Simply Insatiable

Author: Kate Pearce

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

Release Date: April 27, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Lord Minshom is known for his affairs and his ability to mete out pain.  Being thrown over by lover Lord Anthony Sokorvsky for a woman, Minshom is sure his life can’t get any worse. He couldn’t be more wrong.  In the midst of Minshom’s personal life comes Jane, his wife –the same wife he hasn’t seen in over seven years.  Why is Jane here now? Has she come to gloat? Minshom doesn’t know what she wants, but he knows what he wants– he wants her gone as soon as possible back to the country where he doesn’t have to see, look, or dream about touching her.

Jane has searched out her rogue of a husband for a reason.  She wants him to deal with issues concerning his father and then she needs to make peace with Blaize.  Seven years ago an unspeakable tragedy forced the two apart and Jane has regretted her harsh words ever since she spoke them.  But Minshom is having none of her excuses nor is he willing to come to an understanding.  With only one weapon in her arsenal, Jane promises the one thing that Blaize Minshom won’t be able to resist – herself.  After all, the desire this married couples feels for the other is SIMPLY INSATIABLE.


I might be the only fan of Lord Blaize Minshom after the way he has behaved in previous HOUSE OF PLEASURE books, especially SIMPLY WICKED.  In fact, ever since realizing that SIMPLY INSATIABLE was going to be about Lord Minshom, I have often pondered quite extensively how in the world Ms. Pearce would be able to make him worthy hero material.  His redemption was very important to me as a reader because I felt he was important.  Getting to know his true character in SIMPLY INSATIABLE, I can see the almost vulnerable man underneath the harsh countenance of a dominant male.  Minshom’s life as a boy and man is nothing I could have imagined for him.  HE is unapologetic and his coping skills are beyond amazing. 


Jane, on the other hand, is a bit like an open book.  She desperately wants Blaize’s cooperation and his return to their country house.  Her agenda and manipulation of Minshom made me smile more than once but I could also see her inherent shyness and her desire to once more be a wife to this enigmatic and often unapproachable man.  Her love for him is unconditional – despite the fact that he tells himself he doesn’t want her love.  Blaize’s redemption comes full circle and I stood in awe watching the man I knew from previous books emerge into the man I knew he could be.


Forgiveness and seduction are important rules in SIMPLY INSATIABLE’s game of love and surrender.  Lives are changed and old hurts are mended. Simply one of the best erotic historical romances this spring; SIMPLY INSATIABLE is too marvelous to read only once.  Blaize and Jane’s story is a keeper!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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