Captain Fenna’s Dirigible Valentine

Author: Heather Hiestand

Publisher: Coffee on Sundays

Release Date: December 29, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Terrwyn Fenna was a notorious smuggler until she was imprisoned in Newgate.  Having escaped only a few weeks before, Terrwyn’s main goal is to keep her newborn daughter safe.  Then an incident with the British Air Enforcement on Valentine’s Day sends Terrwyn back to the skies…and straight into the path of Ian Cavill.  Ian was recently freed from his enslavement aboard a government airship, and he’s eager to join Terrwyn’s crew.  Though Terrwyn doesn’t think she’ll ever be interested in men again – not after what happened to her in Newgate – something about Ian calls to her.  But before she can explore her feelings for her newest crewman, Terrwyn must find a way to keep herself, her daughter and Ian out of the government’s clutches.

Author Heather Hiestand delivers action and adventure aplenty in CAPTAIN FENNA’S DIRIGIBLE VALENTINE.  Terrwyn and Ian are good people who’ve suffered at the hands of corrupt government agents.  Ms. Hiestand made it easy for me to cheer for the two smugglers as they steal from their former tormenters and fight to protect the ones they loved.  It was also incredibly easy for me to want Terrwyn to find love with Ian.  She’s understandably wary of physical attraction after what was done to her in Newgate and Ian, in turn, respects the proverbial barriers Terrwyn puts up…even as he slowly inserts himself into her life.  Watching these two slowly slide into love was the highlight of CAPTAIN FENNA’S DIRIGIBLE VALENTINE – and that’s saying something.

CAPTAIN FENNA’S DIRIGIBLE VALENTINE is the second installment in Ms. Hiestand’s STEAMPUNK SMUGGLERS series.  Although I haven’t read the first story, CAPTAIN ANDREW’S FLYING CHRISTMAS, I was able to read CAPTAIN FENNA’S DIRIGIBLE VALENTINE as a standalone.  However, Terrwyn and Ian’s story was so entertaining that I cannot wait to read CAPTAIN ANDREW’S FLYING CHRISTMAS, and I hope Ms. Hiestand pens more STEAMPUNK SMUGGLERS tales!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lily

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