Mistress by Marriage

Author: Maggie Robinson

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: August 30, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Baron Edward Christie had been married before, but his wife died after giving him an heir, a spare and a daughter. Attending a ball, he sees gorgeous Caroline Parker and cannot take his eyes off of her, nor can any of the other men present. Christie had never been impulsive before, but within five days he marries her with a special license. His first wife, Alice, had been proper and staid, whereas Caroline looked more like an expensive courtesan.

Caroline Parker has an affinity for red dresses and diamond jewels, which are actually paste. Her family is riddled with scandal. After her parents died, she had lived with her brother Nick and his friend Andrew…that is, until Nick committed suicide. Prior to his death, Nick and Andrew had made money by having wild parties at the family home. Caroline never attended the parties. She was always locked in her room until the party was over, but she had lost her virginity to Andrew, believing that he loved her. But after Nick’s suicide, Andrew left her for parts unknown. So she had attended the party, looking for a wealthy husband. When she married Edward, she had tried to be a good wife but things had gone wrong.

Five years ago, after catching his wife in another man’s arms, Edward had thrown her out, purchasing her a house on Jane Street. This street is also known as Courtesan Court because only the most exclusive courtesans live there. Each year on their anniversary in June, Edward pays a visit to his wife and they spend their pleasure in each other’s arms. The rest of the year, he ignores her, so she has been using her time to write wicked novels. Her Courtesan Court novels are in high demand by the ton and their servants. She cannot write them fast enough. Although she gets an allowance from her husband, the books have made her plenty of money of her own. However, there are certain members of society who are not happy to find their secret proclivities showing up in her novels in which they are thinly disguised. Now that everyone knows their secrets, they have been cut by some in society, so they want retribution.

Edward is tired of their arrangement, but every time he gets near Caroline, all he can think about is getting her in bed. In an attempt to put an end to it, he decides to divorce her, believing he has the grounds. But in the meantime, while the long drawn out process is being carried out, he intends to visit his wife nearly every day.

Caroline is in love with her husband, and she had even thought about divorcing him, until he mentioned that he wanted a divorce. Although Edward believes he has grounds for a divorce, Caroline knows his claim is baseless. Things were not as they seemed. The man that Edward had caught her with was Andrew, but he had been there to blackmail her. However, her pride would not allow her to tell Edward the truth. Instead, when he confronted her, she had kept quiet.

Edward’s daily trips have interfered with Caroline’s writing. She cannot even concentrate on her books with her husband constantly dropping in. In the majority of her books, Edward had been her model for the villain, although he had been the hero in a few. She has taken pleasure in using different methods to kill off her villain in her writing. Each day now all Edward can think about is being with Caroline, but he is determined to work her out of his system. But when Edward discovers that danger is stalking Caroline, will he change his mind and move his wife back into his house? When he discovers the truth about Caroline, will his conscience force him to stop the divorce, or will he go ahead with his tainted evidence?

A sizzling hot read, MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE, the third book in phenomenal author Maggie Robinson’s COURTESAN COURT trilogy, is a steamy, witty historical romance. Readers will find themselves reading into the night to see what happens next. Those who have read the other books in this series, MISTRESS BY MISTAKE and MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT, will be treated to an update on some of the characters from those books. The whole series revolves around the women on Jane Street who have their own little society, meeting for tea each week and helping each other when needed. The houses on this street are in much demand and are like a status symbol for the men of the ton. Teeming with clever repartee, heartbreak, secrets, scandal, blistering hot love scenes, kidnapping, romance and plenty of love, this story is one you will want to read time and again. A definite keeper! All it takes is seeing the name Maggie Robinson on a book to make it a must read for me. Do not miss MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE or any of the other books in this delightful series!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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