Emerald Isles Trilogy, Book 2 - Mac Liam

Author: Renee Vincent

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

Release Date: December 3, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Breandan Mac Liam, a young hunter from Ireland, has been haunted by his love for Mara, a Connacht princess, although she is married to a Northman. His hunting prowess has made him a considerable fortune, despite being only twenty-seven. But he was lonely and longed to be a husband and a lover. His love for Mara is still just as strong as it was seven years ago when he last saw her. However, he has never been comfortable enough to approach her. When he finally introduced himself to her, she was already married to Daegan. Although he has tried to forget her, it was useless. During the summers, when the ports were busy, he would, sometimes, hear gossip concerning her.  When her husband was killed, followed by the birth of her son, he heard about it and felt bad about her being alone.

Mara had been lighthearted when she was younger, a free spirit, loving to laugh and dance in the meadow.  She was nothing like her pompous father, Cathal Mac Choncubhair. Now, living on an island named Inis Mor, off the west coast of Ireland, she is troubled by a cruel loneliness that leaves her alone, raising her son whom her deceased husband never had a chance to see. Losing her husband has been the hardest thing to ever happen to her, but having his son growing within her has helped. She had been able to look forward to his birth, instead of reliving the memory of her husband dying in her arms.

By the time Breandan worked up his courage to go to her, he heard that she had remarried.  After this, he stayed closer to home, avoiding the places where he would hear of her. He even let his friend Marcus visit the ports and do the bargaining for his trade. He did everything he could think of to forget her.  But then she began appearing to him in his waking hours. He took this as a premonition, and prayed that he would see her, at least one more time.

But Breandan is amazed when he receives orders from the king, who is on his deathbed; orders to go to Mara and bring her to see the king before his death. To do so, he must take her across the dangerous lands of Connacht. Is this his chance to win her love? Can he help her uncover the secrets of her past?

MAC LIAM, the second book in the EMERALD ISLES TRILOGY, is a delightful historical romance. Amazing author Renee Vincent carries her readers off to another place and time, allowing them an escape from their own cares, temporarily. Filled with love, plot twists, secrets, danger, steamy sensual love scenes, an interesting plot, complex, compelling characters and plenty of wit, this is a story you will hate to see end. If you enjoy this story, you will also want to read the first book in this trilogy, RAELIKSEN. Mara’s story, which originated in RALELIKSEN, is continued in MAC LIAM. Having read both stories, I look forward to reading the next book in this exciting trilogy. Be sure to get your own copy. You won’t regret it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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