Simply Sinful

Author: Kate Pearce

Publisher: Aphrodisia

Release Date: October 28, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Abigail, Lady Beecham, was forced to become James’ bride at a young age.  Because of this, she and her husband were required to consummate their marriage by the groom’s father under threat of bodily harm.  After this traumatic experience, Abigail and her husband have a hard time communicating in the bedroom.  Her husband stays away in London more often than he is at home, and his scheduled visits to enforce his ‘husbandly rights’ just makes things worse.  After years of enduring this predicament, Abigail is tired of being a wife in name only.  She wants to give her husband an heir, and if he won’t cooperate, then Abigail will find someone who will.

Peter Howard has grown jaded.  An escaped Turkish love slave, Peter is skilled in the erotic arts – whether it is a female or a male that he is with.  His reputation as a lover is well known in secret societal gatherings, so when James, Lord Beecham, seeks him out, he isn’t surprised at the carnality he feels towards James.  It’s James’ unorthodox request, however, that completely takes him by surprise.


Peter agrees to accompany James on a visit to the country in order to meet Lady Beecham.  James wants Peter to tutor him and Abigail in their bedroom.  Neither Peter nor James realizes how important his anything-but-simple request is and just how much it will change their lives.  The timid will become bold, and the bold will become shy – each yearning for the warmth of a soul mate.   


I first met Peter Howard in Simply Sexual, also written by Kate Pearce.  I was enamored of him then and found my heart aching for every loss he suffered.  After reading SIMPLY SINFUL, my crush has turned into full blown love.  Simply put – I adore this amazing and resilient character and want him for my very own. 


I found Abigail to be a worthy heroine to Peter’s hero.  While still basically an innocent, she is willing to do anything to make her marriage work – even allowing herself to be taught about sex by a stranger.  For that alone, Abigail’s bravery comes to the forefront as one of her most outstanding characteristics.


SIMPLY SINFUL pushes the envelope on eroticism.  More than once I found myself fanning myself over the heat generated between Peter, Abigail, and James.  Whether they were together as a ménage or paired off as a couple, the emotional intensity was scorching hot. Kate Pearce’s newest release; SIMPLY SINFUL is truly a decadent read!   



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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