Burgundy Club, Book 4 - Confessions from an Arranged Marriage

Author: Miranda Neville

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: March 27, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Minerva Montrose has always thought she would be the woman behind the man. Ambitious, she never saw herself being shackled to Lord Blakeney, a man not interested in politics and social reform. Minerva is so adamant about her causes that she has even been arrested for them. She does not particularly care for Blakeney and the feeling is mutual. He is the one man guaranteed to be late and he was supposed to open the ball with her…a ball being given in her honor. As she stands with her friends, watching the Duchess of Lethbridge, who is known for being free with her favors, Minerva notices that she and the duchess are both dressed in white. Prone to migraines and recognizing the signs of one approaching, Minerva leaves the ballroom, takes her headache powder and lies down in the library where it is quiet. She is hoping to be able to return to the ball since it was being given for her.

Lord Blakeney, the oldest son of a duke, has just returned from two years spent in the country as he paid blackmail to Huntley, who he had gone to school with. Now back in town, Blakeney finds that Huntley has wormed his way into his father’s good graces. Blakeney’s father has crammed politics down his throat until he cannot bear to discuss it any more. Blakeney is a sportsman and appreciates physical work to working with his mind. Even though he attended Eton, he is barely able to read, the letters becoming a jangled mess in front of him whenever he tries. No one knows this except Huntley and Blakeney’s youngest sister, Amanda. He has let people believe that he did badly in his studies due to laziness rather than admit the truth. He has no plans to marry and is enjoying spending time with his new mistress, Desiree. In fact, he had not been happy that he had to leave Desiree’s side to be at the ball his parents were giving for Minerva, a woman he can barely tolerate.


Finally, arriving at the ball late, he dances with Minerva since he had not arrived to dance the planned first opening dance with her. When his enemy Huntley approaches him, Blakeney leaves the ballroom, snags a bottle of liquor and retreats to an alcove in the card room. While hidden away, he hears his friend, James Lambton, and the Duchess of Lethbridge arranging a rendezvous in the library within the hour.


Half an hour later, the bottle of liquor is gone and Blakeney is drunk. His suddenly ingenious plan to cuckold his friend’s plans by going to the library himself goes awry when he enters the library, sees a woman in white on the sofa and decides to give the duchess additional delight.


Just as Minerva wakes up on the sofa, she is shocked to find a man under her skirts. She screams, but unfortunately, at that moment a parade of people enters the library, including the Duchess of Lethbridge and Blakeney’s parents. This scandal prompts an impromptu wedding and Blakeney is forced to give up his recently acquired mistress so that society will believe the marriage was based on love. As he spends time with Minerva, he finds himself falling for her. But when she discovers his secret, will she hate him, or will she become his helpmate when danger strikes and his recently acquired title of duke is jeopardized?


A scintillating read, CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE, the fourth book in gifted author Miranda Neville’s BURGUNDY CLUB series, is a heated and humorous historical romance that will delight you. Early in the story my interest was captured, forcing me to stay up half the night to finish it. It was well worth the loss of sleep. It was amazing to see how Blakeney kept his secret all of his life and the way he dealt with it. Packed with passion, humor, clever dialogue, interesting characters, dyslexia, scandal, blackmail and romance, this novel has all of the qualities to make an unforgettable romance. A definite winner! Although this story, which is part of a series, can be read as a standalone, I recommend also reading the other books in this sensational series; THE WILD MARQUIS, THE DANGEROUS VISCOUNT and THE AMOROUS EDUCATION OF CELIA SEATON. At any rate, do not miss CONFESSIONS FROM AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE! I look forward to reading Ms. Neville’s next work.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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