How To Be A Proper Lady, Falcon Club, Bk 2

Author: Katharine Ashe

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: June 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Jinan Seton is a man on a mission and his latest job is to bring the missing daughter of a nobleman back to her family. The fact that said woman, Violet Daly a.k.a. Lady Viola, captains her own ship and has just had his ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean only slightly changes his mind about what he would really like to do with her. To make matters worse, she takes him and his crew prisoner and leaves them at the nearest prison. Jinan is nothing if not quick though, and soon he is a free man. His first course of action is to convince Viola to hire him to work on her ship.

Viola is drawn to the handsome Jinan, although she tells herself that he is a no-good pirate. When he tells her that he is a changed man, she scoffs, but she is willing to take a chance on him since she needs as many hands on deck as she can get. It does not take long for Viola to discover that Jinan has ulterior motives. He almost has her believing that her family really misses her and wants to see her again, but that is neither here nor there because Viola has a goal of her own. She is to travel to a long-time friend's home and finally take him up on his offer of marriage.

Jinan is starting to have feelings for Viola and is almost certain she reciprocates them. That is what has him running scared. He decides it is in his best interest to step aside and finds himself doing the unthinkable in aiding another man in his quest for Viola's hand in marriage. Only problem is that once Jinan begins the long voyage home to deliver Viola to the life and family she has been away from for so long, he starts to see that he just might have made a grave error in letting her go.

HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY is in a word engrossing. I turned page after page and delighted in every word read. Jinan is a secretive man with a past that is as an intriguing as he is handsome. Viola is a spitfire through and through, but she possesses such a caring personality that a person cannot help but fall in love with her. Viola and Jinan spend a lot of time trying not to like one another and they quickly come to the realization that resistance is futile. Their love for one another grows slowly, but it makes their story and struggles that much more captivating. Jinan and Viola are some of the first characters in a long time that have really touched my heart, and they are what make HOW TO BE A PROPER LADY an unforgettable read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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