The Snow Bride

Author: Lindsay Townsend

Publisher: Book Strand

Release Date: January 3, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: Ebook

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At twenty-nine, Sir Magnus, famous for his exploits, is a battle-scarred, wounded warrior, longing for a love of his own. The one woman he felt he could have loved, Alice, had been won by his friend Peter, but he did not begrudge them their hard won love. Even though Alice had begged him to stay with them, he could not intrude on their happy home. He knew he should buck up and be a man like his Viking granddad. After all, Magnus had land, a house, good friends and two healthy godchildren, thanks to his two friends, Alice and Peter. But he wants his own family and a woman who would love him. For now, he had to seek out the council who had sent word to him, asking for his help in finding and defeating a monster, which they called the Forest Grendel. This month already one of their maids had gone missing because of it and the monster had stuck a nearby village last month. The fact that the monster had spread out over three villages, three settlements made it harder to pin him down. They had told their womenfolk nothing about it, not wanting to upset them.

Elfrida and her sister Christina were the daughters of a wisewoman and their father was a healer and douser. Although Christina had still shown no signs of inheriting any of their talent, it seems that Elfrida had claimed all of it. Through her many talents, Elfrida had put together a good dowry for Christina, who was now engaged to Walter. The loving couple could be seen kissing all over town. As the eldest, Elfrida had promised their parents on their deathbed that she would keep Christina safe and healthy and that had been her goal over the years. All that Christina had ever wanted was her own home and family and now it looked as if she would get it. The local priest had preached that redheads were witches. Being a redhead, Elfrida was rumored to be a witch. The town council was meeting that night and Walter would be attending. Elfrida was anxious over the town’s topic for their meeting. She had noticed that Walter seemed concerned over the safety of the women’s home.

Returning from tending her beehives, Elfrida saw Walter stumbling towards her, his arms covered in claw marks. Christina had been taken by the Forest Grendel?! After two days of searching and listening to Walter’s ramblings, she was left with certain pieces of information as she, with Walter’s absence, was finally able to use her witch power. Christina had been the third woman to be captured and they had all been dressed as brides; one dark haired, one brown haired and Christina was blonde. Knowing the beast was in the surrounding woods; Elfrida knew just how to lure him.

Coming upon a bound woman in the woods, Magnus, at first, believes that the villagers are using her for bait. But it doesn’t take long for him to discover that this courageous woman is putting herself in danger to rescue the sister that she dearly loves. At first, Elfrida wonders if Magnus is the beast who has been kidnapping the brides. That is, until she discovers the gentle knight beneath the scars.

Elfrida is everything that Magnus has ever wanted in a woman. But as they work together, learning to deal with each other’s unique abilities and trying to find the stolen brides, he wonders if she is the one woman for him. The woman who can see beyond the scars left by the Scaracen’s blade to the deep love he bears for her…a love that is the answer to Magnus’ dreams – his own SNOW BRIDE?

A magical read, THE SNOW BRIDE is an intriguing, passionate historical romance that will keep you up late into the night, avidly turning pages to see what happens next. Magnus and Elfrida are two ideally suited people. They put others first before themselves and are able to see the hidden qualities in people. Although Christina was described as being beautiful, I did not like her as much as I liked Elfrida. She seems a little selfish to me. Despite a language barrier, Magnus and Elfrida were able to overcome it, with a language they claimed as their own. Packed with dreams, curses, magic, kidnapped brides, mystery, humor, complex characters, clever banter and true love, this story is a wonderful escape into the land of witches, knights and forever after love. I absolutely enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more works by talented author Lindsay Townsend.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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