The Prospect

Author: Beth Williamson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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As Josephine Chastain and her family are traveling west to Oregon to start a new life, she falls ill with typhoid fever.  The wagon train master insists that she leave the wagon train and Declan Callahan agrees to stay behind and nurse her back to health in the nearest outpost.  For the sake of propriety, and since there is no priest at Fort John, they go through a sham marriage arranged by her mother.

One of four sisters, bespectacled Josephine feels that she is the plain one.  Her brown hair and brown eyes don’t compare with her sisters’ looks.   However, she is also the smartest sister in regards to book learning. When she falls ill, she gives her mother permission to go on with the family to Oregon, before the snow closes the passes.

Declan grew up without a mother from a very early age.  He had no formal education and became an enforcer for a very bad criminal. There came a time that he had to kill this man. Declan knows that he is a violent man and that the violence lies just below the surface.

At the fort, the medic who diagnosed Jo tells Declan that he has to pay in advance for the one-room cabin they must share as a couple.  Declan has already fallen in love with this feisty woman who speaks her mind. To him, she is a beauty.  Living in such close quarters is torture for him, but he intends to keep his promise to her mother to take care of her. Before he met Jo, no one had ever needed him.  He finds it easy to fall in love with her.

Jo has resigned herself to being a spinster. Suddenly she finds herself in a twelve foot square cabin with a man she doesn’t know.  But after weeks of being ill, she feels sweaty and dirty and she is determined to bathe in order to get rid of her own bad smell.  So now she finds herself standing naked in this one-room cabin while bathing from a bucket.  She feels that the old buttoned up Jo is gone and the new Jo would like to do things with Declan.  She’s having thoughts of starting with a kiss and going further to quench the strange feelings in her core.

They have to escape the fort before Declan is bled dry by the unscrupulous medic and the town peacekeeper.  As they make their way out of the fort and cross country, they are chased by wolves, bears and bad men. Despite saving Jo’s life several times, Declan still feels that he belongs in the gutter and it’s not right for him to be with Jo.  Jo has meanwhile fallen in love with this handsome man.  She knows that he has already saved her life and that he would give his life to protect her.

Declan and Jo have had bars placed around them by their very different upbringings. Jo no longer wants to be the educated uptight spinster. She wants to love and make love to Declan.  Declan is convinced that he is a brute with no future and can never deserve Jo. He can face any physical danger, but has no experience in facing his feelings.

Jo has to do her best to break through Declan’s reserve so that he will admit that he loves her as much as she loves him.

THE PROSPECT is a sexy adventure and beautiful love story.  It’s well worth your time.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Myra Gabor

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