The Merry Widows, Book 2 - Her Christmas Pleasure

Author: Karen Erickson

Publisher: Carina Press

Release Date: November 28, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Damien Morton has been in love with Celia, Lady Danvers, his best friend’s widow, for a long time. But he felt that he did not deserve her. His father had been a servant for her husband’s family. Her husband had been an heir to an earldom, but the earl had paid for Damien and his son to attend school together. Later, he had urged Damien and his son to go into the service. They had served together, but only Damien had returned home. As his best friend lay dying, he had made Damien promise that he would look out for his wife, Celia, and his son. Damien had agreed, but he is having a serious problem being around them so much, especially Celia. Her son would grow up to be an earl, and Damien did not feel that he could prepare him as well as someone within the aristocracy could. More and more, he is having a problem keeping his hands off of the woman he loves. So he has made plans; after the New Year, he will be leaving for France and a position that he has obtained there.

Celia, Lady Danvers, has counted on Damien as a good friend. But several months ago, she caught him watching her, and she had begun seeing him as a man. It has been two years since her husband was killed in battle. Her parents are also dead, so she stays close to her husband’s family. Although she has them and her son, Theo, she wants and needs more.

At a gathering with the family, Celia and Damien find themselves standing under the mistletoe. At the urging of the family, they kiss and sparks start flying. But when she later tries to get him to discuss their kiss, he tells her that he will be leaving after the New Year. She is devastated, but when he kisses her again, an even deeper kiss than their brief kiss under the mistletoe, she becomes determined to win him. However, she has never had to be the aggressor in a relationship. Can she convince him to stay and build a future with her and her son, or will Damien go ahead with his plans to leave them and go to France?

HER CHRISTMAS PLEASURE, the second story in author Karen Erickson’s MERRY WIDOWS series, is a steamy and emotional historical erotic romance. As a novella, it is a pleasurable afternoon’s escape and gives those who have not read any of the works of this author a chance to sample her work. The sexual tension builds to a feverish pitch as the story proceeds. Celia’s son Theo’s Christmas wish for a papa will touch your heart. Although it does not delve into deeper issues due to the length of the novella, this story is a delight. With scorching hot love scenes, engaging characters, heartfelt emotions and true love, this story is one you do not want to miss!

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