Promise Me Tonight : A Weston Novel

Author: Sara Lindsey

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

Release Date: February 02, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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From the time Isabella Weston was a little girl, she knew the man who was meant for her. James Sheffield, her older brother’s best friend, won her over the day they first met. She has secretly carried with her a girl’s innocent dreams of romance that has matured into a strong desire upon adulthood. Unfortunately, James has only cared for Izzy as a little sister. Isabella is determined to make her fondest wish of becoming Mrs. James Sheffield a reality. Holding him to a promise made several years ago, she will charm him at her coming out ball and reveal her feelings.

After losing his mother during childbirth and his father’s suicide shortly after, a young James Sheffield is sent to live in his coldhearted, strict grandfather’s household. He decides that loving someone and allowing them into his heart is just too painful to bear. The only kindness he grows up with is through his best friend Henry’s family, the Westons. James develops a bond between them and soon thinks of Henry’s sisters as his own. He promises to dance with little Izzy at her coming out ball and arrives back in town out of duty, only to find a ravishing beauty in the bright-eyed girl’s place.



From the moment James sees the grown up Isabella, he’s a goner.  The chemistry between the two is palatable, and an intimate encounter after their dance is burned into both of their minds. However, James can’t accept Isabella’s confession of love. Though devastated by his initial rejection, Isabella isn’t giving up on James so easily. She devises a series of plans to prove their love is worth giving a chance. Now James must fight against Isabella’s temptations as well as his own treacherous heart.



Sara Lindsey’s debut, PROMISE ME TONIGHT, is a delightful promise of wonderful things to come by a talented author who is sure to captivate readers again and again. She laces the storyline with both sweet and provocative undertones that culminate into a perfect sensuality level while still maintaining a classic appeal. The heroine’s antics make for an entertaining diversion as she tries to win her man. The hero is also note worthy and his reluctance to give up bachelorhood can even be sympathized upon. However, when the two do come together, it is a long standing love that is realized and grows beyond expectations. I am deeply charmed by the Westons and can’t wait for the siblings’ stories to be told.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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