The Legacy

Author: T.J. Bennett

Publisher: Medallion Press

Release Date: April 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Set in sixteenth century Germany, THE LEGACY tells the story of Baronesse Sabina von Ziegler. As a teenager, fiercely independent Sabina eloped against her stepfather's wishes. When her traitorous lover uses her and abandons her, the Baron considers Sabina worthless damaged goods and consigns her to a nunnery. Nine years later, Sabina and several other unwilling nuns escape the convent with the help of a radical religious reformer by the name of Martin Luther. Sabina goes home to seek the legacy promised to her by her grandparents. Instead of honoring their wishes, her stepfather forces her into marriage with a commoner – a widower named Wolfgang Behaim.

Wolf weds former nun Sabina with great reluctance. He's an honorable man, but his late father left the family saddled with many debts. Only Sabina's dowry can save Wolf's family from financial ruin. He plans to have the marriage annulled before it can be consummated, but Sabina's strong will and unconventional beauty appeal to Wolf. More, as a man of honor, he feels compelled to protect her when he discovers that her stepfather has beaten her and starved her in order to force her consent to the marriage. Unwilling to put Sabina back into her stepfather's dangerous hands and afraid of betraying his first wife's memory, Wolf struggles against a growing desire for Sabina. He realizes he must choose to live in the past or to make a new beginning.

T.J Bennett highlights a fascinating and little-known historical period in this tender and moving love story. When the religious reforms begun by Luther lead to violent political upheaval, the blossoming relationship between Wolf and Sabina is endangered. But even more importantly, both Sabina and Wolf have been hurt by tragic love and must learn to share their hearts all over again. Their personal dilemma transcends the historic setting and will resonate with contemporary readers. I enjoyed THE LEGACY's touching love story, but as a history buff, I was also intrigued by this glimpse into an era I knew nothing about.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lynn Reynolds

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