The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe
By Dottie
Jul 30, 2012 - 3:17:25 PM

Captain John G. Martin was wounded in battle, now bearing a long scar down the side of his face, lifting his lip on one side like a perpetual half-smile. So he has hidden himself away at the family ruined castle, which he is renovating. During the war, he became disillusioned, discovering that some of the men he thought to be heroes, were not heroes at all. Afterwards, tired of the destruction of the war, he had gone to the castle to build, rather than destroy. Having no servants or visitors, with just his dog for company, he is content with his solitude. That is, until a certain woman shows up, intruding on his peace.

Angelina Whitcombe was born into a family of actors and makes her own living as an actress. In the past, she had spent time as the mistress of two different gentlemen at different times. But now she has been hired for a different job. Mrs. Martin has hired her to seduce her war hero son, awaken the erotic part of his life and draw him back out into the land of the living. The second part of her job is to encourage him to take a wife. She may have a problem with that one. But for her trouble, she will receive a hundred pounds, which will help her to live independently for a few more years.

Under the guise of a visitor to the area who desires to draw the ruined castle that the local townspeople have told her about, Angelina makes her way to the castle. She is struck by how gorgeous and well-built the captain is, even with the scar on his face. Although she has twice served as a mistress, she has not felt desire for any man in a while, but those feelings are being reawakened by just watching this man. However, he makes it plain that he wants no company and on the first day, returning to the inn, she believes what he says, thinking she may not stand a chance. But on the second day when she returns, she sees that he needs, even wants, to be drawn out.  She is honest with John, except for her mission for his mother, and tells him why she has no reputation.

As he listens to her admit that she wants him, he understands why she has no reputation. Still he desires her, but believes that she has some dark, mysterious purpose for what she is doing, secrets that she is not willing to share. He knows that she needs this time away from London to do some healing also.

Spending time with John each day, Angelina realizes that he does not need a mistress. He needs a friend, one who will not lie to him. But spending time with him, she finds herself falling in love with him. So what will happen when he discovers that her appearance there has been a lie? Will he hate her? How will he feel that it was his mother who hired her?

THE SHORT AND FASCINATING TALE OF ANGELINA WHITCOMBE, the latest novella by gifted author Sabrina Darby, is an enticing, heartwarming historical romance. It seems that Angelina has lost her appeal among those in society and the theatre. So she no longer makes the money she was accustomed to making in the past. But answering the ad that John’s mother had placed in the paper will give her a chance to make some money. Then she can leave and perhaps even change her name for a fresh start. But will she be leaving her heart behind with John after their special time together? I absolutely enjoyed this story. Packed with sensual situations, clever banter, deception, healing and love, this is a story that will stay in your memory long after the story ends. This is the first story I have read by Ms. Darby, but it will not be the last. Do not miss this delightful novella!


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