It Takes Two to Tangle - Matchmaker trilogy, Book 1

Author: Theresa Romain

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date: September 3, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: PRINT

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Home after three years of fighting Napoleon, Henry Middlebrook, the brother of the Earl of Tallant, is ready to get on with his life, which fits in well with his brother and sister-in-law’s plans to find him a wife. Injured and battle weary, not even his love of painting helps, so he figures finding the right wife should cure what ails him. As he meets Lady Caroline, a countess, he decides she is what he needs in his life. She has already conquered the ton, so she is just the ticket to get him back in society as he was before leaving to go into battle. But she has so many suitors that he figures he can use some help. Meeting and chatting with her companion, Frannie, Henry decides she will make the perfect ally since she knows everything about Caroline and can help him avoid the pitfalls her other suitors have endured.

War widow Frances ‘Frannie’ Whittier finds Henry more attractive and courageous than the other men of society, so she decides to help him in his quest for a wife. The daughter of a baronet, Frannie’s family turned their backs on her when she married Charles, the son of an innkeeper. But her love for Charles had survived, even as his love for her had begun to fade. She had thought their separation was only temporary, but then he had been killed in battle. Disowned by her family and with her husband dead, all she has left for the previous twenty-three years of her life is a box of memories. Until now, Henry is the only man to stir her interest since Charles’ death. So she writes him a letter, letting him know of her interest in him and just signs it as ‘your friend’. However, Henry believes the letter is from Caroline. Although Frannie attempts to set him straight, he is so delighted that Caroline has written to him that she lets the misunderstanding stand. Not wanting to upset Henry, Frannie continues to correspond with him as Caroline.

As Henry spends more time with Caroline, he begins to realize that he can never recapture his life as it was before the war and there is only one woman who stirs his desire…Frannie. As things heat up between Henry and Frannie, he begins to think of making her his wife. But when he discovers her deception, will he forgive her, or will it end their relationship?

The first book in author Theresa Romain’s MATCHMAKER trilogy, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE is an enticing, sensual historical romance that sweeps you away with its tale of second chances. Vulnerable and beaten down by their pasts, but not defeated, Henry and Frannie each seek a second chance at life and love. Together, they just may find it. Having lost the use of his right arm in battle, Henry is determined to learn to use his left just as well as he used to use his right. To his delight, Frannie is instrumental in helping him accomplish that goal.

A combination of tender romance, passion, witty banter, secrets, healing, forgiveness and love make this story absolutely delightful. Regency fans will not want to miss this beautifully written saga! Readers who enjoy this story may also be interested in Ms. Romain’s upcoming novel, the second in the MATCHMAKER trilogy, TO CHARM A NAUGHTY COUNTESS, due out in May 2014. Meanwhile, take my advice and pick up a copy of IT TAKES TWO TO TANGLE!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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