Lord Langley is Back in Town

Author: Elizabeth Boyle

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: May 31, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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The three Standon widows, whose husbands had all been heir to the same dukedom at one time or other before their deaths, had been summoned to London by the Duchess of Hollindrake. When the duke and duchess cut off their funds and forced them to live together, they, at first, did not get along, but they soon became friends. To get them to curb their outrageous spending, the Duchess of Hollindrake gave them a choice; marry or live together under the same roof. Now with two of them successfully wed, one to a count and the other to a duke, the third Lady Standon, Minerva Hartley Sterling, dowager Marchioness of Standon, is perfectly content to live by herself in the house. After an unhappy marriage, Minerva is adamantly against getting married again, though she does envy her two friends their fortune at not only marrying well, but marrying for love. However, with her two friends gone, she can do whatever she pleases, without a husband, despite her aunt Bedelia’s insistence on seeing her married once more.

LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN…from the dead, it seems. Ellis, Baron Langley, had been rumored to be a traitor and had been left for dead. There is a list of people from his years as a spy that could want him dead, so it is impossible to tell where the rumors originated. When he was struck down, his memory went with it. But Lord Langley is determined to find out what really happened so he can get his life back.

As Minerva’s Aunt Bedelia arrived to force her into attending an outing that night, Minerva’s home was besieged by four woman, who had been Lord Langley’s mistresses, in addition to serving as nannies for the Duchess of Hollindrake and her twin sister. They have all received letters that Lord Langley is in residence at the home where Minerva is staying. Despite her claims to the contrary, they refuse to believe he is not there nor will they be ousted from her home. However, what she does not know is that Lord Langley has been staying in the attic of her house for the past sennight.

After making his way to the home where he has been staying, Lord Langley is warned by his contact that his paramours are in residence. He finds it hard to believe. After all, his contact with them had occurred on the continent where he thought the women still resided. Needing to sneak into the house, he went in the only window he was able to get to…that of Minerva’s bedroom. But after climbing in the window, he stumbles and falls into the bed…on top of Minerva. Soon all four mistresses are vying to get into the room. But Lord Langley uses the compromising situation to get Minerva to agree to an engagement, which would free him from his amorous mistresses and it would help him obtain acceptance in society again. Minerva resists his proposition, though she enjoys his kisses, until a part of her past comes back to haunt her. Cornered, with her only escape being one through marriage, she accepts his proposal, but with three conditions attached; no more attempts at seduction, no more kisses and no more scandalous behavior. As their engagement plays out, the passion between them escalates and Lord Langley finds that he is losing his heart to her. But will it take risking his life to get her to return his affections?

Outrageously funny and sensationally sensuous, LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN, the third book in the STANDON WIDOWS series, is an entertaining historical romance that will have you laughing out loud. After being discovered in bed together, Lord Langley tells the mistresses and Minerva’s aunt the truth, but he uses so much innuendo that it comes out sounding worse than what actually happened. Minerva finds it hard to discount what he is saying since he is telling the truth. Both have dangerous secrets, but after being left for dead and receiving head wounds, Lord Langley cannot remember most of what occurred during that time period. He needs to fill in the missing gaps so he can be cleared of the crimes of which he is being accused. Deliciously filled with witty repartee, intriguing characters, danger, blackmail, adventure, humor, passion, spies and four outrageous nannies, this lighthearted tale is definitely a keeper, one that I know I will read more than once. But then Elizabeth Boyle is a phenomenal author whose books I seek time and again. The only reason I am giving this book five blue ribbons is because there is no higher rating available. This is one hero who won my heart to the extent that I hated to see the book end. Do yourself a favor and get your own copy of LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN. You won’t regret it!

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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