Lords of the Seventh House, Book 2 - Star Crossed Seduction

Author: Jenny Brown

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: August 30, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Captain Miles ‘Trev’ Trevelyan joined the military when he was fifteen and has been in India for the past decade. Being home in England now on leave just did not feel right. With his blood thinned by the heat from his time in India, Miles felt that he would never get used to the cold of England. A wealthy man, Trev was not happy that his mother has started playing matchmaker, trying to find him a wife, something he was not ready for. So he took his problems to the only man that he felt would understand, his friend, Major Stanley, who had served under Trev’s father. He had known the major most of his adult life, and they were officers in the same cavalry regiment. The major’s solutions for his problem of being cold were wine and the women at Mother Bristwick’s brothel. But as he drew near the bordello, he saw and rescued a beautiful girl from being arrested…a beautiful pick pocket that he hoped was one of Mother Bristwick’s girls.

Temperance Smith left her father’s home three years ago at the age of fifteen to go with Randall, the man she loved. Randall had taught her to pick pockets. On the streets, Randall had fought for liberty from the wealthy and had sent out his pickpockets to collect money for the cause. Temperance has no love for dragoons. It had been a dragoon just like Trev who had murdered Randall and thrown him into the Thames. Temperance and two other girls had been staying in a building that was to be torn down the next day. She also needed two pounds to pay the Weavers the money she owed for their protection, without which living on the streets was too dangerous. Seeing Trev, she attempted to pick his pocket, but was soon surrounded and caught by the crowd, who wanted to turn her into Newgate prison. However, Trev came to her rescue, paying her captor and leading her away. Trev had not meant for her to repay him with her body, but the invitation in her voice had made it impossible for him to resist. Flirting with him, Temperance managed to get him into an embarrassing situation just before she kissed him and made her escape.  She had only meant to rouse his lust so she could make him careless, but he had ignited cravings in her that had never happened before, not even with Randall. As she escaped, the chain on her locket broke, and she lost it at Trev’s feet. She had never sold herself and did not plan on starting now.

As Temperance and her two friends looked for a place to stay, Lady Hartwood, who was starting a refuge, drove up in her carriage. She had heard about the girls from their friend who was her footman, and she wanted to offer them sanctuary. Although Temperance had not wanted to accept this from one of the wealthy, she agreed when her two friends eagerly climbed into the carriage. After all, she had to protect them from whatever dodge her ladyship had planned. Lady Hartwood was also an astrologer and delighted in telling the girls about their horoscopes, as well as teaching them skills they could use later on. Discovering that Trev has her locket, Temperance has him to meet her at Lady Hartwood, which he embarrassingly mistakes for a brothel. Desiring to spend some time dallying with her before he has to settle down with a wife, she agrees to spend time with him in exchange for fifty pounds, the amount of money she needs to go to America. But more than the money, she wants him to kiss her again since she has not been able to get his kiss out of her thoughts or dreams. Lady Hartwood advises both of them that Scorpios make ideal mates for each other. Will their passion turn into something more as they spend time together, or has Temperance traded her secure home at the refuge for another stint on the streets?

STAR CROSSED SEDUCTION, the second book in the LORDS OF THE SEVENTH HOUSE series, is a steamy hot and humorous tale of two Scorpios. In this series, each hero is of a different sign of the zodiac, making for an unusual and extraordinary read. Wonderfully imbued with rich historical detail, engaging characters, an originally creative plot, wit, astrology, loyalty, lethal secrets, sexual power, emotional transformation, betrayal and romance, STAR CROSSED SEDUCTION is a beautifully penned tale, heartwarming tale of love. Definitely a keeper!! If you enjoy this book, you may also relish the first book in this series; LORD LIGHTNING. Gifted author Jenny Brown has a real talent for writing wicked and witty Regency romances with a touch of the unusual. Do not miss it! This book is one of the Kiss and Teal books, in which the publisher Avon is contributing a portion of the proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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