justice, he made sure that each one suffered as his father had suffered. His seven hirdman, an army of Viking men, had been steadfast in their dedication to the cause, so now he was rushing them home to their families. But first, after much persuasion from his men, he was taking a detour to pick up the woman whose kerchief he carries with him. With his vengeance finished, he looks forward to settling down with a wife and children. He had met her in the longhouse belonging to Thorstein, one of his father’s murderers a few months ago. He had given Ragnar, the son of Thorstein, a chance to give up the last coward’s location. But when he refused, Gustaf had killed him and taken his woman. As they had sailed away, she had looked at him with relief and lust in her eyes. When he left on his mission, at the age of eighteen, he never expected to spend most of his adult life fulfilling his duty.

For many years, Ragnor had treated Æsa like a harlot. With his death, Gustaf had taken her as his own, his equal and had promised that she would be his. He would not share her with any other men. In return, she had promised to take no one but him into her bed. She had even given him a pet name; her temperate warrior. Although he felt that he was anything but that, her use of it warmed him. She had dreamed of his return and was ecstatic to see him once more.

But before they can rest and continue with their trip, Gustaf and his men realize that they are being watched. Someone from Æsa’s past wants her and the information she holds, but this is the last person she would suspect since, despite reports to the contrary, he has already escaped death once. When danger strikes, will Gustaf be able to keep the woman he loves safe, or is he doomed to heartache?

An action-packed tale, THE TEMPERATE WARRIOR, the first book in gifted author Renee Vincent’s WARRIOR SAGAS, is a witty, sensual historical romance. I could not put it down, staying up late into the night to finish it. However, the lack of sleep was worth it. Although he is a strong warrior, Gustaf also has his tender side and helps Æsa understand her value as a woman, the one he loves. Brimming with humor, passion, complex and compelling characters, an intriguing plot, witty repartee, suspense, danger, tender romance and a one-of-a-kind love, this beautifully written story is delicious. A definite keeper! As readers of her previous books can attest, Ms. Vincent writes wonderful stories that stay in your memory long after the book is closed. I enjoyed THE TEMPERATE WARRIOR immensely and recommend it highly to anyone looking for a great story with plenty of heat, humor and heartfelt emotion. Do not miss it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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