Tempting the Marquess: A Weston Novel

Author: Sara Lindsey

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: June 01, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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It is time for Olivia Weston, the third child of the Weston household, to make her debut in London and have her Season. It is ironic that though she loves romance in novels, she believes that making the most suitable match, instead of marrying for love, is the best path for her. While visiting her Aunt Jane, she comes across a miniature of the Marquess of Sheldon, who is her aunt’s stepson, and his late wife’s diary that has her instantly intrigued with him. When her aunt invites her along for Christmas festivities to the marquess’ castle, which is said to be haunted, Livvy sees this as her chance for one last adventure before committing herself to marriage.

Lord Jason Traherne, Marquess of Sheldon, is plagued by his wife’s death. He has shut himself off from society and spends his time caring for his ill son, Edward. When his stepmother shows up at his home with an uninvited woman in tow his defenses are immediately up, as she has been trying to push him back into society again. Though his stepmother means well Jason wants no part in what he is sure is her latest attempt to pique his interest in the opposite sex. Try as he might to remain aloof to Livvy, her charming ways begin to wear down his barriers.

Jason soon finds himself not only enjoying Livvy’s company, but wanting her in ways he thought would never exist for him again. She seems to captivate everyone she encounters, including his son and his household staff. Livvy sets out to mend a man who reminds her of the hero of some of her romance novels, and in the process, she falls for the marquess herself. However, Livvy hasn’t revealed to Jason the fact that she’s read his late wife’s diary for fear of what his reaction will be. She is also scared to reveal just how much she cares for him because she believes he is still in love with the woman. Above all, Jason despises secrets and dishonesty. If the full truth of how Livvy came to be in his home is ever found, a chance for a future with him could be ruined.

Sara Lindsey gifts us with another delightful Weston novel in her latest release, TEMPTING THE MARQUESS. I really enjoyed delving into the second sister Olivia’s journey to romance. It was quite entertaining to watch the practical heroine who believed in finding a match of opportunity versus love, lose herself in the love that blooms between her and the marquess. Jason was an interesting hero, from his dark past to his remarkable display as a beloved father, and, of course, a passionate man underneath his surliness. Ms. Lindsey balances out the more tense scenes with comical bickering and banter between the two main characters. Like her first release, this is a charming, creative piece that is sure to win over many historical romance readers.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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