Beyond the Night

Author: Sharon Long

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: July 17, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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London, England 1818

Ridge, properly titled as Thomas Hadley, Viscount Ridgewood, isn’t interested in sitting back and fulfilling the family obligations.  He wants to travel and discover the truth about legendary civilizations and lost cities.  With a newly uncovered journal written by Sir Castleton, one of the leading authorities on Pagoria, he’s more convinced than ever that the legendary city really exists.  Now all he needs is help translating the journal - it’s written in Pagorian.

India Ashton is the daughter of the late Phillip Ashton, the other leading authority on Pagoria.  She’s believed to be as knowledgeable as her father, but she’s also kept to herself since returning to England.  There are all sorts of theories about what happened to her during the time between her father’s death and her return but nothing is confirmed.  India has no interest in having anything to do with traveling or helping anyone continue her father’s search.  She’s suffered enough because of her upbringing - being dragged from one remote area to another all in the name of research.


Ridge is beyond frustrated that India refuses to help him.  He’d seen a glimmer of interest in her eyes when he first showed her the journal of her father’s nemesis, but she denies him anyway.  With Ridge’s visit comes inexplicable discontent.  It quickly becomes obvious that refusing to help him means not finding answers to her own questions - especially since she’s discovered evidence that her father may possibly still be alive.  When someone breaks into her home demanding information she decides it’s time to stop allowing fear to rule her.  If Ridge is willing to fund the venture then she’s willing to help - but she’s got her secrets that she’s not about to share.  Can these two avoid any emotional attachment while they go in search of Pagoria?


BEYOND THE NIGHT is a wonderfully imaginative tale that appeals on many different levels.  I quickly became emotionally vested in the characters and their issues.  They’ve endured so much heartache already I really just wanted them to help each other find happiness - and if they happened to find Pagoria while they’re at it then so much the better.  Sharon Long adds just the right amount of fantasy to this historical tale to make it feel very plausible and just the sort of book that holds the reader’s attention through the entire tale.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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