Lessons in Loving a Laird

Author: Michelle Marcos

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: February 28, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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After witnessing the slaughter of their parents and older brothers, eight-year-old Shona Slayter with her twin Willow and five-year-old brother, Camran, were each branded with an S, for slaighteur or knaves, on their small hands. Their clan, after losing a battle with another clan and losing many of their relatives, felt that Shona’s father and brothers had betrayed them by failing to take part in the battle. However, her father had received permission for not being there. With the brand on their hands, the three would find it impossible to find work or even love among the Scottish people. After the branding, the twins had been taken by a cruel man, Seldomridge, while Camran had been separated from them, going with someone else. But while Willow was quiet, obedient and withdrawn, Shona was a regular firebrand, feisty, quick to anger and always protective of her sister. The girls eventually managed to escape their evil captor and ended up as apprentices for a kindly old couple, Hume and Iona.

Conall MacEwan had been born in Scotland, but after his father, a second son, had a fight with his brother, the laird, he took his family and went to England. With the death of both his father and his uncle, Conall is now the Laird of Ballencrieff and out to collect the past due monies owed by his tenants. The estate needs quite a bit of money to set things in order and Conall does not have it. He had been married but lost his wife shortly after the birth of his almost two-year-old son. In England, he had trained as a doctor, but upon inheriting Ballencrieff, he had headed for Scotland, determined to secure the estate for the future of his son.


After serving ten years with the couple, Shona and Willow look forward to gaining their freedom when they turn twenty-one in less than three months, planning to search for Camran. However, after the new laird was unable to collect the monies due him by the couple that the twins live with, he took over Shona and Willow’s apprenticeship. Putting Willow to work as a nursemaid for his son, he sends Shona to work in the dairy. But when their indenture is extended, she sets out to find a way to free herself and her sister. Instead, her plans backfire when she falls for the laird.


Conall sees Shona as being bold, brazen, outspoken and too beautiful for her own good. He cannot help the feelings she stirs in him and does everything he can to make sure she remains bound to him. But when his brother Stewart brings trouble to his doorstep, entangling Conall in his mess, the laird finds he may have to give Shona her freedom after all. But will his heart allow him to let her go?


A sexy, fun read, LESSONS IN LOVING A LAIRD, the second book in award winning author Michelle Marcos’ HIGHLAND KNAVES series, is a sensual and emotion-packed historical romance. I absolutely loved this book! Ms. Marcos brings the tale to life with her outstanding storytelling talent. Conall has a young son, a wastrel brother and an estate to rescue, so he does not need any more problems. But that is just what he thinks he has stumbled into when he takes over the apprenticeship of Shona. But as he watches her, he begins to admire her farming abilities, which he lacks. As he listens to her advice and promises to teach her healing, the two are drawn together and from there, things get very steamy. I also felt for Willow and hope that she gets her own book. Infused with humor, passion, captivating characters, Scotland, a hunky hero, a feisty heroine and steamy romance, this is one historical romance that will be hard to forget. A definite keeper! If you are looking for a great read with plenty of spice and humor, LESSONS IN LOVING A LAIRD is the book for you. Although it is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. But for additional enjoyment, do not miss the first book in this delectable series; SECRETS TO SEDUCING A SCOT!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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