Here Comes the Bride

Author: Laura Drewry

Publisher: Zebra Historical Romance

Release Date: May 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Tess McKinley has a dream, and it certainly isn't going through with the arranged marriage her father has planned for her in Boston.  An avid reader of dime-store romance novels, Tess knows she wants to live on a ranch.  When she sees an ad for ranchers wanting wives, it seems her wish will come true.  Not so!  The man that comes for her, later gambles her away in a poker game to Bart Calloway.  Bart tells her about his brother's ranch in Porter Creek, Montana, and Tess immediately boards a stage.  Arriving six days later, battered, bruised and exhausted, she thankfully falls asleep in the softest bed imaginable.  When she awakens, the first thing she sees is beautiful Gabriel Calloway: her rugged angel in a Stetson.  It is love at first sight!

One thing Gabe Calloway knows is that Tess can't stay.  A cattle ranch is no place for a lady; especially a proper Boston lady.  It is just too rugged and dangerous.  He will put her back on the next stage leaving the end of the week and be rid of her.  Too bad about her naive dreams!  Too bad that she excites and entices him like no other.  Too bad that she wants to marry him - he is just not in the market.  He won't be changing his mind anytime soon - or will he?


HERE COMES THE BRIDE is Laura Drewry's debut novel, and it is a very fun story.  With strong, likeable characters, fast and humorous dialog, and a story line that is all romance, this new author's book is sure to be a success.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Brooke Wills

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