The Red Scarf

Author: Kate Furnivall

Publisher: Berkley Books

Release Date: June 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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It’s 1933 when Stalin has forced aristocrats into labor camps.  Anna Fedorina’s act of kindness forges a friendship with another inmate, Sophia Morozova, whose hand has been crushed.  While caring for Sophia, Anna entertains her with stories from her childhood that include the love of her young life, Vasily.  As Sophia listens, she comes to know his character and charm.  She also learns that Vasily has hidden family treasures.  

The two women are inseparable as they struggle to live through another day at the harsh Davinsky Labor Camp.  When Anna becomes ill, the tables are turned. Now Sophia fears her friend won’t survive unless she escapes to bring help.  When Sophia tells Anna that she is going to find Vasily, Anna hopes that at least one of them will survive.  Has Sophia fallen in love with Vasily before she has even met him?

Kate Furnivall’s book, THE RED SCARF, is a stunning narrative of loyalty, romantic love, and fear of betrayal.   Anna’s tender-hearted reaction to care for Sophia during her time of need, and strong-willed Sophia’s loyalty toward Anna brought tears to my eyes.  I was swept into the Siberian wilderness when Sophia, a tough survivor, escapes to find Vasily in a small village. Masterful storyteller Kate Furnivall spins a cruel world of Soviet Russia. THE RED SCARF was too compelling to put down.  I’m telling my friends who love a dark historical to grab this powerful book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R

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