Seducing the Sheriff

Author: Marie-Nicole Ryan

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: December 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Starlight Tyler has pinned her future squarely on the shoulders of one man, her childhood sweetheart Cordero.  She’s in dire need of a hero and marriage and ‘ruination’ is her only hope of escaping the marriage her mother is trying to sell her into back in Boston.  With her drunken father off on a cattle drive, Starlight goes about setting her plan in motion, but Cordero isn’t exactly cooperating and she’s more than a little frustrated but more determined than ever to change his mind.

Sheriff Cordero Tate has no intention of marrying again.  His every waking moment is consumed with capturing the men responsible for his wife’s and unborn child’s deaths.  The trouble is he’s still very attracted to Starlight and she’s making it impossible to resist her.  Fortunately there are ways to ‘scratch their itch’ without risking pregnancy but perhaps he underestimated her because Starlight isn’t about to give up on a happily-ever-after with him and fully intends for that future to include children.


Unaware that Buck, Starlight’s drunken, ornery father, is heading up the cattle drive to Abilene, Sheriff Tate pays a visit to the ranch hoping for a hint about the whereabouts of her brother Tom.  Tom’s taken to robbing banks and was present at the robbery that resulted in Cordero’s wife and baby’s deaths.  He’s determined to see the man hang for his crimes.  He certainly never expected to run into Starlight or have to attempt to fend off her advances – not that he tries that hard. 


All his efforts are wasted when during a particularly amorous moment the local preacher arrives and rather than remain hidden Starlight chooses to offer refreshments with her clothing in disarray.  Now Tate has no choice.  In order to save her reputation he’ll have to marry her but he insists that he will never make her a true wife in every sense of the word.  Will Starlight be able to change his mind about their future?


SEDUCING THE SHERIFF is Marie-Nicole Ryan’s first foray into the erotic genre and she does a beautiful job.  These characters capture the reader’s attention right off the bat and hold you captive through every twist and turn in this deliciously sinful plot.  Starlight’s determination to seduce Cordero is downright humorous while at the same time you’re able to sympathize with Tate’s reasoning because of his incredible loss.  SEDUCING THE SHERIFF is a fast paced fun read full of heated scenes that will leave the reader blushing while unable to put it down.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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