Tempt Me

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: April 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lady Irisa is the daughter of the Earl and Countess of Langley.  There's a well-guarded family secret surrounding her birth, and Irisa uses it to her advantage when her parents try to marry her off to a distasteful old duke.  She's had other suitors since then, but has turned down all who ask for her hand.  Lately Irisa has been spending a lot of time with Lucas, Earl of Ashton.  Not only does she enjoy his company, he also stars in her fantasies and daydreams.  If Lucas should ask her to marry him, Irisa just might accept his proposal.

The Earl of Ashton, known as "The Saint" among the ton, is ready to settle down with a wife and produce heirs.  When Lucas lost his father many years ago, his mother went wild.  His younger brother was following in her footsteps until Lucas bought him a commission in the military.  His mother and brother are both deceased, and Lucas is determined to keep the family name beyond reproach from now on.  To be certain his wife is nothing like his mother was, Lucas is searching for a paragon of virtue.  He believes Irisa may be that woman.  He doesn't really believe in love, but he takes pleasure in her company and thinks they would make a good match.


When Lucas proposes, Irisa is tempted to take him up on his offer.  Her honest nature compels her to share the family secret with him before agreeing to marriage.  Lucas, believing he's already heard the story from Irisa's father, tells her not to worry.  He can't see why Irisa should be blamed for matters beyond her control, and he wants to marry her anyway.  Once she accepts his proposal, someone begins to threaten Irisa.  She is in love with Lucas, but she's convinced the engagement must be broken to protect Lucas and her own family. Who is trying to keep Irisa and Lucas apart?


Lucas discovers that Irisa has a mind and will of her own, but he is more determined than ever to marry her.  In fact, he already considers Irisa to be his and no one, including Irisa, is going to change that.  Lucas refuses to allow her to break their engagement.  He can protect himself, and he can protect the woman he loves.  The Saint is no pushover.  But will he ever truly love Irisa?  Can she marry him and find happiness, knowing her love may never be returned?


If you're in the mood for an excellent historical romance filled with passion and intrigue, don't miss TEMPT ME!  I loved watching Irisa try to think of ways to get Lucas to notice her body, when all the while Lucas could barely manage to keep his hands to himself.  And while Irisa knew how to put on a good front for polite society, her strong will and clever mind were barely hidden below the surface.  No matter how much she loved Lucas, she had no intention of being a meek and biddable wife.  I hoped Lucas would still want Irisa once he discovered she was anything but the shining example of propriety he had thought her to be.  I also hoped he would come to realize that what he felt for Irisa just might be love after all.  TEMPT ME is the second installment in Lucy Monroe's historical trilogy.  I can't wait for the third!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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