Emerald Isle Trilogy, Book 1 - Raeliksen

Author: Renee Vincent

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

Release Date: August 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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From childhood, the people of Ireland were taught that Norsemen are nothing but violent marauders and rapists.  This was how Mara, the daughter of a king, was taught.  However, not all Norsemen are like that, there were some who were merchants and the like. Daegan, a Norseman and the son of Raelik, was like that.  He was a merchant, and he had fallen in awe of an Irish lass, but he did not know how to present himself so she would see that he was not violent. 

One day Mara was walking close to where he was hidden.  Before he could say anything to her, he saw some of his countrymen coming in off of a ship, prepared for war.  Thinking to save her from death or worse, he grabbed her and threw her on the ground.  Not having seen the men, she started fighting Daegan, busting his nose, which bled badly.  Then seeing the other men, she thought Daegan was one of them, but even though Daegan promised her he would not hurt her, she did not believe him.  When she got her chance, she hit him in the nose again, leaving him in agony while she took off on her horse.  He pursued her in hopes of keeping her safe.  Watching him, she did not see an upcoming obstacle and was thrown from her horse, hitting her head.  Checking on her, he found her unconscious.  So he placed her in front of him on his horse, as her horse took off. 


At dark, they stopped to make camp, and he worried that she was still unconscious.  Though he hated doing it, he tied her to a tree to prevent her escape, and started a fire to keep her warm, so he could hunt for food while trying to ignore the thoughts that seeing her half clothed brought to mind.


When Mara later awoke, she saw Daegan and panicked when she recognized him.  But after he gave her his dagger to free herself, she calmed down as they ate and drank. They talked, though she remained stiff with him, but she had one question; why would he risk his life to save her?  Handsome as he was, she could not help drowning in his beautiful blue eyes.  But when he admitted that he wanted her to be his bride, she was furious.  Yet when he kissed her, the world ceased to exist, as she felt heat low in her body.  She had never been kissed before.  However, she did not know if it was her attraction to him or blind fear that kept her motionless.  If there was one thing she learned from the kiss, it was that his mouth was addictive.


Mara was desperate to get home, knowing her father would worry.  But Daegan does not want to chance it until his men join them.  Moving away from him, she laid down on the ground.  He gave his dagger to her and covered her with his fur.  His scent on the fur soothed her to sleep.  The next morning, traveling in the rain and drenched, they eventually found a cavern, where they spent the night.  But when they prepared to leave, they heard voices.  Daegan hid and as the men entered the cavern, he killed them, though the men looked at him as if they knew him.  Two of the men, who looked at him strangely, escaped.  Who were these men and why did they look at him as if they knew him?  Can he get Mara’s father, the king, to accept him as a husband for Mara, despite the fact that Daegan is a Norseman?


RAELIKSEN, the first book in author Renee Vincent’s EMERALD ISLE trilogy, is a fast-paced, action-packed historical romance, which Ms. Vincent brings to life right before your eyes.  Enriched with vivid descriptions, well-drawn complex characters, an exhilarating plot, humor, plot twists, danger and sizzling romance, this story is realistic, historically accurate and unforgettable; a story you will remember long after the last page is read.  I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the sequel, MAC LIAM, which comes out in December.  I highly recommend RAELIKSEN to anyone looking for a terrific read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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