Mountain Wild

Author: Stacey Kayne

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: July 1, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Though her father loved Margaret Grace, he had just died.  However, her older brother Nathan hated her, even more so when he read the will, which stated that as her legal guardian, Nathan was to spend part of his newly inherited money sending her to finishing school and providing her with a dowry so she could make a good marriage.  Vehemently against using his money this way, he was outraged and showed it by viciously beating Margaret.  However, in the midst of beating her, a trapper Ira appeared and wanted to trade for her.  Nathan gave her to Ira.  She protested, kicking and screaming as the trapper carried her into the woods, that is, until Ira explained that he was saving her life.  They had to run or they both would be killed.  Margaret never knew her mother who died during childbirth, giving life to her.  Now, Margaret lives in the mountains to herself; since Ira taught her how to take care of herself, she is known as Mad Maggie.  She has a temper and when in public, she wears a mangy bearskin coat and a battered brown hat, which are hard to miss.

Garret Daines, a cattleman, has been running his own cattle ranch.  Duce is his partner in name only, refusing to take a cut or responsibility for a business he hasn’t put any money into.  Garret had been married for a short time to a Southern belle.  After eight months of marriage, she had enough of him and the Wyoming winters.  Duce spent his weekends at the Gilded Lady, but that was not Garret’s thing.  After his wife left, he said he was through chasing women.  Garret’s older sister raised him on cattle trails and he had been riding with Duce for fourteen years.  This was his way of life.


While out hunting in the midst of a big storm, Maggie came across a body almost at the brink of death.  She recognized him as Garret and managed to drag him to her home, where she got him warm and fed.  She had a crush on him, but she knew no man would give her a second look; at least she could save his life.  Snowed in at her place, no one knows if he is dead or alive and there is no way to get word to his sister.  She also could not let him know that she is Mad Maggie.  A few months ago, she had run into Nathan again and knocked him on his butt.  He had thought her long dead and he was not happy to see that she was alive.  Now he has a wanted poster out on her with a five hundred dollar reward for her capture dead or alive.  As Garret regains consciousness, she tells him her name is Grace, which is her middle name.  She is also shocked when he flirts with her, but she is still grumpy with him.  As they spend time together, he slowly charms her, but what will he do when he finds out she is Mad Maggie?


MOUNTAIN WILD is a rugged, adventurous Western historical romance with such stunning descriptions of western life that it will take you back to the old west as Garret and Maggie fight to clear their names and save each other.  Maggie has not known much kindness in her life, especially since her father died and Garrett is the first man to show it to her since then.  At first, she is cold with him, though she saves his life, but she soon starts to thaw out towards him. Filled with great chemistry between Garrett and Maggie, appealing characters that face realistic problems, humor, authentic settings and a terrific plot, this book is a winner.  Do not miss the first two books in this series, MAVERICK WILD and MUSTANG WILD.  I highly recommend MOUNTAIN WILD to anyone looking for a great read.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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