Some Like It Wicked

Author: Teresa Medeiros

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: July 29, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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After Catriona Kincaid witnessed her parents being killed by English soldiers, her brother sent her to be raised by their uncle in England.  Now, rumors abound that there is a band of outlaws led by a man calling himself the Kincaid, and Catriona believes the leader is her brother.  It has been years since she has heard from him, but more than anything she wants to return to the Highlands to search for him.  However, her uncle, fearing for her safety, will do whatever he has to do to keep her from going.

After Simon Westcott, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Bolingbroke, was knighted for valor for saving his captain’s life, he returned to England where he received a hero’s welcome.  However, instead of accepting the promotion the Navy offered him, he resigned his commission and, leading a life of debauchery, lost the respectability he had earned.  The illegitimate rake uses the skills he acquired in the Navy to provide certain services for those who need them; protection, transportation and retrieval of lost items – all for a price. Though he has forgotten many of the women he has seduced over the years, he has not forgotten the fifteen-year-old girl who accidentally kept him from seducing her cousin.  Though he mistook her for a lad at the time, there is no longer any chance of that happening.


Three months short of her twenty-first birthday, Catriona, in an intense argument with her uncle, vows to return to the Highlands and find her brother as soon as she turns twenty-one.  In retaliation, her uncle swears that he will marry her off to the first man offering for her and with double her dowry.  Unfortunately, a man she despises is eavesdropping. He lets her know that he will be returning within the week to see her uncle privately.  Knowing that he means to offer for her, she realizes that she must find a husband right away – one who will agree to escort her to her brother.  She knows just the man for the job, a man she has dreamed about since she was a young girl.  Bribing her way into Newgate Prison, she visits Sir Simon Westcott, who is in prison for his unpaid debts and for seducing the magistrate’s daughter.  Catriona offers him his freedom.  All he has to do is marry her and take her to her brother in Scotland whereupon she will give him half of her dowry as well as an annulment when he returns to England.  Trying to discourage her, he makes stipulations of his own, of an intimate nature.  However, he does not count on how desperately she needs this marriage.  As they travel together, the attraction between them escalates.  Is it possible that this marriage of convenience will turn into something more?


Ms. Teresa Medeiros has done it again!  SOME LIKE IT WICKED is a clever, love-and-laughter, historical romance and a terrific read.  I absolutely loved it!  Five Blue Ribbons!!  Ms. Medeiros’ books should come with a warning - they can be addictive.  This passion-filled romp is filled with witty dialogue and feisty characters.  Anticipating what madcap adventure Catriona would become involved in next kept me turning the pages.  From the moment I started reading this novel I could not stop until I finished the last page.  Brimming with humor, an enchanting plot, irresistible characters and highly sensual love scenes, SOME LIKE IT WICKED is a winner.  I cannot recommend it enough and I look forward to the sequel SOME LIKE IT WILD coming out in 2009.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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