Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure

Author: Sophie Barnes

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: June 5, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Michael Ashford, Earl of Trenton, works for the Foreign Office and has been sent on a dangerous assignment. He is to bring back William, a fellow spy suspected of treason, to stand trial. His commander, Percy, is doubtful that William is guilty, since he has been regarded as quite the hero up until now, but he has no choice in the matter. In the presence of Percy, Michael met with William’s father, who, worried for the safety of his son, insisted that his two children, Ryan and Alex, go along on the assignment. After all, Michael did not even know what William looked like. He had been assured that if the unthinkable happened and he was unable to bring William back alive, his siblings would not stand in the way. However, the one thing he was not told is that Alex is actually the earl’s daughter, Alexandra.

Lady Alexandra Summersby, the daughter of the Earl of Moorland, does not share in the interests of the other ladies of society. Instead of quietly wielding an embroidery needle, she has spent many hours sharpening her skills with the sword and longs for adventure. In fact, she is more skilled than her brother Ryan in these areas. The one area in which she has no interest is marriage. She is thrilled that she is going along on the secret mission to save her brother William. Gladly donning men’s clothing and covering her face, she, with her brother Ryan, meet Michael at the assigned place. Seeing him for the first time, she is struck by how handsome he is, but, considering his part in their assignment, she is determined not to like him. The deception proves harder than she had first thought it would be. A young innocent, she tells more lies in this one trip than she has told in her lifetime.

Michael cannot help wondering about Alex, the quiet ‘brother’ who keeps his face hidden, supposedly due to hideous scars. So he is shocked when they arrive in Paris and she comes down to dinner with her face in full view and her hair down. Though angered at first, he knows it is too late to send her back home. He tries to ignore his desire for her. Since she is a lady, any intimacy would lead to marriage and he has no plans to marry. He is happy with his number of mistresses, something he is known for. Ryan, noticing the tension between Michael and Alex, warns Michael that if he trifles with his sister, he better be prepared to marry her.

As they travel together, Michael finds that he admires Alex and, to him, her differences are refreshing. His feelings for her deepen, until he decides to ask Ryan’s permission to court her. Michael realizes that she is the only woman he could ever contemplate marrying. But when they are caught in an amorous situation, Alex refuses to marry him. However, marriage to the feisty Alex has become more and more appealing to Michael. Can he convince her that a marriage between them would be the greatest adventure of all? Can he get William to return to England willingly, or will this be something else to come between Michael and Alex?

A fun read, LADY ALEXANDRA’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, the first book by author Sophie Barnes’ THE SUMMERSBYS series, is a witty and steamy historical romance that will keep you reading late into the night. Alex has her reasons for not wanting to marry. She had seen the grief her father had gone through when he lost her mother and she doesn’t want to ever go through anything like that. She makes it plain that she doesn’t want to marry, but she would not mind a dalliance with Michael. However, he proves to be too honorable for such an action. This well-drawn couple is meant for each other; his calm balances out her impulsiveness. Just putting them in the same vicinity makes the sparks fly. Packed with charming characters, intrigue, a secret mission, passion, humor, clever dialogue, deception, romance and true love, this story is unforgettable. I look forward to reading William and Ryan’s stories. In fact, the next book in this series is Ryan’s story; THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, which is to be released in November. But meanwhile, do not miss LADY ALEXANDRA’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE! Ms. Barnes’ beautifully penned descriptions almost make you feel as if you are participating in Alex’s adventures and that is well worth the price of the book!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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