How To Tame Your Duke

Author: Juliana Gray

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: June 6, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Print

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Princess Emilie of Holstein-Schweinwald-Huhnhof (try writing that on the back of your credit card) and her two other sisters have fled their homeland after their father and his son-in-law are killed by an unknown group of opponents. They flee to England where they are split up and Emilie is disguised like a man to throw the assassins off her trail. She hides out at the Duke of Ashland’s estate, acting as his son’s tutor. There she should be safe until her relative can figure out who is trying to kill off her and her sisters.

Once situated in the duke’s home, Emilie finds herself attracted to the brooding duke. She is not put-off by the disfigurement of one side of his face or his one missing hand. Emilie is sensitive not only to his shattered face, but to a soul that has known much pain.

One night she sneaks off to a spa, owned by the duke, where she passes notes and talks to one of her guardians. Emilie gets a room and changes back to her feminine side. Suddenly she spots the duke and attempts to escape through the back way. This is the duke’s monthly visit to take care of his carnal side. She cannot get caught there by him. In flight, she is mistaken for the soiled dove who is to be the duke’s partner for the night. Emilie should not let this happen, but her heart takes over and she agrees to be the woman who slates the duke’s desires for the night.

From that night, Emilie finds out that the monthly trysts the duke has been having are not quite what they seem. That night, understanding springs forth; he has the heart of a lion and a gentle soul, fathomless.

This is a new girl whom the duke has never been in the company of before. Something about her sparks burning desires and thoughts on how he would give anything to take her, love her in every way possible that a man can. He will do anything to be with her again.

Danger is a catalyst that can combust many emotions, and these two are going to experience many of those feelings. Will they survive their passion for each other? Will Emilie find out who is after her and her sisters?

Read the book to find out all the answers...

HOW TO TAME YOUR DUKE is by author Juliana Gray. Ms. Gray wrote one of the best historical novels this reviewer has read to date. The characters took over the pages; you can almost feel the heat that Emilie and the duke created. Your heartstrings will be pulled, your senses will heighten and this reviewer could not read fast enough to find out how Ms. Gray was going to romance this couple to their final destination.

Ms. Gray has become this reviewer’s go-to author when it comes to historical romance. Ms. Gray is a true historical princess!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Janalee

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