Dark Hearts Series, Book 1 - Stolen Promise

Author: Lisa Marie Wilkinson

Publisher: Medallion Press

Release Date: March 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Jade despises the ways of the gypsy people and longs to become a house-dweller but if her father has anything to say about it she won’t get the opportunity.  She’s run away several times but always been captured and returned to her tribe where she is promised to Dimitri, who’s known for his abusive nature.  When she learns that her father has literally sold her to someone from another tribe Jade makes the decision to flee once again and pray that she’s successful.  Her only regret is that she is unable to take her younger sister with her, though she does vow to find a place and return for Liberina.

Only half gypsy Evan Dark is a South Carolina plantation owner who’s found a little more excitement while in England than he’d anticipated – and that was before a certain escaped gypsy crossed paths with him.  Just when Evan thought he might make it out of England unscathed he encounters Jade and comes to her rescue but his good deed quickly goes awry when he returns her to her tribe only to discover that there will be no leaving her behind because he either marries Jade or risks being turned over to the authorities for impersonating an officer.


Evan considers the Roma wedding ceremony a pagan tradition and not truly binding which in his opinion is a good thing since he has a fiancé waiting for him in Charleston.  It should be simple enough to leave Jade and her tribe behind only it quickly becomes obvious that isn’t what’s going to happen.  Jade propositions Evan into taking her and her sister with him to South Carolina, in exchange she’ll serve as his indentured servant to pay her debt.  Jade has no illusions about their marriage, it’s not legal or binding except in the eyes of the Roma people, Evan will be free to continue on with life as if their wedding never took place but Jade’s already very much in love with Evan – and she has no hope of him ever reciprocating those feelings.  The opportunity to begin a new life in America is surely worth the heartache she’ll suffer but is she prepared for the reality of meeting Evan’s fiancé and the drama that’s sure to follow?


Lisa Marie Wilkinson pens character driven storylines which allows readers to experience the story through the events of their lives.  Rich in historical details STOLEN PROMISES is quite an adventurous novel full of all the passion, angst, heartache and deception necessary to ensure that there isn’t a dull moment.  Jade and Evan come from very different backgrounds but they still seem to ‘mesh’ perfectly and I ended up rooting for them to get together ‘for real’ – especially once his fiancé Glorianna was introduced.  In addition to the unique relationship between Jade and Evan there are plenty of subplots to captivate the imagination and pull you a little further into the characters’ lives. 


STOLEN PROMISES is Ms. Wilkinson’s second published novel and it’s just as memorable and impressive as her first, FIRE AT MIDNIGHT.  Ms. Wilkinson is definitely an author well worth adding to your ‘watch list.’

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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