Lila's Vow

Author: Diane Wylie

Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC

Release Date: June 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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The Battle of Gettysburg claimed between 46,000 and 51,000 lives, undoubtedly one of the most devastating clashes in the American Civil War, and almost claimed our hero, Captain Jack Montgomery.  Wounded in battle, he finds a healing hand in schoolteacher, Lila Sutton.  Handsome, commanding, and a quirky sense of humor to set him apart from all the other men Lila’s ever met, Jack finds her breathtaking presence, stunning face and beautiful heart claiming his heart as quickly as he has claimed hers.

Falling in love for Lila and Jack is as easy as that smile that creeps over your lips when you find yourself in the presence of the one person you know will change your life forever.  Our lovers may not have known they were incomplete before, but after laying eyes on one another, Jack and Lila know they’ll never feel “complete” unless they’re together.   It’s a whirlwind romance that asserts itself quickly and ever-so-completely; but, as expected during a time of war, that same romance leaves them desperately wanting when Jack finds himself well enough to return to the frontlines.  

Jack and Lila’s journey s agonizing and oft-times chaotic, taking the young lovers through heartbreaking separations, thrusting them into the world of espionage and daredevil saves, all the while raising the question, “Will we ever be able to just be together?”  

LILA’S VOW is a sweetly seducing love story that impeccably weaves into it the grizzly aspects of war with the political scheming of the era.  There have been a myriad of stories and movies that have depicted the Battle of Gettysburg, but few really lay bare the devastation that was left in the actual town of Gettysburg.  Through Lila’s eyes, the reader is given a privileged view of how beautiful her town once was, and how years and years later, remnants of the devastating battle still lingered.

Arguably the turning point of the Civil War, battles continued to rage on after Gettysburg for another two years.  Ms. Wylie nicely emphasizes, through Jack's traumatic hardships, the difficulties of not only being separated from your loved ones, but also the harrowing nature of a war with seemingly no end.  Battle scenes are not just about killing rebels or Yankees, it’s also about the dreadful ease of taking a life, and the remorse of a battle’s aftermath.  

LILA’S VOW reads authentically well, leaving the reader sweetly sated when the happy-ever-after eventually (and thankfully) arrives.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chris

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